-1Rival Chatter

Chapter 15: Duo POV:

Warnings: Lemon. This is the final chapter of Rival Chatter and as such, closes the Chatter Trilogy. So I place a special Heero x Duo lemon into this chapter for all of you who wanted me to finish this series. While I loved working on it, after losing my co-author, I just couldn't seem to figure what to write. Yet with hard work and a lot of begging, I'm finally bringing this to a close. So thank you all for bearing with me.


About two months after the circus incident and Wufei's public proposal to Meiran, Heero and I moved in together. We had settled on the relatively fair priced and spacious condominium that Heero had loved. He hadn't been kidding when he said it was nice. There were three bedrooms, one of which was downstairs while the other two were right across from each other upstairs. There was two bathrooms, one upstairs and one down, a large kitchen, a nice dining area, a living room, and a laundry room. To me, it was a move I hadn't expected.

I had been living at the orphanage for so long, that finally being out on my own was a little overwhelming. Yet Heero was there with me. He was calm, understanding, and always there for me, even when I had a stupid question for him to answer. We had gone furniture shopping two days before we moved in. Everything had been delivered this morning and now, with evening fast approaching, the place now looked like a home.

Heero and I had both agreed we didn't want to over do anything, so there was just enough so that if we should ever have company, they wouldn't be sitting on the floor. Well, if the group from the orphanage came over they'd have to find room on the walls, but I was fairly certain it wouldn't be so bad.

I sighed and walked into the kitchen. I picked up some candles and the dishes and began setting the table. Heero had stepped out to pick up dinner, since our fridge couldn't really hold food until tomorrow, when it would be at the proper temperature. I smiled softly and whistled to myself. Setting the candles onto the matching candlesticks Heero's mother had given us as a house warming present, I pulled a lighter from my back jean pocket and lit them. I then stepped back and dimmed the lights, making it a very romantic setting for our first meal in our new home.

There was also going to be another first for Heero and I tonight. Now that I was officially living with Heero, I wanted to take the next step in our relationship. Same sex couples couldn't marry, so this was the closest thing we had to a permanent relationship. Just the other night, Heero and I had exchanged simple gold bands. We were committed to one another and the law be damned. We were going to treat one another as a married couple, even if it wasn't recognized. It was in our eyes and that was all that mattered.

Heero had understood how I felt. He had found contentment in simple kisses and cuddling, but I knew he wanted more. It had been more than evident when he had started leaving me in the middle of the night to take a shower. It wasn't hat I didn't love him or that I didn't want to. It was all because I knew waiting would make it all the sweeter. First had come the rings, a symbol of our love and pledge to one another. That had made me feel more special to Heero. It had made me feel as if he really did love me… and it wasn't just for sex. Now, we were officially living together, under the same roof. While the original plan had been for us to have separate rooms, I was going to as Heero if I could move into his room once we made love after dinner.

Of course, Heero had to return with dinner first. With a soft sigh, I thought back over the play we had done for our final in Drama. Heero's play had been returned to its original glory and the two of us played the lead roles. Mr. Smithson had been so proud of us. He gave us both A's, even though the play only went on the one time. I guess even when its for drama and supposed to be pretend, the school wouldn't stand for two of its male students to be making out on stage, even if it was supposed to be fake.

Of course, Relena's face at the after party when Heero planted one hell of a passionate kiss to lips under some mistletoe had been priceless. She had stormed off, Dorothy right behind her. I was fairly certain, from what Claire had told me the next day, that Dorothy had finally claimed Relena for herself that night. The two had been inseparable since.

Just then the door opened. I rushed over and took the bag of food from Heero, even as I left him there to remove his shoes. I opened the two meal boxes he had brought home. Heero had gotten a Fettuccini Alfredo with chicken for himself and a Shrimp Pasta with lots of garlic breadsticks for me. I placed the meals onto the plates and tossed out the boxes before meeting Heero halfway to the dinning table and pressing a hot, passionate kiss to his lips, wrapping my arms around his neck. He moaned and wrapped his own arms around my waist, holding me close. I loved kiss him. It was a sweet addiction I would never give up.

After a moment he broke the kiss, moaning once more and holding me close before reluctantly letting me go. "That's a very nice welcome home. Can I get one every time I get home?" he asked with a teasing smile, even as he brushed my lips with his once more and led me over to the table.

"Mm, as many times as you want, as long as I'm home before you," I answered, giving him a wink. He flushed a little at that and nodded.

"Good. The restaurant was a little reluctant to let me leave with all those breadsticks. When I told them it was for you, the doubled the order." I laughed, taking a seat across from Heero at the rather intimate dining table.

"God love, Louie. That place is always the same. They complain about take-out deliveries until they realize its someone close to their hearts. I don't think he'll ever change." Heero laughed softly at that one, bowing his head before picking up his fork and beginning to dig into his own meal. We ate in silence, a small glass of sparkling cider beside each of our plates. While it wasn't wine, it was close enough without the alcohol content. I liked that factor a lot. Yet I think it was mostly because I planed to spend a large portion of the evening with Heero and I didn't need spirits to make him tipsy. Once finished, I took care of the dishes while Heero put away leftovers and blew out the candles. Once everything was cleaned up, I held out my hand to Heero. He gladly accepted and slowly I led him up the stairs. I don't know he knew what I had planned, but I was nervous and hoped he didn't stop me or try to talk before I could tell him what I wanted. If he did, I was certain I'd lose all nerve and it would crash and burn.

With his hand firmly in mine, I led Heero toward his bedroom. Unlike all the other times, I didn't pause at his doorway. I gave him a small smile and with fluid steps, crossed into his bedroom, pulling him with me. Heero's beautiful blue eyes widened when I did that and it seemed he knew what I was doing without words. Yet, just like my good ol' Hee-chan, he just had to open his mouth.

"Are you sure, Duo? We don't have to do this," he said in a low tone, which was full of need. A need for me. One I would never make him have to deny again. I nodded and pulled him to me. Instantly his arms came around me and held me tight.

"Yes, we do, Hee-chan. I've made you wait long enough. Yesterday, we gave our vows and our hearts to one another. This time, in our new home, I want to give you something no one else can give you. I want to give you my body. Now you'll have it all. You've had my heart and soul for a long time. Giving you my body is the only thing left. You do want me, don't ya, Hee-chan?" I almost cursed myself. I sounded so uncertain, so worried. I knew that being with Heero would be the best thing ever. I knew, because I knew him, that he would be a very considerate and passionate lover. And right now, that's what I wanted.

Heero groaned and pulled me in for a hot kiss. Our tongues tangled and seemed to fight for dominance. I loved it. It was wonderful. I knew the kiss was only the beginning. Heero stroked his hands over my body, with our clothes still on. He seemed intent to take his time. He studied every area on my body that made me gasp and whimper. I loved the feeling of his body against mine. It was wonderful.

Once he had searched every part of me, he slowly began to remove my clothing. As each new piece of flesh was revealed to his hungry gaze, he kissed it. By the time I was in just my boxers, I was hard as a rock and my breathing was erratic. Oh lord, he would kill me before he could take me. He gave me time to cool a little as he stripped himself. The highlight of my evening was when I saw Heero, naked and fully aroused, and all MINE. That's right. He was mine. No one else would have him. It gave me a thrill to see such a reaction and I hadn't even really touched him yet. Oh, and touch I would.

I shifted, stripping off my boxers, which was my last bit of clothing, and then pulled Heero back down onto the bed with me. We both groaned as our erections brushed against one another. Yet our mouths were soon on one another again, kissing with wild abandon. My hands trailed over Heero's back and along his sides. I drew deep, passionate cries from him as I rubbed out crotches together, causing a delicious friction to begin building inside of me. Soon, Heero couldn't take any more teasing. He trailed for my chest and licked a trail down to my cock. He licked the tip playfully, causing me to cry out. Yet pleasure was something he planned to give me plenty of. He reached into the dresser drawer beside his bed and pulled out a bottle of lube. He slicked up a couple fingers and began to work them over my puckered opening. At first, it was resistant. Yet Heero was determined and eventually I relaxed, allowing the seeking finger into my passage. I moaned low and deep and I cried out when his mouth went back to licking and sucking on my rod. By now it was beginning to leak pre-cum and I couldn't hold back the small keening cries that spilled past my lips as pleasure began building from both in front and behind me. It was tender and sweet, and yet there was an urgency in Heero's skillful touches. I knew he was just as eager as I was. Once he was certain the one finger had no resistance, he pushed in a second. There was a little pain at first, but it swiftly changed into pleasure. Heero seemed to know what he needed to do, and he did it with precision moves. No action was wasted.

Eventually those two fingers were scissoring inside me, stretching me further. I couldn't seem to keep my hips still. I wanted more of him inside me. Be it fingers, his mouth around my member, or his own swollen erection, I didn't care at the moment. My passionate cried were a testament to the fact. Yet Heero took his time. He worked in a third finger and then a forth. He made certain I was stretch as far as my body would allow and then he finally pulled away from my constantly leaking member and pulled his finger out.

"Hee-chan!" I cried out, feeling bereft of his touch. Yet I shouldn't have worried. He made quick work of slicking his own velvet steel member with the lubricant before settling himself between my legs. He brought my own legs up and wrapped them around his waist. I could feel the tip of his penis at my entrance, almost begging to be allowed in. His still lube slicked hand grasped my cock and began to stroke it, even as Heero pushed himself fully inside of me. I couldn't help the cry that passed my lips, even as I tried biting my lower lip to silence any more. It hurt, but Heero seemed to sense that. He didn't move once he was fully seated inside of me. He merely panted and kissed my lower lip, urging me to let go of it. I did so and Heero licked at the teeth marks, even as two small tears welled up in my eyes and fell. Heero kissed them as well, concern in his eyes.

"Do you want me to pull out?" he asked softly. I shook my head.

"NO! No… Hee-chan I like you inside me. It just hurt briefly, that's all. Just give me a moment and I'll be fine, I promise." Heero stared at me with those piercing blue eyes. I couldn't help the smile that came to my lips. He was so serious, even in these matters, and I loved him all the more for it. Once I was certain there was no pain, his hand stroking my member causing pleasure to zip through my bloodstream and remove any pain I might have felt, I nodded, kissing his lips softly. "Move, Hee-chan," I told him.

He kissed me once more, this one deep and passionate, even as he began to move inside me. This time, there was no pain. There was only pleasure. It was blindingly hot and seemed to cross even nerve ending I had and make me whimper and cry out in bliss. He moved inside my passage with slow, certain movements. Once he was certain that I was not crying out in pain, he began to move faster and harder. It was wonderful. His hand stroking my length while his rod seemed to pierce me deeply over and over again seemed to grant me unbelievable pleasure. Yet suddenly, I saw stars behind my eyes and I screamed out in pure bliss unlike anything else I had felt. I didn't know what Heero had hit, but he seemed to continue to hit it over and over again. I gasped and whimpered, panted and pleaded. Eventually, I could take no more. With one last cry of Heero's name, I came, spilling the rich, milky white seed over my stomach and his hand.

My inner walls seemed to spasm around Heero's length, making him gasp. His blue eyes widened, even though dark with passion and need, and he pumped into me three more times before I felt his cock begin to jerk inside me, spilling its own fluid deep inside my passage, coating it and marking me for all time as his. Oh, how I loved that sound. He gave a strangled cry of my name has he hit his orgasm and then fell on top of me.

I didn't mind at all. I held him to me, stroking my hands over his back. I let my legs drop from around him, letting him merely rest on top of me. I had to admit, while he was a bit heavy, it felt right. I wanted to always feel his weight above me, telling me that this was the end to an otherwise perfect evening. We were both breathing a little heavily, our soft pants filling the bedroom, echoing off the walls. Once Heero had the strength, he shifted, moving out of me and coming to rest beside me. He pulled me close, holding me tightly against him. I sighed, curling up against him. That had been so wonderful… so amazing. There really were no words to describe what he had just done. Honestly, I didn't want to think of any.

"I love you, Duo. With this, we consummate our marriage, even if only we ever acknowledge it." I felt tears of joy slip from my eyes and his words. I lifted my head and kissed his lips in a soft, sweet, breath-stealing kiss.

"I love you too, Heero. We are married now. In every sense of the word." He smiled at me then, one that always made my heart skip. I smiled back, snuggling against him. Before I seemed to fall asleep, I could swear I heard Heero mutter four simple words.

"About damn time, baka."