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Chapter 7: Darkness Falls

The whole city was shrouded in darkness. The once busy streets were silent, there was no sound of cars, and no lights on in the city at all. I could hear Sam and I breathing, trying to keep ourselves quiet but it was no use, not like as though we could hold our breath in.

"Whatever this is, it can't be good…" I said, and snuck over to the window to look out it. Nothing was moving, as though everything had stopped dead still where they were at. Only Sam and I seemed to be living.

""Danny, you think it's a ghost?"

I nodded, but I didn't know what. It was as though I had to get sent through hell on my last few days being away from Vlad's clutches. It wasn't Vlad, he had me now and he wasn't worried about it. The only one I could think of was Technus, since after all he seemed like the perfect one to want to take away power from the city. But I didn't think he would be able to make everything stop, as though everyone had died but Sam and me. That couldn't have been true though. Maybe everyone else was surprised by this odd change around the city so they all froze still? I doubted that, most likely one person out there would have panicked and screamed, but there wasn't.
"Come here," I told Sam and she walked across the floor, sort of slowly trying to avoid making any noise in all of this odd silence, but she soon got to me.

She came to my side and stared out the window with me, either speechless, or still wanting to stay in her silent state. I soon noticed the city was starting to freeze over, literally. The buildings all shone from the ice crystals on them.

I picked her up and went ghost, we couldn't stay here, something was going on. It wasn't the works of Vlad, maybe a new ghost? It had to have been, none I had met in the past could do that. We went out of the house and high up into the air where we could see the town, yet stay far away from it.

"Wait, I gotta go get Jazz," I said, I couldn't afford to loose someone else close to me, and I couldn't just leave her here when I could go save her and get out of here.

I flew to where she was staying, trying my hardest to avoid anything that didn't look safe, after all I needed to make sure I kept Sam safe as well as Jazz and I.

When I got to the house though, my ghost sense went off which sent one message, Jazz was in trouble. I set Sam down by the door, and ran inside the house, my heart was racing, I hoped she would be just fine and that I was on time for it.

When I got into the door I could hear faint crying, not my sister's, it must have been her friend, and I followed the sound. It led me towards the back of the house, where her room must have been. I saw the floor starting to freeze over, and was torn whether to go back and get Sam before it reached her, or continue onward and save Jazz, that was if she was even alive now.

"Shit," I said to myself and looked behind me, I could yell to Sam to run in this direction, "Sam! Get in here!" I called to her, but she was all ready right behind me in a second.

"I saw it coming," she explained, and I nodded. I took a hold of her hand and we walked towards the back of the house again, but I was moving much more quick this time. The crying had stopped, the ice had gotten to them, it had to of.

I began running instead but slid to a stop on the ice covering the floor, I hadn't been paying attention, and there was no way with me in all my clumsy glory, I could stay running on ice. We both slid and fell on our backs anyways, stopping that fast didn't help any. Sam stood up fast and let go of my hand, she must have seen what was ahead of us.

I stood up and followed her, but she froze still in the doorway, and I did the same once I reached where she was standing. Everything in the room was covered over with ice. Her friend was sitting in the corner, still in the position of crying with tears froze to the side of her face, and to the left of her was Jazz, a pool of blood lying beside her, a horror picture frozen.

"Danny…" Sam said grabbing my shoulders and turning me away from it.

"This can't be happening," I said to myself and forced her hands off of me and ran into the room, falling down by Jazz's side. My hand glew with my ecto-beam, trying to warm her up, and make the ice melt away. It slowly began falling apart as she thawed out. She was a goner anyway, ice or no ice, she had been dead before I had even arrived there.

"Danny, at least save her!" Sam yelled at me, standing next to her friend, and I turned away from her slowly, I felt like it was all my fault, and now I was abandoning her, but it was best to at least try and save her friend, she would have been proud of me for doing something like that.

I ran over to her friend and did the same thing I did to Jazz, except she started to come to life, whoever was doing this was only freezing over the top, not the inside as well. She started shaking at first, but then began looking at us both.

"Hang on," I told her, and looking in her closests, they were untouched by any ice at all. I grabbed out a spare blanket and laid it down over her, and she began wondering what had happened, but when she saw Jazz everything came back to her mind.

"Thank you so much," she said, she didn't know who we were, I would have though she would have at least recognized Sam, but she didn't, she must have been too confused by the rush of all the events that had fallen down around her, even though I should have been the one motionless by everything that had happened.

"Who did this?" I asked her, I wanted to know who had killed my sister, and I had a funny feeling now that Vlad was behind it. If he got rid of Jazz, it would be me alone with him, that way he could go on with whatever plans he had with me, with no one to help me escape it, or prevent any of it from happening in the first place.

"I don't know, I wasn't in here when it happened, I just heard a scream… then ran here, and that's what was left," she explained still shivering and a little nervous around her two person audience.

"All right," I said, I believed her, but wasn't going to wait around with her either to make sure she was going to be all right.

I picked up Sam again, and flew off through the top of the house. I went up as high as I could possibly go to try and see if I could spot any motion of a ghost. I wasn't going to be able to save everyone in the town, and that wasn't exactly my plans anyways, I was a little selfish in my downfalls. I had the worst week in my life, and in a way it felt good to know I wasn't the only one having a horrible time.

"What about everyone else?" Sam asked me, and I knew it was coming, Sam always had a notion towards saving people, even though she hated people. Well, she thought she hated people, she thought they all ruined her life, yet she always had this thing where she couldn't stand to know that someone out there was dying. Except of course Paulina, that was one person she was probably happy was an icicle right now.

"I'll never get to them all, and it wouldn't be fair to save some, and not all, right?"

"No, but it would be better to save as much as possible. Look around you Danny, this isn't a small little town. There's a ton of people here."

"Exactly my point Sam, I'll maybe save 5 if I'm lucky! Plus the people are all ready on their way to death, some of them probably all ready will be dead. I'll only feel stupider from saving dead people."

"I'm not going to be able to change your mind, am I?"

"No, you're not. I need to kill him before he goes out and destroys another town like this, ok? Plus, I bet he didn't even freeze everyone inside the buildings, he only freezes over the top."

"Oh yeah, the closet wasn't frozen on the inside, was it?"

"Nope. See, everyone will be ok."

"All right, if you insist."

"I do," I said, then felt something cold hitting me, and knew right away I was being attacked. I fell to the ground pulling Sam with me, who was also getting froze over, and before I knew it I was covered in ice. It all shattered when I hit the ground though, but now I was freezing, and could hardly stand up. The impact from the ground wasn't helping me in one little way either. I turned around, and saw who it was finally, no one I knew. He was fairly small, about as big as me, it was amazing that he was able to do all the damage he had accomplished. His hair stood up straight in spikes, a bluish color. His skin was a bright blue color, and his eyes were icy looking, he had a smirk on his face. The clothes he wore were black baggy pants and a tight sky blue shirt. He looked around our age as well.

"Hello Danny, I've been waiting to fight you for a LONG time," he told me, coming down to the ground to meet up with me. I backed up a little as he moved closer, I didn't know how strong he was.

"Nice girlfriend, I've always liked her," he smiled, he was trying to get to me, he had to have been.

"Leave her alone," I said, and I turned to look back at Sam, who was also shivering. She knew why I looked back, and she backed off.

"No, why don't you come closer Sam," she said, making a motion with his hand for her to come closer, but she refused to obey him, and stood where she was at.

"Now, you don't want me to come get you, do ya?" He said to her, but she still remained where he was. He started off the ground and headed in her direction, and I shot up at him, causing him to fall back, but he made a quick recovery and flew fast, grabbing her up off the ground before I even knew what had happened to him, he was fast, faster than me, and from the looks of it stronger as well.

"Put her down," I yelled at him, and stuck my hand up to shoot, but he stuck Sam out in front of him.

"You wouldn't want to hit her, now would ya?"

I glared at him, and threw myself up into the air to meet up with him. Sam was pulling against him trying to hold onto her, but he was much stronger than her, much stronger than me even probably.

"My name is Elli," he told me, making the introduction long after I had even met him.

"Elli, you want to actually fight for real? Or are you so scared you have to use Sam as well?" I challenged him and he smiled, "All right, we will fight," he said, setting her back down on the ground gently, most of the other ones would have dropped her, did he really like her?

"How do you know about us?" I asked him before we started the battle, and he turned around to look at me.

"That's for me to know, and you to find out."

"Why did you kill my sister?"

"Save the questions for later, ok? Well, that is if you're even alive later," he said and threw a beam of ice at me. I jumped to the side and headed up into the sky, throwing a beam down at him, but he moved away quickly, and met up across from me.

"You have beaten a lot of strong ghosts Danny," he said to me, "But I'm not about to get beaten by an under trained half ghost like you."

"We'll see about that," I said. He sure liked to talk a lot, but I knew he wasn't like the others, he wasn't going to be an easy fight, he had determination, plus he had a trainer, Vlad. I knew it had to have been Vlad. Vlad had cameras everywhere watching me it seemed; he always had a close eye on my life. That would be the only way Elli knew about Sam, and knew where to find Jazz at.

He shot at me again, this time once again missing, but then he shot down towards the ground at Sam, and she managed to run out of the way of it.

"Leave her out of this," I told him, but he knew she was my biggest weakness, he knew that if he caught me off guard with her I wasn't going to be hard to beat. And he was right, because when I looked down to make sure she was all right he hit me in the back of the head with ice and I fell to the ground, hitting down hard into the cement.

"You do seem to be a little rusty. Family problems got you down?" he asked me, shooting at me once again while I was on the ground still trying to get up from the last hit. He hit me again, this time in the stomach, and I wasn't getting up so fast that time. A piece of the ice had managed to cut down inside of my skin, and it felt like a knife, but at least it was helping a little by numbing the pain afterwards.

"You want me to stop?" He asked me, noticing he had me down on the ground, and I was trying to pull the ice out of my stomach.

"No, I don't."

"Ahh, a little stubborn, huh? Well, I'm sure Sam wouldn't like for you to die, because that's where this battle is leading to."

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