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Darkness, a pure black void. For once, it was blissfully devoid of the usual horrors that sprang out at him.

But just because there were no pictures didn't mean that none of the rest was there.

The pain racked his body, crippling him completely. The paralysis was so complete, he couldn't even scream for help. Sweat poured down his back as he struggled to move; just because the pictures weren't there didn't mean he couldn't remember them in all of their vivid atrociousness.

Just when he thought it was going light, the pictures started up. His family, his home, people he'd known before he deserted Bern's wyvern riders-they all stared back at him, bodies and faces a testament to whatever hell they'd gone through. And it was still going on! He could save them this time, but only if he could move! He struggled against the crippling pain, throwing all of his strength into rising to help those he knew. But it was in vain, as it was every night, for, like always, he couldn't move.

Then, also like always, came the feeling of despair as he watched them all killed by faceless men.

He wept, silently, as he struggled against invisible chains, chains that weighed thousands of pounds, their sole purpose to keep him from rising up and saving the people he knew and loved.

And then, a change: the pictures disappeared. He sighed, relieved; maybe he would get off easy this night. But then, they reappeared, but they had changed. He couldn't put his finger on how, but he knew that they had changed.

Suddenly, he felt the fire that the people were being fed to, felt the whip that lashed on them, and then he realized exactly who it was: it was his current companions! Suddenly, one picture rose up from all of the rest: it was her, and what was happening to her was the most atrocious of all of the acts being committed on his companions. He hated it, and what was being done to her. He struggled, desperately trying to come to her rescue.

But it was not to be. He couldn't get up. And then, he heard the laughter. Cruel, calculating laughter. He winced at the sound, for it grated at the ears. And then, a cold, malicious voice that matched the laughter.

"You cannot save any of them. You are not worthy enough to save them, especially her. You cannot save them."

The laughter continued as the pictures faded. They were replaced with his memories: what he had done, what had been done to him. All of the atrocities he had committed replayed in his mind.

"This is why, rider; this is why!"

Then, there was only the void, the eternal void. It was dark, so very dark.

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