The sounds of nature enveloped her like a dark blanket, the soft water falling, the frogs in the pond making small croaks, crickets, rubbing their legs together in an attempt to make music. It all folded together, like folding a piece of paper into an envelope. All the sounds rushed together in an ortchestra of sound, fading, then rising to a new pitch, like flowing waves in a lake.

Soft spashing, she could feel the rain-water hitting her nose, her cheeks, neck, their icy-coldness like mini-icecubes being dropped onto her skin.

She was barely aware of her friends calling out, searching, hoping for a trace of her.

She knew their hanyou leader, so arrogant and proud, could not find her scent in the pouring rain. She didn't want him to. Didn't want to face his worried eyes, his scolding, treating her like the child she was no longer.

She could make it on her own, she didn't have to get lost. She chose to get lost.

She could easily picture them, searching in the damp grass, freezing rain...they'd have to give up sometime. She could see them now, coming towards her: Sango, an angry, yet forever-worried look on her face. Worried she'd almost lost someone else she loved, because she couldn't push herself, watch over them better:

Miroku, staff over his shoulder, the forever-calm, beseeching look in his eyes. Wondering, inwardly, what could have driven her to stay:

Shippo, little fox tail puffed up, running on all fours, wondering where she was, and why he couldn't find her. Why she left him. A worried, dreading look on his young, childish face:

Inu-Yasha...he would be the most worried of all, and yet the last to show it. His triangular eyes swiveling and twitching, trying to hear anything but his friends' calls and the sound of rain hitting the ground. He'd be sniffing, moving this way and that to try and pinpoint her location. To no avail, she was cloaked by the rain, by nature; his enemy.

But they weren't looking for her. They could have no clue she was here. Inu-Yasha...he thought she was back home, because he told her to go. Foolish hanyou. Sango, Miroku, Shippo, they all just suspected she would do whatever Inu-Yasha told her to do. She should've done what Inu-Yasha had told her to do. Her beloved, sweet, Inu-Yasha.

She now knew his pain, betrayal, she knew, because the same situation was what she was facing, right now. Barely clutching to life, that thin thread she knew would snap, any moment. But if only, if only she could see him again.

But then she'd be just as bad as her killer.

Wanting a second chance, being a mere shell of what she used to be.

Kikyou; that woman holding the bow, arrow already sent, and lodged, right where it was supposed to be. Right into her opponants chest, never again having a rival for the affections of a troublesome hanyou.

Where was her hanyou?

Not here, certainly. But that was what made her hold on, that last amount of energy that kept her going through the pain she couldn't feel. An arrow that was lodged where it should hurt, but the only feeling was ice.

He isn't coming. She decided, inwardly, watching Kikyou's cold eyes bore into her, watching her die, waiting. This is the end...goodbye, Inu-Yasha...

Kagome died that day, pinned to the Goshinboku, where she first met her beloved hanyou, her Inu-Yasha.