Destination to Begin

"Are you kids ready for the biggest most best vacation ever?" Maddie asked Jazz and I as we were packing our bags to go on vacation.

"It would help, if we knew where we were going," I pointed out, and for the first time, I was actually happy around Maddie and Jack, which made Mom happy.

"Danny, I have never seen you this happy in a long time," Maddie smiled, and patted my head softly.

"Yeah, I guess I am just excited to get away from this town," I told her truthfully, since I was ready for a break away from ghosts. A vacation would be enough to give me a long break from fighting ghosts every day, even though I was with my two best friends while doing so.

"No ghosts on this trip though, right?" I asked before I was totally sure of not having to deal with the stupid ghosts.

"Nope, your father and I are deciding to not even take any of the ghost stuff with us, we are going to act like a normal family, and just forget about that for a week."

I smiled, and then ran back up to my room, so I could make sure I had everything with me that I would need.

"Hurry up!" Jazz called up to me, and I really quickly grabbed the thermos, and shoved it in my bag, just in case. I ran down stairs, shutting lights off on my way, and all four of us piled into the Fenton RV. Jazz and I sat in the back seat, and we were still puzzled as to where we were going.

"Mom, could you tell us where we are going?" I asked, breaking the silence. Jazz continued to look out the window, like she did on every trip we went on, and I sat there waiting for a response.

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise!" I decided to not ask anymore, since she wasn't giving me an answer anyway. The car ride was boring, like usual. Every time we actually went somewhere, I was someplace far away, and it was boring, the whole way there.

"All right you two, we are about 10 minutes away!" Maddie said, after a four-hour car trip. I had fallen asleep for about an hour of the trip, and other than that, I was looking out the window, trying to find hints as to where we were going.

"Cover your eyes!" Maddie told us, but both of us just looked towards the front of the car, and did nothing.

"Oh, come on, just cover your eyes," she said again, and Jack pulled the car over, until we covered our eyes. We both hesitated, but did so, and I could feel the car start to move again. I was getting bored of holding my hands over my eyes, but soon the car stopped, and I knew I was going to find out where we were in a second.

"Ok guys, open your eyes!"

I opened my eyes, and what I saw revealed Cedar Point. I had never been here before, the most of a roller coaster I had seen, was just a few at the fairs that came to our town about once a year.

"Cool!" I burst out, before anyone could say anything else.

"I thought you would like it!" Maddie said cheerfully. Jazz just looked at the park, but said nothing. She was never really a big fan of roller coasters, and rides.

"Yeah, thanks," Jazz said, but I could tell she wasn't all that interested in the place, she just tried to sound happy.

"Yep, and the best part is, I am letting you two go together, and your father and I will go together, so you guys can get to the rides you want."

"I thought this was a family thing?"

"Yes, it is Danny, but not today. We are on vacation for a week, remember? Today, I am just going to let you do as you please, and tomorrow we will have some family time!"

"All right, sounds good to me! Thanks, love you." I said, before Jazz and I wandered off.

"So, what do you want to do Jazz?"

"I am not riding any rides Danny. I will just follow you."

"Oh, come on!" I had to convince her, because I was not going by myself, it was just weird to go by yourself.

"Fine, I will, but only because you want me to. Don't expect me to enjoy myself though. Roller coasters can actually lower your life span you know, and they can do damage to your brain."


"That is not cool Danny! That is bad!"

"Why do you believe that garbage anyway?"

"Because, it is true. You should be worried about it too."

"Are you kidding? A fourteen-year-old scared of loosing his amount of time on earth? To me, that is cool."

"It is not cool to be loosing your life! You should be lucky if you live a long life Danny."

"I know, I would like to live a long life and everything, but that is like 70 years from now that I should start worrying."

"Ok, which ride do you want to ride on first?" She asked me, changing the subject.

"I don't know. You choose."

"Danny, we don't have to ride rides either, we can just go swimming or something."
"Yeah, that is fine by me," I told her, although I would rather ride some of the rides, but if she wanted to swim, I would do so. We went to the changing rooms, so we could get into our bathing suits, but the rooms were closed up.

"What is this all about?"

"I have no idea," I replied, and I walked up to the person running the changing rooms.

"Why are these closed?"

"They are closing down the park, one of the roller coasters went off the tracks, we have a lot of stuff going on now."

"Wow, okay," I told them, and then ran over to Jazz, "They are closing the park."

"Yeah, I figured so, see," she said, pointing over to where the roller coaster had fallen, and there was people crowded all around it.

"Maybe we should find mom and dad."

"Yeah, that is a good idea Danny." She said, as she started walking beside me. We saw people running in the direction of the roller coaster, and there was a few people crying, obviously because someone they knew was on the roller coaster at the time. Other people were just there to look at what was going on, and be nosy. Jazz and I just passed it, and walked on.

"Do you think we should go up to the front, and have them ask for them on the loud speakers?" I suggested, after about 30 min. of walking around, and the place was starting to clear out now.

"Yeah, I guess we should. There is no telling where they are at."

Jazz and I walked up to the person at the front desk, and we told her their names, and then on the loudspeaker, it screeched out, "Will Maddie and Jack Fenton please report to the front desk, Maddie and Jack Fenton!"

Jazz and I just sat in some chairs in the little building, waiting for them to show up. It was half an hour, and the girl asked us," Are you sure they stayed in the park?"

"Yes, we are sure."

"Umm, maybe you should stay in the hotel over there for the night, we will give you a free room," she said with an uneasy voice.

"All right, thanks," Jazz replied, and she took ahold of my hand, and dragged me over to the other building. We got a room, and we went up to it right away. Once we got up there, Jazz closed, and locked the door, then she sat down on one of the two beds. That was all that was in the room, two beds, and a bathroom, nothing else.

"Danny, I think this is going to turn out bad," she said, as she led me to sit down next to her.

"What do you mean?" I asked, expecting something bad, but not to bad, like our parents might have gotten lost somewhere, or they might have just decided to leave us behind.

"Maybe… Maybe mom and dad where on that roller coaster. I am not saying it happened… but that might be what happened."

"No, I don't think so. They wouldn't have went there, and gotten on it that fast, would they of?"

"I would hope not, but you never know. They would have been looking for us too, and you know," she said, and she turned away because she was starting to cry.

"Jazz, I don't think that happened."
She didn't reply, she just tried to choke down the tears, and then she turned over to me with a normal looking face, and she put on a smile and said, "I hope so," and she ruffled my hair, and then walked over to the other bed.

"We had better get to sleep," she told me, as she laid down on her bed, and I did the same, but I couldn't fall asleep, and I don't think she could either. What if Jazz was right? She couldn't be. They wouldn't have even gone on a roller coaster, and I know it. But then again, that girl at the desk didn't seem to be too sure of things either. That is why she gave us free rooms, and she had an uneasy voice. I think that maybe she knew something bad had happened.

It was about 2:00 in the morning when I tried to stop thinking about that, and I just thought about Sam, and going back home with my family. When I thought of Sam, it made me happier, and I fell asleep after that. When I woke up in the morning, I woke up because Jazz was hovering over me.

"Danny, get up! They are taking the people from the accident, you know, the hurt ones, and they are going to allow people to come and look, to see if their family members are in it."

"Ok, but if mom and dad were in it, would I want to see them dead?"

"I can look if you want me to."

"Ok, can you please?"
"Yeah, you stay here, and I will be right back."

It seemed to take forever, and all I could do was just sit there, and wait for what was to happen next. If they were gone… what would happen to Jazz and I?

It took a long time of just sitting there waiting, but Jazz showed up, with her eyes stained with tears. I knew this had meant one thing, they were gone. I knew they had to be, because she couldn't say anything, when she tried to talk, the tears would catch up inside her, and it made it impossible to talk. I started to cry too, but it ended in about 20 minutes, when we took a long breath, and stopped ourselves.

Jazz took me out to the car, and she planned on driving us back home. She grabbed out her cell-phone, and she was calling one of her friends.

"Hey, you have time?" She asked, and then continued, "Well, my parents died, and I am on my way home… Yea, I am fine. I am not sure about my brother though… you think I could stay with you for a while? You know, until we find out where we are supposed to go when our parents have died," she paused, and then continued," Ok., thanks, and it will just be me. I will find another place for Danny." And she hung up.

"Danny, I am going to stay at Shelby's house, and I want you to call either Sam or Tucker, because you need a place to stay for a while too. I want you to be comfortable, so you can choose," she told me, as she handed me back the phone. My hands were shaking, thinking about what was going to happen to us. I dialed Sam's number, and put the phone up to my head, waiting for someone to answer.

"Hello?" A familiar voice asked, and I knew it was Sam.

"Hey Sam," I said, still thinking about what was going on. It was all happening so fast, and I didn't know what to think right now, and it was hard for me to concentrate.

"Are you Okay?" She asked me, and she had obviously noticed the sad, confused tone in my voice.

"No, my parents…" I couldn't get out the word dead. Not knowing if it was all real, and still not believing what had happened. Also, I didn't like saying that my parents were dead, because it was just weird. Also, I just didn't like thinking of them being dead.

"Yeah?" She asked me.

"Oh… they are gone."


"You know… they are… d…"

"Danny? What happened?" She asked me, and she obviously knew what I was trying to get out.

"I can't talk about it right now," I choked out.

"That is fine."

"Sam, I needed to ask you if I could stay at your house, you know, until I have to go with one of my relatives or something?"

"Yeah, that would be fine. My mom shouldn't care, I will ask her just to make sure though."

Sam left the phone behind, and I took a deep breath, and then she was back again, "They said it was fine. When are you going to be back?"

"In about three hours or so."

"Ok, I am sorry Danny. I will see you then, Ok?" She said in a calm voice, which made me feel better.

"Yeah, talk to you later."

OK, Hope u liked it! Story will get way more interesting later, I can never think of good beginnings, lol.