Note: No roster split in this story. I kind've took some things from reality (Trish winning the title), and I made up other things. So if it seems weird, that could be why. Also, I used some people's real names (Jay Reso for Christian, Amy Dumas for Lita), but for others (Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho) I used their ring names. It's not supposed to make sense, it's just which names I like better. : -P

Disclaimer: Don't own any of the wrestlers, the only things I can even pretend to own are the ideas.

Fair warning: I didn't see New Year's Revolution, so I'm kind of making everything up (besides her win, because that really happened.):)

Characters: Trish Stratus, John Cena, Stacy Keibler, Randy Orton, Christian (Jay Reso), Rob Van Dam, Lita, etc.

Summary: Best friends. The term describes Trish Stratus and John Cena – or does it? With all the drama going on in their lives, even they're not sure anymore.

Everything You Want

Part One:

January 9th, 2005: WWE New Year's Revolution Pay-Per-View

"Ladies and gentlemen, your new WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus!"

At the sound of Lilian Garcia's voice, Trish Stratus fell to the ring mat and hugged her Women's Championship. People believed that after already holding the title five times, a win was no big deal anymore, but to Trish, every title win was just as great as the first. A huge grin spread across her lips as Trish rose to her feet, holding the belt high above her head. She heard a mixture of boos and cheers, both telling her that she was doing her job well. After bowing and patting herself on the back, Trish gave the crowd a smug smile and then exited the ring.

Once she was at the top of the ramp, Trish turned back towards the ring and pointed to the person she'd just taken the title from. Lita glared at her while holding her neck. Trish locked eyes with Lita, then pointed to the Women's title, mouthing the word 'Mine', before turning back around and heading to the back.

"OHMYGODTRISHTHATWASGREAT!" Before she could even comprehend what had been said, Trish was pulled into two strong arms, the air being squeezed from her body. She tried to laugh, but realized that it was a struggle. She let herself be hugged for a few minutes, until finally, she tried to pull herself away.

"John," She said, poking his arm, "I need air, buddy."

With a laugh, John Cena finally let go, after one last squeeze. The grin spread across his face grew even wider as he lightly punched Trish's arm. "You did great!" He exclaimed, showing off another toothy smile.

Trish smiled back and pushed some hair from her face. "Thanks!" This time, she hugged John, though not nearly as tight as he'd hugged her. When she pulled away, the two started walking towards the Women's locker room, John's arm wrapped around Trish's shoulders.


Trish and John spun around, watching as long legs and blonde hair bounded toward them. Stacy Keibler quickly approached them and pulled Trish into a hug. "You did amazing, Trish!" She giggled, then turned to John with a grin. "Hey, loser."

John scowled and stuck his tongue out at Stacy. She did the same before turning back to Trish, looping her arm through her best friend's with another smile. The two started walking away, John taking a few quick steps to catch up with them.

Trish smiled to herself as she looked back and forth between the two people on either side of her. Stacy was without a doubt her best friend. They'd been close to inseparable for at least two years.

Then Trish looked to John. Their relationship wasn't so clean cut. They were definitely great friends, but most people believe there was more underneath the surface. The two were together almost constantly. They traveled together, partied together, ate together, and talked all the time. When she wasn't with Stacy or the other Divas, Trish could almost always be found with John. They were almost always flirting or smiling back and forth, which was what normally made people believe that there was something the pair wasn't telling them. When the question came, both Trish and John would just smile and shake their heads, explaining that they were just very good friends. And they were just friends. Just friends…

A nudge in her left arm shook Trish from her thoughts. "Someone zoned out," John's voice teased as he nudged her again. This time, Trish pushed back; catching John off guard and making him take a few steps back to keep his balance. Stacy giggled from Trish's other side, and John glared at both of them.

"Aw, Johnny," Trish pouted and reached over to hug him. "Did we hurt your feelings?" At this point, Stacy was full out laughing, holding her stomach as she did so. Both Trish and John eyed her curiously as she tried to catch her breath. Her laughs had nearly subsided, but when she looked back up at her two friends, the looks on their faces sent her back into a fit of laughter.

Leaning down next to Trish's ear, John whispered, "So, she's on something, right?"

Trish chuckled, but shrugged her shoulders. "Maybe she had too much sugar in her coffee."

The two watched in confused silence as she Stacy slowly, but surely calmed down. But the time all her laughs had subsided, Stacy's face was bright red and tear-stained. She was wiping tears from her cheeks as Rob Van Dam approached them.

He rose an eyebrow at John and Trish, then walked up to Stacy, wrapping an arm around her waist. "Stace, what's wrong?"

Stacy shook her head and bit back another giggle. "Nothing, Rob, nothing. I was just…"

"Laughing like a hyena," John explained, shaking his head at Stacy. "Rob, man, you need to send your girlfriend to shrink. She's a little crazy." John laughed at himself, twirling his pointer finger in the arm next to his head, in the crazy symbol.

Rob nodded, then smiled at Stacy. He raised his right hand and wiped the last of his girlfriend's tears away from her eyes. She smiled back and leaned forward, pressing a small kiss to Rob's lips. They pulled away and Rob turned back to Trish. "Congrats on tonight, Stratus."

Trish nodded and thanked him, then excused herself, explaining that she need to take a shower.

"Trish, wait," John called out. Trish turned around and hoisted her newly won belt on her shoulder. "Do you wanna go out and celebrate later tonight?"

Trish nodded and smiled. "Sure, Johnny."

Rob rolled his eyes and smirked at John. "Johnny, how cute, dude."

"It's a nickname, asshole," John replied, glaring. "And if you call me it, I will not be held responsible for what I do to you."

"But it's just such a cute name!" Rob exclaimed, clutching his heart. Trish smiled and turned away, the last sounds she heard being John telling Rob to fuck off, and Stacy exploding into another fit of laughter.

Trish rounded a corner and approached the Women's locker room, opening the door and letting herself in. The room appeared to empty, save for a few duffel bags, and someone's CD player. It seemed that most of the Divas had already left, either because they hadn't had any reason to show at all, or that they'd already appeared on the pay-per-view and had nothing more to do.

Yawning, Trish stood up straight and stretched. All she wanted to do was shower and go home to bed, but she still needed to celebrate with John and others. "I'll just get a coffee to wake me up before we leave," she muttered to herself as she set her championship on the couch and knelt down to unzip her duffel bag. Her attention shifted at the sound of something falling. The sound seemed to come from the bathroom. Trish shrugged and figured someone was still around showering or changing. She looked back down at her things and pulled out a pair of dark blue jeans and a white wifebeater. She also grabbed her brush and a towel and stood, as the bathroom door opened and someone emerged from the other side.

"Oh, hi," the person replied flatly, walking past Trish and sitting down on the couch beside her title. She dropped her clothes into a red duffel bag and zipped it up. She was reaching for her sneakers when she stopped and looked over to the Women's championship. Trish could almost see her cringe. The woman looked up. "Congratulations."

Trish met her eyes, trying to decide if she was being sincere. "Thanks," She replied. "You did really great, Amy."

Lita shrugged her shoulders slightly. "Yeah, you too."

Nodding, Trish turned and started to head towards the bathroom. Before she opened the door, she turned back around. Amy was eyeing her Women's championship longingly. She felt a small twinge in her heart at the sad sight, but she reminded herself that this was, after all, Amy Dumas, and she turned back around, entering the bathroom and closing the door behind her.

As she emerged from her shower, Trish eyed herself in the mirror. The bags under her eyes were hideous, but she'd only gotten, on average, five hours asleep a night for about two weeks, so the dark circles were explainable.

As she dried and brushed her hair, Trish found herself wondering if Amy was still out in the locker room eyeing the championship belt that she had once called her own. She found herself picturing the sad look on Amy's face, the look she'd been seeing more and more on her former best friend's face. Former best friend, Trish. Former. Trish scolded herself as she applied mascara to her eyelashes. Though it was no longer her business, Trish still wondered how things were going in Amy's life. Sure, they saw each other every day, but they hadn't spoken about anything other than wrestling matches and angles in nearly four months, when their relationship had disintegrated. Trish shrugged the thoughts away and applied a second coat of lipgloss.

When she was satisfied with her makeup application, Trish picked up her jeans and slid them on, picking up the shirt next. She threw it on and picked up her brush, shampoo, and rig clothes, exiting the bathroom.

Amy was gone when Trish stepped into the locker room. And the Women's championship belt was still in the same place it had been a half-hour earlier. Trish headed across the room and dropped her things in her black duffel bag. Before she zipped it, she pulled a black leather jacket out. After slipping on her trademark black boots, Trish slipped into the jacket and grabbed her things, checking the clock to see that it was nearly eleven p.m., then turned off the lights and exited the locker room, turning left down the hall.