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PART FOUR: Swords R' Us

Satoshi opened the door to the store. The four walked inside and were instantly greeted by big bulky men. "Hey! We're having a special today. Buy two swords and you get the third half off!" "Damn straight homie!" Krad held out his hand to receive a high five. "Ain't no wiggers allowed in dis store!"

"I'm black! I'm black! I'm defiantly ain't white!" Krad screamed and that's when the angry mob began to form. "AHHH!" Krad ran down the aisles and soon the three lost sight of him. "Happy days are here again." Riku said and turned to the two boys. "Which aisle should we look through first?" "I vote the aisle which holds all magical swords which defeat great evil." Daisuke said and pointed to luck aisle 13! "That's my bunny." Satoshi smiled and patted Daisuke on the head.

"You shall die!" Daisuke instantly replied in the exorcist voice. Riku and Satoshi slowly began backing away from the red head. "Ok Daisuke calm down-Daisuke!" Riku screamed as she saw Daisuke jump on top of one of the employee's back.

Ritsuko held the key in her hands. "Yes, I am the leader of the world!" "Its ruler, hun. Not leader." Risa explained calmly from her position on the wall. "Whatever." Ritsuko replied and called out for her servant. "Takeshi!"

The boy ran inside the room. "Yes new master?" "Go find Krad, Daisuke, Satoshi, and Riku. Capture them and bring them to me." Takeshi bowed and replied, "As master commands."

"Find the sword yet?" Riku asked for the fifth time. "Nope." "No." Came the same replies. By this time Daisuke had calm down, yet the question still remains. What the hell made Daisuke act so out of character? "Duh! The Key of Insanity." Riku rolled her eyes at the narrator's sad attempt at a joke. Laugh people! The gods command it!

Anyway…All was calm until, "There's fuzz on my finger." Satoshi announced as he looked at the grey piece of lint. "Yea and your point is?" Riku snapped back. The future of the world was at stake and all Satoshi could think about was fuzz! "It won't come off!" Satoshi complained as he shook his finger.

Takeshi was walking through the city. He couldn't find the four anywhere! "Oh where oh where can my little dog be? Oh where oh where can he be?" Finally, a sign came to him. Really, it was just a bird crapping on his head, but still! "Swords R' Us!" Takeshi pointed across the street while wiping off the poopie.

15 minutes later…Satoshi was still shaking his finger. "It's stuck!" By this time Daisuke came to help him. The two could not get the damn fuzz off of Satoshi! "Never fear! Takeshi's here!" Takeshi ran into the aisle. "Oh god." Riku sighed and shook her head.

Suddenly the music of the sound system changed… "Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! I got fuzz on my finger and I don't know what to doooOOOooo!" Satoshi sang. "Damnit! Damnit! Damnit!" Takeshi sang back up and Daisuke continued the song. "Satoshi has fuzz on his finger and I can't seem to heellllppPP!" "Oh, he can't seem to heellllppPP!" Takeshi sang then Satoshi sang the last verse. "Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! My finger is red and hey! The fuzz is oooffffffff!" "Fuzz is off!" Daisuke and Takeshi sang together.

All the while Riku stood there watching and listening. Her mouth was opened by the middle of the song and at the end she mouths the words 'what the hell?'

Krad hid inside the staff room. "Man! White boys can jump!"

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