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At Break, Raven and Beast Boy sat by their spot, "The Table." Raven was nervously biting her lower lip, while Beast Boy watched her anxiously.

"Rae, calm down, please—"

"Beast Boy, I don't think you grasp the danger of this situation you've put us all in."

The changeling sighed. He knew exactly what he had done, and he had the scars to prove it. "Look, Rae…I'm sorry."

Raven looked at him with an expression that struck home. "I know, Garfield, but that's not enough."

The bell rang, which was a relief for Beast Boy because he had been speechless. Robin was the first to approach them, book bag slung lazily over his shoulder.

"Whew, I had to sit through the longest lecture ever…"

He stopped when he caught sight of their faces. He frowned seriously at Raven, still chewing her lip.


She stopped and looked at him, then at Beast Boy. He avoided her gaze.

"Richard, about what happened last weekend…Garfield told me that he and Kori prank called someone Friday night. They think it was a serial killer…"

Robin dropped his bag. It landed with a hard thud.


"You heard me. Do I need to say it again?"

Robin looked at Beast Boy in utter disbelief. "You called a serial killer?"

At first, Beast Boy did not answer. Then he replied, "Yes."

Robin started to get angry again. "You jeopardized yours and Star's life for your stupid pranks?"

Beast Boy retaliated. "I'm sorry! How would I have known?"

"I've told you countless times not to mess with the phone! And I warned you that your pranks could really get us in trouble one day—"

"Shut up!"

"You shut up!"


The boys immediately stopped yelling and stared at Raven.

"First of all, Robin, you're still in a mood from when Star was injured. Don't take it out on him. And second, he honestly did not know who he was calling. I don't think he deserves this kind of verbal abuse."

Robin glared at her. "Oh, yeah? So tell me, Raven, since when have you said that about yourself when you insult him and accuse him like he is the scum of the earth?"

Beast Boy was startled that Robin had dared to say that. He could already sense Raven's emotions collapsing inside. A small, but noticeable tear ran down her cheek.

"Rae, it's OK…I don't mind…" he whispered.

"No, Garfield, just…leave me alone."

In the blink of an eye, Raven had phased through the ground and was gone. Since she was in the corner of the cafeteria, no one had noticed the dark pool of energy consume Raven.

Beast Boy whipped around to face Robin in a rage, but he saw Starfire and Cyborg coming up behind him. Starfire ran up to them when she had seen the look in Beast Boy's eyes.

"Richard, Garfield, whatever is wrong?" she demanded.

"Yeah, what's the matter with you two? And where's Rae?" Cyborg asked.

"She's gone, thanks to genius here," Beast Boy hissed.

"What the hell?" Robin shouted back.

"Friends, please!" Starfire intervened.

"Yeah, c'mon. It's not really what I wanna spend my day with," Cyborg added.

"Fine…Kori, I just wanted you to know that I told Rae," Beast Boy told her, ignoring Robin for the moment.

Starfire looked a little relieved. "That is good, Garfield, for I have told Vic as well."

"Oh, so why am I the last to know?" Robin asked.

Starfire looked sadly at him. Then she quickly looked down at her feet. "I…I did not want to put you in harm's way, friend Richard."

Robin was surprised. As Starfire's best friend (or at least that's what he thought they were), he thought she could tell him anything.


"Oh, Kori, I'm such a loser…why am I even talking to such a pretty girl like you when I have absolutely NO chance with you?"

Robin and Starfire wheeled around to find Red standing behind them, talking in a mocking voice.

"What's your problem?" Robin asked.

"Oh, I've just come to inform you misfits that the school dance is tonight," Red sneered. "Because, being such outcasts, you wouldn't know."

"It's tonight? No way!" Cyborg cried. Beast Boy shot him a strange look.

"Yeah, and you'd better hurry and ask someone, before I do. Or are you chicken?"

"Shut the hell up, jerk."

"Fine, then, I'll go away…" Red drawled as he started to walk away. Then he suddenly stopped and turned. "Oh, and it's an open dance, so anyone you invite can come. I'll be taking advantage of that, so there'll be someone I'd like you to meet…later on, losers."

"God, I hate that guy," Robin murmured, as soon as Red was out of earshot.

"Aw, man! I don't have a date…" Cyborg moaned, ignoring everyone else and their problems.

"I wonder whom it is he is inviting…" Starfire asked herself.

"Who cares?" Beast Boy answered, shrugging.

"Oh, um…Kori? There was something I wanted to ask you…" Robin began, a blush slowly reddening his face.

"Yes?" she answered, Cyborg and Beast Boy sniggering behind her.

"Um…eh…will you…that is, uh—"

A loud ring interrupted him, along with the crowds of students rushing past them to the next class.

"Oh, I must depart, Richard, but please ask after class!"

Silently, Robin cursed to himself. Starfire's next class was with Red, and he would most likely get to her before he did.

Beast Boy sat anxiously in his next class. What was it now…? B? C? He didn't remember. His mind was too preoccupied with Raven. Her seat next to him was empty, and even after class had ended she had not shown up.

"Rae, where are you?" Beast Boy thought hopelessly, as he tried to copy down notes in his H period class.

When lunchtime rolled around, he was extremely worried. He quickly walked down the halls until he reached Ms. Morrison's office and poked his head in.

"Um, excuse me? Have you seen Raven?"

"I'm sorry, Gar, I haven't seen her. Why, is something wrong?"

Beast Boy looked down at the tacky purple carpeting. "…No, just wondering. Thanks."

Lazily walking back to the table, stomach aching with hunger and worry, Beast Boy inwardly apologized to Raven. "Rae…I'm sorry. If only I had known…I wouldn't have had to put you through all of that."

And, in the dark, abandoned school infirmary, Raven heard him.

As the bell signaled to the students that it was time to eat, Starfire packed her books quickly, determined to avoid Red. Unfortunately, the students shoved and crowded her out, all in a rush to get out the door first. She had no choice but to wait for them to move as Red sauntered up to her.

"Hey, Kori. You got a date for the dance?"

Starfire moved away from him when she felt his arm around her shoulders. "Ah…"

"Oh, that's a shame. I thought for sure you'd already had one. You're such a pretty girl…" Red shook his head in mock disappointment. Starfire took this opportunity to try to escape out of the now clear doorway.

"Kori, I wasn't done talking, you know," Red called out, pulling her back to him by the waist. Kori felt uncomfortable.

"Could you please let go of me?"

"Just one thing…will you go to the dance with me, Kori?"

Starfire froze. "I-I'm sorry?"

"Please? I'm much more exciting than that stupid Richard. He hasn't even asked you yet, has he?"

Starfire suddenly realized that she was disappointed that Robin hadn't asked her. She hadn't given it any thought until now, and she discovered that she had secretly wanted him to ask her.

Red sensed this, and so he said to her, "Look, Kori, how about you stay after school and come to the dance with me?"

Starfire did not answer.

"Well, I'll meet you by the gym at 7, OK? Just tell Richard that you've already got a date, and that he doesn't have to worry about you."

With that, Red left the classroom, leaving Starfire confused and ashamed.

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