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Chapter 8: Epilogue

A few months later

Yami leaned back against Seto's chest, sighing contentedly when the brunet wrapped his arms around Yami and held him tightly, propping his chin atop the smaller male's spiky head. The two were seated, once again, on the grassy lawn outside the Kaiba Manor, quietly observing the summer stars. Throughout the few months they had been dating this remained one of their favorite pastimes, most likely because it held pleasant memories for them both – and kissing under the stars was always romantic, though neither of them would admit that part aloud.

The crimson-eyed ex-Pharaoh snuggled a little closer to Seto, trying to soak up a bit of his warmth. Even during the middle of summer the night held a little chill, and the other's body heat was always welcome. Yami sighed happily once more. "You know, Malik and Bakura came by the shop again today," he remarked idly.

"Hn." Seto snorted. "Those idiots. I'm still reviewing my surveillance tapes when I have the time; though I can't figure out how they got in that night. They're not even on any of the tapes."

Yami rolled his eyes and cut off his dark-haired lover before he could begin another rant about the two psychopaths sneaking onto his property. "Jiichan was watching the counter, but I was there too. When I saw them come in I trailed them so I don't think they actually stole anything, though Bakura had the gall to look offended that I didn't trust him."

Seto laughed, causing an answering smile to break out on Yami's lips at the sound. "They actually bought something, too; another one of those Gravitation mangas," the spiky-haired teen added, and the brunet shook his head dismissively.

"Figures that they would read a shounen-ai manga. But didn't they already steal them all before?"

"No, I think they were missing one. But they bought it, anyway, and then they started talking to Jiichan. Malik was being his usual self and coming on to everyone – he called Jiichan a "virile old man," Yami groaned. "They managed to get on his good side with that comment; he started telling Yugi he ought to bring the two of them around more along with the rest of his friends, and not 'leave out those polite young men.'"

Seto muttered something under his breath, and Yami distinctly heard the word "senile," along with a few other choice phrases. He snickered and turned around to face Seto, giving the CEO a playful poke in the chest. "He asks about you, too, sometimes. Seems to think I made a good choice with you, though I have no idea why," Yami teased.

"Why wouldn't he? I am perfect in every way," Seto replied loftily.

"Of course you are, love," Yami assented, leaning forward to give the brunet a quick kiss on the lips, but Seto stopped him with a hand to his lips. He stared at the smaller male, his deep blue eyes piercing even in the darkness.

"You've never called me that before."

The wild-haired teen furrowed his brow. "Have I not? You don't like it?" He shrugged. "I guess I'll have to think of a good pet name for you then… What would you prefer? Blue Eyes? Pumpkin? Sugar Dumplin'?" Yami grinned wickedly and moved in for another kiss, but Seto stopped him once more.

"No… I mean… You've never called me love before."

"Oh… Oh." Yami's eyes widened as he stared at the other's unreadable expression. It grew very quiet.

"Did you mean it?" Seto finally asked after a few moments, an array of emotions whirling in his eyes, though Yami was sure he detected a tiny flicker of hope in their depths.

"Yes." Yami replied softly, lifting a slender hand to brush the chestnut bangs from the other's forehead, though they immediately fell back into place, thick hair shading the CEO's eyes once again. "I meant it."

Seto's gaze swept over the other's face, carefully taking in his expression, before a breathtaking smile stretched out across his cheeks, revealing even, white teeth. "So do I," he whispered. "Yami… so do I."

Their lips met in a sweet kiss, a soft kiss, chaste and simple yet bursting with unspoken emotion, and for a long moment they went no further than the gentle pressure of joined lips as they held each other in the moonlight, until Yami slowly pulled away, Seto's neck stretching with him as far as it would go in his reluctance to break the kiss. Yami smiled. "Seto, love," he murmured huskily, "have I ever pointed out the constellations to you?"

The brunet let out a frustrated whimper. "Yes. Dozens of times. Can't you forget about your little hobby for five minutes?" Seto whined. Then he paused. "Well, maybe about twenty minutes." He leaned forward to capture the other's lips in another kiss, but Yami stopped him with a hand to his lips.

"Are you sure you remember them? Maybe I should point them out one more time." The crimson-eyed teen shot the other a feral grin before pushing him onto his back, with surprisingly little resistance from Seto. His hands slid teasingly under the fabric of the brunet's shirt, lightly massaging the smooth skin underneath before tugging the garment from Seto's slim form. "I think I just might need to remind you," Yami whispered as he leaned over the other, and touched his lips to Seto's chest.

The CEO let out a hiss, his fingers tangling in the other's spiky hair as Yami's lips trailed lower, down to Seto's bellybutton – and stopped. "Jupiter is low on the horizon now," Yami breathed against the sensitive skin, causing a shiver to run through Seto's spine, and slowly, teasingly, Yami began kissing Seto's navel, his tongue swirling skillfully inside the deep indentation and his teeth nipping at the sensitive skin around it.

Seto let out a low moan and Yami paused, lifting his head to grin at the other. "Back in Egypt Jupiter was 'Horus who spans two worlds.' Fits me pretty well, don't you think?"

The brunet just stared back at him numbly.

"Hmm, you don't seem to be absorbing your lesson," Yami murmured. "I suppose I'll have to find a way to make you pay attention…" The crimson-eyed teen leaned over the other's stomach once more and teased Seto's navel with his tongue. Then he planted a series of kisses across the CEO's belly, drawing a wet line across his chest stretching from Seto's navel to his left nipple, taking the hardened pink nub in his mouth and teasing it with his tongue until Seto moaned. At the brunet's reaction Yami grinned and moved to the other nipple, sucking and swirling his tongue around it until the brunet arched his back and cried out, tangling his fingers in Yami's wild hair.

Yami sat up a bit and removed Seto's hands from his hair, placing them at the brunet's sides. "Uh-uh. Pay attention to your lesson, Seto," he chided, lowering himself back to Seto's chest and kissing his way to the other's bellybutton for a third time. "The Summer Triangle is high in the sky now. Right in the middle, you might say."

He slowly trailed his way back to Seto's right nipple, swirling his tongue once around the sensitive nub before speaking again, murmuring against his lover's chest. "Deneb. The tail of Cygnus, the swan, which stretches across the Milky Way about like this…" A smattering of soft kisses in the shape of a rough cross made their way across Seto's skin, lingering at a particularly ticklish spot at the base of the brunet's ribs until he was once again arching his back and moaning.


"Sorry, we're not done learning yet, Kaiba," the smaller male replied, smirking against Seto's stomach. He moved back to the left nipple and drew it roughly into his mouth, and Seto let out a low whimper.

"Don't stop…"

"Wasn't planning on it, love." Yami kissed the nipple lightly once more. "Vega. And this is Lyra, the harp." The wild-haired teen traced out a narrow trapezoid with the tip of his finger, following with a serious of butterfly kisses that had the brunet writhing impatiently underneath him.

"Did you like that, Seto?" the crimson-eyed teen whispered huskily, lifting himself enough so that he could see the other's dazed, flushed face.

Seto nodded, unable to voice a reply.

"Good. There's still one more constellation I need to point out." Yami rose and settled himself on the brunet's hips, ignoring the hardness he felt there as he smirked down at his dark-haired lover. He leaned forward and touched his lips lightly to Seto's in a gentle kiss. "The North Star," he whispered.

Yami started to pull away but Seto stretched his neck upward and captured his lips once more in a heated kiss, forcing his tongue into Yami's mouth where the taste of the CEO still lingered. He locked an arm around the smaller male's neck, holding him in place while he thoroughly ravaged the ex-Pharaoh's mouth, until Yami moaned in bliss and melted against him, sliding his palms along the heated skin of Seto's sides and tickling that sensitive spot underneath the brunet's ribs.

Eventually they parted, panting, and Seto let his arm slide from Yami's neck to rub slow circles along the smaller male's back as he rested against Seto's chest. "I wasn't finished, Kaiba," Yami muttered.

"I'd say you weren't," the brunet retorted, shifting purposefully beneath Yami's hip. Yami merely rolled his eyes and ignored him.

"Here, just above the North Star," the crimson-eyed teen paused to brush another tiny kiss atop Seto's lips, "is another constellation, winding through the sky…" Yami punctuated his words by a trail of tiny kisses stretching along Seto's cheek and down his neck, looping twice around the pulse point of his throat to end with three wet kisses forming a triangle in the hollow of his collarbone.

"This is the dragon," Yami whispered. "And it's my favorite constellation. Do you know why, Seto?"

Seto just shook his head numbly, his heart pounding furiously in his chest as all the blood in his body rushed straight to his groin. By this time he was very turned on, and Yami whispering to him in that sultry tone was doing nothing to help matters. The CEO didn't trust himself to speak without squeaking like a pubescent teen.

Yami raised himself to a seated position atop Seto's hips, his crimson gaze meeting the other's lustful blue eyes levelly. "Because of you. And not because of all that with you and Jiichan's Blue Eyes; it just reminded me of you, even before. Back in Egypt… in Egypt Thuban, the star that marks the dragon's tail, was the North Star. Draco wasn't even a constellation then. Those stars – and the Dipper stars, all the stars that go around the North Star and stay in the sky all night – were the Imperishable Ones; the gods. When I looked at them I thought about Egypt, my responsibilities to the gods… But then… then…"

Yami hesitated, taking a deep breath, and Seto's hand found its way to Yami's, twining their fingers together as a gesture of silent support. The spiky-haired teen smiled a little. "But then I ended up here, and everything was so different. The stars were almost the same, but sky had shifted… it was like the world had wobbled and never righted itself, and I didn't know how to look at it anymore."

"Actually, technically that's what happened. The Earth's axis wobbles…" Seto interrupted, but quickly shut up at the mild glare his smaller lover shot him.

"The stars were just an example. After I separated from Yugi I had to get used to living in a world completely different from the way things used to be, back in Egypt. And I knew how things worked, I wasn't completely lost; but I was still looking at everything from a skewed perspective compared to everyone else. But over time it got easier, and I got more comfortable with living here, now, and that's when I started thinking about the stars again.

"I learned their new names, the new patterns, the new stories… The stars weren't images of the gods anymore; they were different, just like the sky was tilted and I was poor while my priest's reincarnation was the wealthiest man in the country." He paused briefly to wink at Seto. "So… they made different pictures, and they meant different things, but the stars were still important to me. Especially these." Reaching out with one slender finger, Yami traced lightly traced the familiar winding pattern once again on the brunet's skin, this time on the soft expanse of his stomach.

"This was the first new constellation that actually meant something to me," the spiky-haired teen murmured. "The dragon… it made me think of you and your dragons, and for the first time when I looked at the sky at night I didn't see Egypt. I saw you. And it made me feel… It made me feel…"

Yami trailed off as his gaze returned to the brunet's face, the CEO staring at him in a mix of amazement and disbelief. "Seto?" Yami questioned, biting his lip. Did Seto think he was crazy now? The other had never tried to hide his disdain for Yami's memories of Egypt…

But Seto merely shook his chestnut head, a sarcastic smirk creeping across his features. "Why did it take us so long to get together? Here I find out you've been fantasizing about me every night for who knows how long and you never even mentioned it. We could have been screwing months ago if you hadn't been so stubborn."

Yami's mouth dropped open. "Screwing! Seto Kaiba that is the crudest thing I have ever heard! And it wasn't fantasizing, it was—"

Cutting off the other's indignant rant, Seto grabbed Yami's shoulders and flipped their bodies so that the smaller male was underneath him, Yami's legs wrapping instinctively around Seto's waist as the crimson-eyed male rolled onto his back. Seto ground his hips firmly into the other's, smirking when the action had Yami gasping in pleasure. The brunet lowered his mouth to Yami's, letting their tongues battle for a few seconds as his hand drifted to Yami's waistband before he broke the kiss.

"You certainly know a lot about the stars, don't you, Yami?" he murmured in the other's ear.

"I… Mmm…" Yami mumbled incoherently. The tables had been turned, and now the spiky-haired teen was the one unable to speak as Seto's hand slipped below his waist.

"The North Star's all well and good," the brunet continued, dropping one more tiny kiss on Yami's lips before moving to whisper huskily in the other's ear. "But I think it's time we headed south."

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