By Henrika

Henrika-Yet another piece based off episode 25. Enjoy the melancholy. Oh, and all the pictures i describe with Hughes are real. Look for them on places like Full Metal Alchemist dot net. (Not actual address)

It was funny really, what changed or didn't change over the years. Roy sifted idly through the box of photographs sitting in front of him, his back resting against the couch and a glass of whiskey at his side. He sorted them into three piles; after-meeting Maes, after-meeting Riza, and after-meeting Ed. He picked up a photo from the after-Ed pile, a rare moment in which Full Metal had actually been smiling in his presence. (Although that could have been because Roy had nearly been shot by Hawkeye by making the mistake of talking about his miniskirt plan in front of her.)

He examined one from the after-Riza pile; a military ball they had went to together once. Officially, she had been his armed escort, but they had enjoyed the evening together without incident. She had worn a long, green dress, her hair partially drawn back and clipped up with a flower. He'd been forced to wear full-dress uniform and he could see the tiny smirk drawing on Riza's lips at his discomfort.

A Maes photo was a copy of the one he had framed on his desk, Hughes holding his cap up jauntily while he looked entirely too serious. Another photograph, this one from the earliest days of Ishbal. Maes had his gun over his shoulder and his arm slung over Roy's shoulder. Roy also had his arm around the other man, and he was smiling like an idiot, his eyes closed in relief about something; he didn't remember what. Maes had always teased him about his babyish features, which had eventually sharpened into the distinguished looks that drove women, especially Havoc's girlfriends, wild.

But looking through the stack of photographs, he realized that Hughes had never really changed. It seemed he had always had the thin beard, the square glasses, the cheery smile, and the ever-present photograph of either Gracia or Elysia. And now, Roy reflected sadly, he never would. Maes Hughes would remain the same as the images frozen in these photographs.

Memories didn't change after all.

Henrika- Short, but sweet. I think so anyways. Hope you enjoyed.