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Island Hunting

By: Pixiegirl13

Chapter 1 Waking up

Slowly Robin woke up. The first thing he noticed was that his head was pounding away in a massive migraine. Then he felt the surroundings around him before he opened his eyes. One thing for sure, he was not in Titans Tower.

With a short gasp of surprise, Robin forced himself fully awake. He sat up with a groan of pain as his head protested. He was soaked from head to toe with salt water, and sand stuck to his exposed skin. The ocean water was warm and felt good.

Robin took in his surroundings with a look of deep confusion on his serious face. He was on a beach of some kind. He could have been on an island. Palm trees were scattered around the peaceful beach and were rich with green coconuts. A few rocks were around the sandy area with some birds landing on them with chirps that made Robin's head hurt more. The sand ended on both sides. One side ended with deep green jungle plants to the unknown. The other side ended with the ocean that stretched out for miles with nothing else to see.

"Ouch," Robin muttered to himself while putting a hand on his pounding head. He saw that he had no gloves on, and his confusion deepened further. Then he noticed that he did not have his uniform on. He put his hand down with his eyes going wide. He was wearing a sleeveless red shirt and baggy tan pants. His metal bottom shoes were long gone and so were his gloves. He was just thankful to still have his mask.

"What is going on?" he asked himself. He scrambled to his feet in a rush. His head gave him another jolt of pain to tell him to keep still, but he ignored it. His legs felt a bit numb, so he stumbled a few times in the sand before his legs felt right. Panic was starting to creep up on him. He tried to force it down. The most worst thing to do in this kind of situation was to panic. He had to remember to keep a level head.

Robin walked over to a rock and rested against the hot surface as his heart raced. He felt so weak and worn out as if he had just taken down 50 bad guys in a row with no help of his team. His head hurt so much he could not help wincing a few times till the pain subsided. He forced his brain to function properly. He had to remember what had happened.

At first he was totally lost. After about ten minutes of thinking deeply, the teen started to remember the night before. He had been just going to bed at the Tower. He remembered turning off the lights and lying down on his bed. He had been lying there for around half an hour, because it took him forever to fall asleep. Maybe he had insomnia or something like that. A hand came out of nowhere and grabbed Robin's throat that night. Robin was about to fight back, but someone whispered into his ear, "Move and die!" Then he had blacked out.

By then Robin was feeling better on the rock. His headache had calmed down a lot, and his body felt okay. He was a bid dazed by the memory of the night before, but he was all right. Now the main question was where was the guy from the night before? There was no sign of the man. Robin was all alone, or so he thought.

Maybe his team was playing a mean trick on him. They had always been telling him to take a vacation or a break. He had always responded the same. He had too much work to do, and the city could not be left alone. Maybe they had dropped him here to force him to relax.

"Or maybe I'm just going insane with the heat of the island," Robin finished his thought out loud. He always talked to himself when no one was around. Some people would think that would strange, but it is no sin talking to yourself. Plus, hearing yourself talk can be very reassuring. (A/N: I talk to myself all the time. I also talk to my PS2 games. Well, more like yell at them.)

Robin's stomach started to hurt, and he realized that he was extremely hungry and thirsty. His friends would have never done this to him. They might have said they would, but never would they leave him out on an island to fend for himself. They would have given him other things like his belt.

Robin racked his head for all the information he knew about survival. Batman had quickly gone over some of the stuff on the topic, but Robin's head was like a filing cabinet. He could store things up then bring them out when he needed something. His head was still a bit slow because of some drug the person the night before used on him.

He needed fire to survive. He needed to get a ship's or plane's attention if he ever wanted to get rescued. He would be back home in only a few days. But why did he have a gut feeling that someone was watching him? He gave a shudder at the thought and looked around him. Nothing. No one was there but him.

"First food," Robin told himself while forcing himself off the rock. He stretched a few times to get his body back into shape. The headache was almost gone now. He saw a small palm tree with coconuts and smiled. He walked up to the tree with the soft sand sinking a bit under his weight. In just a few seconds Robin was up the tree. He got a few coconuts to fall off the tree before he climbed back down.

He cracked one by smashing it against the rock he had been resting on. He sat cross-legged on the rock while drinking the juices from the coconut. He hated the taste of it, but he knew he had to have some to keep alive. He could not relax one bit. His mussels were kept tight as he stared out over the ocean. What was he doing here?

Then Robin heard something. It was a plane flying overhead. The boy acted quickly. He threw the coconut to the ground while whipping some of the juice off his chin with the back of his hand. Robin jumped off his rock and ran to the edge of shore. His toes barely touched the warm waters. He then started to wave his arms around while jumping up and down. He had to get the pilot's attention.

But the plane never flew over the tiny island Robin was now stuck on. At first Robin could not accept the fact, but he finally stopped shouting and fell to his knees in defeat. By doing this he made a small splash of water in the ocean.

"No!" he cried out in frustration of his bad situation. He pounded a fist into the water, which made another splash that came up into his face. He then stood back up with a frown planted on his face. Now he was just mad. "This is a waist of my time!" he snapped at himself. He knew he could live out here for a long time, but what about his team? They would never find him here.

And why was he here in the first place? His capture was not showing himself. Robin looked himself over with a sigh. He had no weapons. How was he to protect himself? He missed his outfit, but this new one had to do for now. And how did he get into this thing in the first place? Robin thought about it then wrinkled his nose at the thought. Better not to dwell on it.

He would have to find someplace to sleep soon, because the sun was coming down at a fast pace. Robin started to walk back to his rock with a bit of a breeze brushing against his face. He would think it over with another coconut. He raised the thing over his head to smash it against the rock, but there was a loud bang behind him, and he felt the coconut fly out of his hands with the juice falling on his head.

The sound scared the living crap out of the teen. He spun around in the soft sand with his eyes wide. He saw someone on one knee some yards away from him aiming a rifle at him. The man was too far away for Robin to make out detail. But what was the guy doing shooting at him?

"A bit too high," the guy yelled over to Robin. He cocked the gun and aimed at Robin again with a smile coming to his face.

"Wait!" Robin yelled while putting a hand out to stop the guy from shooting again at him. "Can we talk?"

"Nope," the guy said cheerfully back to the teen. He pulled the trigger. Robin ducked with a wince. He heard the rock behind him get the bullet knocked off it. The guy was trying to kill him!

"I'm not here to hurt you!" Robin tried again to talk to the man. "I want to talk this out."

"Boy, you teens love to lie!" the guy shouted back while cocking the gun. "I would think that the leader of the Teen Titans would put up more of a fight when his life was on the line."

"Huh!" Robin asked while backing up a little. "I'm not lying, sir."

"Sure," the man replied. He shot again, but Robin was not that lucky this time. He had thought that maybe if he did not run away or hide that maybe the guy would not see him as a threat and stop shooting. It had been a big mistake.

The bullet came across Robin's left shoulder, but did not go in. The teen gave a yell as the pain exploded in his arm. He winced while touching his shoulder and saw blood on his hand. The guy was serious. But why would he want to kill Robin? The teen had no idea, but he had to get out of the way.

"Maybe that will get you to fight back," the man said with a short laugh. He aimed again at the teen from his spot across the beach. He was a safe distance away from Robin. The teen quickly jumped behind the protection of his rock.

"Not fair!" the man yelled with a bit of disappointment in his voice that had been cheery. "You're acting not like I thought you would, Robin. I hate being on the offence all the time. You can't hide behind there for forever."

Robin picked up a coconut that was next to him. It took the guy a few seconds to reload his gun. Robin stood up and dodged a bullet then started to run toward the man with the coconut in his hands. He ignored the pain shooting up his shoulder as he dropped to the sandy floor to dodge another bullet. He quickly gained ground with a few close calls.

The man swore when he ran out of ammo. He quickly shoved some more in his rifle and aimed again at Robin. The teen threw his coconut at the man before he could shoot again. It hit him square on his nose. He gave a short yell, and Robin ran forward to take him down. A good fighter did not have to fight with his weapons.

Robin came up to the man. He was about to give the man a roundhouse kick to the side of his head, but the man quickly caught his barefoot and shoved the teen away. Robin stumbled backwards with surprise. He had under estimated his opponent. He came back at the man again and easily dodged his attacks. He grabbed the front of the man's shirt and swung his fist back.


Robin stopped in the middle of his punch. He looked up to the pistol aimed at his forehead with a frown on his face. The man shoved his knee into Robin's stomach and knocked the air out of the teen. Robin bent over while gasping for breath. The man shoved Robin backwards, and this time Boy Wonder landed on his butt in the sand.

"Well I'll be damned! You really can fight!" the man said with another short laugh. He smiled down at Robin with his pistol still in his hand. It was still aimed at Robin who sat in the sand with his head spinning. He was completely confused. Why was the guy not killing him now? He had wanted to before. Maybe he wanted a last word.

Now Robin saw the man up close. The guy had short brown hair and gray eyes that were now shining with the light of the battle in them. He was tall and looked to be in his 40's. He was still strong built and sturdy looking for his middle age. He wore tight horse riding pants with black boots. He had on a white sleeveless shirt kind of like Robin's red one. His belt was filled with ammo and other weapons.

"You don't look all that scared right now, Robin," the man said while still aiming at the teen. "You look more confused than anything else."

"Well…let's see here," Robin said sarcastically while rolling his eyes under his mask. "I wake up on this beach, then someone starts shooting at me for no reason at all, then when he finally gets a good chance to shoot me he starts talking to me. I'm fine, thank you."

"So you do have manners," the man replied. He gave a chuckle while lowering the pistol. Robin started to get up, but he aimed the gun at him again. Robin stopped quickly. The guy broke out into a wide grin that told Robin he was truly insane. He then started to laugh loudly.

"I'm sorry, Robin," he said after finally gaining control over himself again. If he ever had control in the first place. "I'm talking about manners, and I have not even told you my name." He lowered the pistol once again and took a bow while saying, "I'm General John Thatch. But you can call me General."

Robin said and did nothing. He just stared at the guy with his face a mystery. John frowned at the teen when he did nothing and said, "You sure know how to bore someone to death. You take things too seriously for my liking. Just relax! I'm not going to shoot you…yet." He then smiled wickedly again.

"Okay," Robin said slowly while brushing himself off. He then gave a short yell as he remembered the pain in his wounded arm. "Could you explain to me why you were trying to kill me?" he asked the General with a bit of anger in his voice. He clutched his wound to stop the bleeding and gave a wince as sand brushed into it and made it sting like mad.

"Well, hunting normal humans is just no fun anymore," John said with a short laugh as if thinking back to something. "You're more entertaining."

"What!" Robin yelled while backing up with his feet to get away from the man in front of him. "Hunt!" He was totally freaked out by now. The man took a dangerous step toward Robin. "What are you talking about?"

The Teen Titans woke up to an alert that Sunday morning when they had been sleeping in. It was around seven in the morning for them, but on the other side of the world where Robin was it was around seven at night. The Titans had no idea that their leader might be missing till they all met in the living room where the big TV screen was telling them where the crime was taking place.

Beast Boy rubbed the sleep out of his eyes while staring up at the screen. He was the last one to make it to the room as always. The others looked confused because finally Beast Boy was not the last one. Their leader was late.

"Where is Robin?" Raven asked Beast Boy as if he had to do something with Robin being late.

"How should I know?" Beast Boy said with a yawn. "He should be the first one here."

"But he's not," Cyborg said while folding his arms in front of him. He had a deep frown on his face. He was worried for their friend.

"This is not like Robin," Starfire said with the same worried expression Cyborg held in her eyes. "I will go fetch him." She flew off to Robin's room before the others could protest. Robin's door slid open, and she hovered into the dark room. She turned on the light and gasped loudly when she saw that Robin was no where to be seen.

"What is it, Starfire?" Raven asked her friend while suddenly forming next to her out of the shadows of the room. She took one quick glance around the room and knew why Starfire had gasped. "He's gone," she said with more emotion than she thought. Starfire gave a squeak when the light above her smashed. "Sorry," Raven muttered while pulling up her hood. She had to control her emotions.

"What is taking you two so long?" Cyborg asked the girls while coming into the room with Beast Boy dragging behind still looking tiered. "Whoa!" he yelled while realizing that their leader was gone.

"He must have left a note for us," Beast Boy said while glancing around with sleepy eyes. He gave another yawn. The others gave yawns at the same time as he did. For some reason they had all slept in and where still very tiered. They were trying to hide it, though.

"He left no note," Raven said while glaring at Beast Boy through the darkness of her hood. "This is not like Robin. He would have told us if he were going somewhere. And there is no sign of struggle as if he was fighting someone, so he could not have been captured."

"Or maybe the person that captured him used some kind of drug on Robin and on us to keep all of us asleep as he did his work," Cyborg said. "So what do we got here?"

"He could have forgotten to leave us a note," Starfire came in with her innocent voice.

"Or he could have been drugged and taken somewhere," Raven added with her voice showing no emotion unlike Starfire's. The two were complete opposites.

"Can we think this over breakfast?" Beast Boy came in after a long silence. All three Titans glared at him for his selfishness. "What?" he said to back himself up. "I'm hungry beyond all reason! And I have a headache so bad it could kill me!"

"Funny," Cyborg muttered. "I'm hungry too with a headache. What about you girls?"

"Yes," Starfire said with a nod. They all looked to Raven to hear her answer.

"I woke up with a migraine, but I quickly healed it with my powers," Raven said quickly. "That has to mean that we were drugged with something to keep us asleep. I say that Robin was captured."

"First breakfast!" Beast Boy said while shaking off his sleepiness. "Then we search for Robin! I'm SO hungry right now!"

"No. First catch the person robbing the bank across town," Cyborg said while glaring down at the changeling. "Then breakfast. After that we can search for Robin. But no tofu eggs!"

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