Hagane no Neko

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Summary: Edward jumps into a middle of a transmutation, and is transformed into a 'human cat'. Al is at Resembool, and Ed has to stay in hiding. Roy has to take him in. RoyEd

Inspired from a doujinshi where Ed is a bean, and Roy takes him in, and yeah. The site I read it from is http/www.hagaren.de

Transmutation One

Friday: Neko-Chan

"Good-bye, Brother! I'll see you in two weeks!" Al yelled in his metallic voice on the train. He waved, as his older brother waved back.

"See you, Al!" Ed called. The train slowly moved away, and then it went faster. Finally, it was out of sight. The teen sighed and then walked back to headquarters.

"Another mission?" Ed asked calmly, crossing his arms. Roy sat at his desk, hands folded on the flat surface, with that smirk of his.

"Yes. There is a mad man who is performing dangerous alchemy on people." the colonel said. "he's on the loose, and we already informed that civilians go and stay inside until he is arrested." The younger alchemist stayed silent. And alchemist using alchemy for bad. Using it to hurt people. Roy sat up.

"Besides that, you seem really calm today, Fullmetal. Did something happen?" he asked.

"No, Sir, my brother has just left for Resembool. I'm just thinking about him, that's all." Ed answered.

"Well, you really should focus more on the mission." the colonel stood. "the man's address is on this sheet." he handed the blond a piece of paper. "be careful. You don't know what he's going to do." Roy sat back down. "you are dismissed."

Ed stared at the address as he walked down the side of the street. He figured he was going the right way, since the numbers on the houses were getting nearer to the one on the paper. Plus, he saw he was on the right road.

The teen came to a house that was a very dull grey. The grass was dead and weeds had sprung up. It was strange, that the rest of the houses were lively, while this one looked like it was haunted. Edward looked at the address, and saw it matched the house.

"Well, Mr. Mad-Man, it's time for you to give up to the military." he said to himself as he walked up to the door. He knocked a few times and waited. No one answered. Ed messed with the door knob, and found it unlocked. He opened it, and walked inside.

The inside of the house was much more worse than on the outside. There were broken floor boards, cob webs, roaches, and the smell of dust. Ed browsed around downstairs, and saw no one. He made his way upstaires.

The staires creaked as Ed walked up. He tried his best not to make any noise, but found that impossible. He made it to the top, after making a hole in one of the steps, and took a deep breath. There was a hallway in front of him, that led to a door.

Edward walked up to it, and got it opened. He heard the familiar sound of transmutation, and grinned. He found the guy he was looking for. He ran into the room, and saw a very scrawny man, who looked like he hadn't shaved or bathed in weeks. His shaggy light brown hair covered the top half of his eyes. He was leaning over a glowing transmutation circle, one that Ed hadn't seen in real life, just in books he had read. A cat was sitting on it, not noticing what was going on. The man looked up in surprise when his inexpected visitor barge in. His eyes widened.

"Hold it!" Edward yelled, running towards him. The teen tripped on a loose floor board, and landed smack dab into the middle of the transmutation circle. There was no way to stop it now, as the man had been shocked by the boy, and did what his mind told him to. There was a sudden gust of wind, like a mini typhoon, and papers and dust flew everywhere. The gold light from the transmutation circle changed into a frightening darker color. The mad man was knocked onto his back.

The wind died down, and the light faded. Footsteps were heard charging up the steps. It seemed that Roy's men had followed Ed there.

Riza, Havoc, and Armstrong barged into the room, fully armed and ready to shoot anyone who got in their way.

"Freeze!" Riza yelled to the man who was ready to run away.

"Uh, Lieutenant? Major? Come look at this. . ." Havoc said. The other two officers walked over to the transmutation circle. They saw a short, human cat-like creature laying on it. It had Edward's hair, and clothing, and automail, but he had cat ears, a tail, and three long whiskers on both sides of his face. The teen opened his eyes, thinking about why he could smell a lot better than he could before. The three officers looking at him saw his eyes more like a cat's. Ed got up and rubbed his head, noticing the cat ears. He looked up.

"Um. . .Ed? Is that you?" Armstrong asked.

"Of course it's me! Who do you think I am?" Riza scratched the back of the boy's cat ears, who suddenly let out a long purr.

Roy stared. And stared. And stared. Was it just him, or did Fullmetal look unbelievably adorable? His cute li'l ears, his kitty tail, the small purring sounds he was making. It made the colonel just want to hug him. And Fullmetal just looked like he was lovable. Unless he also had fangs and claws.

"So. . .what happened?" Roy asked Riza. The lieutenant sighed.

"Sir, where is your head? I told you what had happened at least seven times." she crossed her arms.

"Sorry! Sorry! I'll pay more attention this time." Roy sat up on his chair. Riza explained to him about what had happened at the criminal's home, how Ed transformed into what he is. After Riza finished, Roy stood.

"We can't let anyone know about this." he said. "we need to put Fullmetal into hiding until we can find a way to turn him back to normal."

"Well. . ." Havoc said. "we know pets aren't allowed in the dorms."

"I already have a dog to take care of." Riza explained. "I don't want anymore fur in the place than I already do." Everyone was silent. Who would be able to take care of Edward without worrying about more fur in the place, or getting in trouble with the people in charge of the dorms? They all thought a minute.

"Sir, what about you?" Fury asked, looking over to Roy.

"Erm, me?" the raven haired man jumped a bit.

"Yeah, you don't live in the dorms, and you don't have anything else to do at home." Havoc took the cigarette from his mouth. Roy glanced over to Ed, who lay on the couch, cuddled up like a cat. If he said no, then he wouldn't be able to secretly hug the cute li'l. . . alchemist. If he said yes, then. . .yeah.

"Fine." Roy sighed.

"AAAWWW!" Edward whined in the back seat. Roy sat next to him, staring out the window, not listening. "why do I have to live with Baka Taisa?"

"He's the only one available to take care of you, Chief." Havoc answered, driving the car. "besides, he'll probably be out on a date with a girl or something, and you'll be free to tear up his house!"

"HAVOC." Roy said in a dangerous tone. Havoc yipped and stayed silent.

They drove up to a mansion, and Roy got out.

"THIS is where you LIVE?" Ed gasped.

"Yeah, so?" Roy said boredly, as if it were nothing special.

"B-but it's a MANSION! And your just ONE person!" the cat boy squeaked.

"Not with you running around." the colonel let Havoc drive away, and they both walked inside. The floor was was all a white carpet, and there were a few stairecases leading upstaires. Edward gaped at the greatness of the rooms. Roy walked up one of the stairs without talking, and the younger alchemist decided it would be fun to follow him. So he did.

Ed crawled up the stairs on all fours. He got to the top, and saw several doors.

Where did that Baka Taisa run off to? he thought to himself. One of the doors opened, and Roy came out holding some clothing in his hands.

"Here, Full Neko." he said with a smirk. He handed the boy the clothing.

"Thanks, Col. . .FULL NEKO?" the teen let out several screeches, and finally took the cothes.

"You can change in the bathroom." Roy pointed to a room. "I'll call for take-out, Full Neko." Ed walked into the bathroom, and there was a silence.


Edward sat on the couch, in pajamas with chibi cats that fit his size. Roy sat on the opposite couch, reading the evening paper. The younger alchemist didn't notice the colonel glancing over to him several times, holding back the urge to hug him.

There was one thing that Roy never let out into the public. He loved fluffy/cute animals/things. Really.

The doorbell rang, and Roy got up to answer it. The smell of Chinese filled the air, and the colonel walked back inside with a few packages.

"It's dinner time, Full Neko." he said calmly, before walking into the kitchen. Edward twitched, and let out a groan of defeat. Mustang was never going to stop calling him that.

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