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Title: Moonlit Desires
Rating: R
Pairing: Seto/Isis, Seth/Aishisu
Spoilers: Besides your lunch? None, I think.Warnings: Slight OOC, AU, slight shonen-ai

Sorry the summary sucks -- I hope that this story is a whole lot better then the summary suggests. This is for both my cousin Minoko and my older sister Meghan, even though I know Meghan won't read it.


The smell of blood and sweat mingled together, the sent was enough to make the faintest of hearts nauseous. The sound of the whip against skin almost drowned out by the screams that pierced the night sky.

Aishisu, a once composed and proud woman had her head hung low. Tears flowed down her cheeks, she bit her lip awaiting the next lash. She screamed, feeling the leather come in contact with her skin. Pain laced her back, blood dripped onto the floor adding to the puddle below.

She closed her eyes upon hearing a cry of pain that did not belong to her. She would never see him again. No more secret meetings, hiding, lying and moments of passion. She would never hear him whisper into her ear, no more teasing lips or feather light touches.

None of that was supposed to happen. They weren't supposed to fall in love. She should have known this was going to happen. Even though she could foresee the future she never saw this or maybe she just didn't want to believe this was going to happen. That they could continue to live this wonderful lie.

"Seth...," she whispered. Aishisu's eyes stung, her throat was raw, it hurt to whisper his name. Her heart broke knowing that the man she loved was going through the same torture as her. A single tear slid down her cheek as blue eyes slipped shut and she whispered his name one last time before everything went completely numb.

Isis sat up in her bed, a cold sweat covered her body. Her hands instantly went to her back, no scratches but pain still lingered. The raven haired woman sighed lying back down on her bed, every night for the past month and a half she had been having the same dream - no not dream, she was sure they were visions of the past, something or someone was trying to tell her something. After a moment Isis sat up, swinging her legs over the side of her bed she slowly made her way to the bathroom.

Isis flipped on the lights, padding her way over to the sink, letting it fill up with water. Scooping some of the cool water out she splashed it onto her face, taking a towel Isis patted it dry. Every night those dreams seemed to be more realistic, more frightening then the last time. The pain she began to feel after a few weeks became more vivid. Each detail stood out, called out to her. Every night her dreams seemed to last longer, a little more of this memory as she believed it to be was revealed.

Laying back in her bed Isis looked at the clock and closed her eyes hoping to get some more sleep before the sun rose. Maybe for once this would be a peaceful slumber for her.


The next chapter should hopefully come out soon. I hoped that you liked it too.
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