Darth Vader raced on board a speeder through the thick Nubian forest. His orders were clear. Capture and kill Commander Padme Amidala, leader of the rebels on the planet of Naboo. She had been able to throttle many of the Emperors plan to expand his power through out the Galaxy. The Emperor foresaw that her very existence and continued opposition to his forces would one day destroy his Empire. He sent out his apprentice, Darth Vader, to put an end to Amidala and the rebel leaders who followed her once and for all.

Vader had managed to infiltrate the planet and discover the whereabouts of the Commander quite easily. He was strong when it came to manipulating the Force to his will. Acting alone, without the assistance of the Emperors troops and only the Force to guide, helped him much more quickly in his present task at hand.

As he searched for Commander Padme, his investigation led him to a thick forest on the outskirts of the capital city of Naboo. Unfortunately, the forest was filled with rebel troops that detected him as soon as he infiltrated the forest. Several speeders raced after him. Vader was confident enough in his skills to elude them. He was certain now that he would be able to destroy the rebel base easily and with it Commander Padme.

As the speeders raced behind Vader, he easily dispatched several of them, sending them crashing through the forest. Several times the speeders came close to him, but he sliced at them with his light saber. None were able to stop him. He sensed that he was nearing his target. As he raced through the tangle of trees and brushes, rebels from around the forest sprang out and began to shoot at him. He sensed the danger and kept racing past them, sending several rebels crashing against trees by the use of the force. As he concentrated his energies on eluding personal harm to himself, he did not see a lone rebel soldier spring up in his path with a weapon in hand until it was too late. As he prepared to dispose of the soldier, something about the lone figure caught his eye. In that instant, something occurred to Vader that had never happened before of all his years of training as the Emperors apprentice. It only took a moment, a hesitation on his part, and he lost control. The soldier aimed and fired, hitting the speeder. Vaders body was hurled through the air and banged through several branches before he collided on the ground. The force if the impact knocked him unconscious, causing him to black out.

Padme looked over the prisoner that the rebels had captured. Blood tickled down from a wound on his head. By the look of his dark clothing and the ranking upon one arm, Padme was able to decipher that he held great rank among the Emperors troops.

"M'lady," one of the soldiers said, taking hold of their prisoner's weapon. "He seems to have no other weapon than this." He handed over the weapon to her and Padme gasped.

"It's a JedI weapon.," she told them. "A light saber. There's only one person in the Emperors service who is known to carry such a weapon."

Although Padme considered the rebels she served with one of the bravest troops she's ever known, several backed away from the unconscious figure that lay before them. She didn't blame them for backing away. She herself was weary. Darth Vader was said to be one of the most evil beings in the Galaxy, blindly following the Emperors commands. He was his number one assassin who dispatched people without a second thought, never questioning his orders.

"Is this really Darth Vader?" she wondered. Padme took a second look at him. He was younger than she thought him to be. Darth Vader didn't appear to be at all menacing, save for the light red scar he had running down the side of his left eye. Dressed all in black, he appeared almost regal. Padme surmised that he must not be older than twenty five and was quite shocked that someone so young could have become the scourge of every home world in the Galaxy. Some said that he may be far more powerful than the Emperor himself. Padme scoffed. She was now sure that many reports of the dreaded Darth Vader were false or misconstrued. He may be evil, but no one, she was sure, was all powerful. Soon, the Emperor himself would topple down.

Leader of the rebel forces in Naboo, Padme Amidala looked around the troops that stood around, waiting for her orders. They were on the outskirts of the capital, deep inside the forests that lead to the habitat of the Gun Guns, an aquatic race of beings that shared the planet with the human beings of Naboo.

"Take him to the medic techs. Make sure to call Master Yoda and have them secure our prisoner. He may be unconscious, be he can still pose a threat."

As their prisoner was quickly carried away, Captain Typho proceeded to report the capture of the enemy.

"We lost more than ten men just chasing him down this forest, M'lady," Captain Typho informed. "Our speeders were not that quick and he seemed to have uncanny abilities to predict our next moves. Still, for someone who seems to be allusive and all powerful, you were able to stop him."

"I'm not sure if it was my quick aim that actually stopped him, Captain," Padme said, remembering Vader's reaction to her. "He seemed surprised to see me. He was so intent on what he was doing, but when he saw me, one of many rebels in the forest, he hesitated. He could of easily killed me, but he didn't."

"The Emperor must have sent him to destroy us all," Captain Typho said, a bit of unease in his voice.

"He's desperate," Padme said, thinking quickly. "We've been able to make a significant dent in the Emperors power. He knows that he can't keep up the fight with so many worlds breaking away from his Empire. He must have sent Vader as a last desperate attempt to stop us."

"Not us, m'lady," Captain Typho said. "I think he sent Vader out for you."

"What do you mean, Captain?" Padme asked.

"You were able to come up with several military strategies that stopped the Emperors troops dead on their path," the Captain said. "Thanks to you, we've been able to make other alliances and gather forces strong enough to stand up to the Emperor. Even the JedI have hope because of you."

"That only reaffirms my suspicions that the Emperor's power is dwindling," Padme said.

"This worries me m'lady," the Captain said, his eyes scanning the forest nervously. "We must see to your safety first. He might sent others after you."

"But first," Padme said, looking after the path that the rebels took Vader, "we must see what our prisoner has to say. We might be able to gather information from him through the JedI we have."