I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did

By Black Hayate

YAY! Another horror story! We are very excited…right? Oh well. Anyways, I remember hearing about this movie from my mom, so I decided to make a fanfiction about it! If you are very similar to my friend Star (aka Kaila), which means you like Starfire a lot, support Rob/Star and Rae/BB, and are a somewhat fan of the "damsel in distress" style (well, this isn't necessary, but it helps), you will really like this story! …and you had probably lost sight of the actual question by that point…ANYWAY! Here we go!

It was a regular Friday evening for the titans; getting home from school, doing their homework, and maybe playing a few hours of videogames.

The titans sat around their kitchen table, quietly thinking. It was so quiet that you could hear the pencils on the paper (which was very unusual). Robin sat on one end of the table-couch. Next to him was Starfire, then Raven, then Beast Boy, and then Cyborg.

"Guys, how do you do number 15?" Robin asked, looking up from his math homework to ask his teammates for help. The rest of the titans were all doing their math homework too (they did the same homework assignments at the same time).

"Dude, that's easy!" Beast Boy replied, putting his pencil down and grabbing Robin's paper. "You just—um…never mind," he said sheepishly, handing the paper back to Robin.

"Sorry, Beast Boy, but you're in Algebra II still. This is Calculus homework," Robin said.

"Yeah, don't get ahead of yourself," Raven muttered. Beast Boy pouted.

"Give it to me, Robin, I'll help," Cyborg said. Robin got up and walked over to the half robot. Cyborg glanced at it and pointed out what Robin needed to do while Beast Boy watched in utter perplexity.

"Great, Cy! Thanks," Robin thanked the half robot, sitting back down.

"How do you do that!" Beast Boy wailed.

"Simple, you just—"

"NO! You'll confuse me even more!"

"Raven, how do you solve the problem of number 15?" Starfire asked, oblivious to the previous conversation.

"Ask Robin, he just got help," Raven replied, not looking up. Starfire scooted over closer to Robin and asked him the same question.

"Robin, how do you solve the problem of number 15?"

Robin looked at her paper and began to write on it. When he was done, he handed Starfire her paper with a small smile.

"Oh! I understand now! Thank you, Robin!" Starfire giggled, returning to her seat.

"No problem Star."

Beast Boy snickered. Robin jerked his head around to glare at him.

"Don't you have to finish your homework, Beast Boy?" Robin asked. Sadly, Beast Boy didn't get the message.

"I finished."

"That's great. Why don't you order us dinner, then?"

"OK then!" Beast Boy said, turning into a squirrel to run under the table and past Cyborg to get to the phone.

"Oh, no you don't you little green elf!" Cyborg called, slamming down his pencil (almost breaking it in half) and running after him.

While the two boys wheezed and tugged in their fight over the phone, the other three titans continued to do their schoolwork.

"Done!" Robin suddenly said, putting his pencil down hard with a sense of completion.

"I am also done!" Starfire announced, placing her pencil down carefully and putting her math sheet away.

"Ditto," Raven commented, putting her things away also.

"Wow, I can't believe we finished all of our assignments in three hours," Robin remarked, looking at the clock. In a few moments, the said clock came crashing down on Beast Boy's head.


Cyborg took this opportunity to grab the phone and dial the number of the Jump City Pizza place. Beast Boy was still conked out on the floor.

"Hello, Jump City Pizza," drawled a bored voice on the other end.

"Hi, I'd like to order three large pepperoni pizzas with black olives and extra cheese," Cyborg said quickly, watching the changeling carefully.

"Anything else?"

At this point, a small green hand yanked the phone away from Cyborg. "Yeah, get another large vegetarian pizza and deliver it to Titans Tower."

"Your order will be there in about fifteen minutes. Good-bye."

"Well, at least we won't have to listen to them argue," Robin commented with a hint of hope in his voice.




"WHY, YOU…!"

"Oh dear," Raven mumbled.

"I'll go start up the Game Cube…" Robin sighed, the optimism disappearing completely.

While Robin plugged in the game controllers and inserted a video game, Starfire attempted to console her feuding friends. She had gone so far as to hold them apart with her alien strength.

"Please, friends, you must not fight! The pizza will be here shortly and…" But she was barely audible above the yelling titans' voices and was soon thrust backwards as the two broke out of her grasp and lunged at each other. They were two inches away when they both stopped in mid-air, their bodies and mouths encased in black energy.

"That's ENOUGH!" Raven commanded in a stern voice. It wasn't a yell, but it had a sufficient amount of command to make the boys gulp. Even Robin was a bit afraid.

"Mmmph!" Beast Boy tried to say, but the black energy stopped him. Raven gave him a warning look and released him. Then she turned to Cyborg.


Cyborg remained silent.

"I guess I'll just have to leave you up there, then…"

Raven pretended to turn around and leave, but the squirming and muffled noises that came from Cyborg convinced her to let him go.

"So…how long until the pizza gets here?" Robin asked. No sooner had he finished saying the last word when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire yelled at the same time. Raven stopped the boys with her powers again.

"Starfire will get it."

"Thank you, Raven." Starfire thanked the Goth, and went through the doors.

"Whew…we nearly had another fight there," Robin remarked, taking his place at the table. Raven also sat down at the table where she had just been 20 minutes before, and Cyborg and Beast Boy followed suit.

A minute later, Starfire came back through the doors…or rather, four gigantic pizza boxes with feet entered. Despite her lack of sight, she managed to get to the table without injuring herself or the pizzas.

"Here are the pizzas, friends! Enjoy!" she said, ooching around Robin so she could sit down.

Beast Boy took the top box and opened it, while Cyborg took the next. They both looked at their box's contents and muttered, "Ugh…" while they quickly switched boxes. Starfire giggled and Robin laughed while he opened the next box and took out two slices for him and Starfire. Raven reached for the last box and took out her own slice.

An hour later, all the pizza boxes lay empty on the table.

"Can't…eat…any…more…pizza…" Beast Boy groaned. Raven rolled her eyes.

"We should get to bed, you know," Robin commented, eyeing the clock on the floor (no one had bothered to put it back and, surprisingly, it was still ticking). It read 7:30 PM.

"C'mon, man, it's still early!" Cyborg complained. "Plus, tomorrow's Saturday!"

"Yeah, I suppose," Robin replied.

"I challenge you to a game of Super Smash Brothers Melee, Robin!"

"You're on!"

"I think I'll sit this one out," Raven said. On rare occasions, she played this game, if she felt like teaching them a lesson. "I'm going to go meditate for a while…"

"I'm going to my room," Beast Boy announced. He had a master plan to have fun with his evening. Starfire watched him curiously as he left the room. (A/N: No, not Star/BB, you sickos!)

Beast Boy entered his cluttered room and kicked his clothes out of the way, clearing a path to his desk. His computer was dusty, probably outmoded, he thought (he hadn't updated the software since he got it…speaking of which, what was software?). His lamp was scorching hot from it being on so long. Beast Boy sat down on his creaky old chair and shoved papers and other objects out of the way.

"Aha!" he cried, spotting the phone cord. He moved the rest of his crap (or at least that's what Raven called it) out of the way and picked up the phone. He dialed a random number and waited for an answer.

"Hi, this is Kaila," a girl's voice replied. (A/N: Yes, K, I mean you!)

"Hello, this the National Chinese Tourist Office. We call for delivering brochures," Beast Boy said in what seemed to him like a "Chinese accent."

"Uh…excuse me? I don't think we called for brochures," Kaila said.

"We get call from this number," Beast Boy continued, putting his feet up on the desk.

"WE DIDN'T CALL AND THAT'S FINAL, YOU WEIRDO!" yelled the girl from the other end, followed by a loud click.

"OK…that was a dud," Beast Boy said, listening to the dial tone. He placed the receiver in his lap and was about to call another number when his door opened. "WHA…! Oh, Starfire!" Beast Boy sighed in relief as he picked himself up off the floor.

"Forgive me, but I was just wondering what you were doing," Starfire said.

"Oh, well, I was prank calling," Beast Boy replied, placing his up-ended chair in its proper position.

"Please, tell me. What is this 'prank calling' you speak of?" Starfire asked curiously.

"Well, it's when you call a random number and say funny stuff to annoy people," Beast Boy explained.

"You call numbers that you do not know?" Starfire asked, still unsure of the whole purpose.

"Yeah. Here, I'll show you."

Beast Boy switched the phone to speakerphone and dialed another number.

"Hello?" another girl's voice answered. Beast Boy decided to do the same joke to show Starfire.

"This is the National Chinese Tourist Office, who I ask is speaking?"

Starfire watched in fascination.


"Ah, Claire. Well, we send you brochures of China—"

Before he could continue, the girl began to speak rapidly in Chinese. Beast Boy's eyes bugged and he quickly hung up. Then he turned to Starfire.

"Well, that one didn't go so well, but you get the idea," he said, shrugging.

Starfire giggled. "May I try?"

"Uh…sure?" Beast Boy answered, a bit taken aback. Starfire squealed in delight and began to push buttons on the phone. She waited patiently while the phone rang.

"I suggest you start with the basics…" Beast Boy said, and quickly whispered to her. Starfire nodded her agreement.

"Hello?" a young man's voice answered this time. He sounded about 20 or so.

"I know who you are and I saw what you did," Starfire recited, in an extremely convincing voice. Beast Boy gave her a thumbs-up, as they were still on speakerphone.

There was a silence on the other end. Then the same voice spoke to them in a much more sinister manner. "You what!"

"You heard her!" Beast Boy said jokingly.

"All right, you kids, I don't know how you know me, but here's the deal…" the voice hissed. Starfire's grin began to fade. "You don't tell anyone about this, or I'll come and do the same to you! Just remember the look on that girl's face during her last moments! I will find you, mark my words! And if you do tell anyone, they'll be on my list, too!"

Starfire gasped. Beast Boy was a shaken, but he didn't say anything. He only reached for the receiver and ended the phone call. Starfire looked at him fearfully and whispered, "That man…is he going to kill us?"

Cliffy! I will have the second chapter up very soon! Cross my heart, hope to die!