He Who Dwells in Darkness part 2

By William Gilmor

Jenny, Giles, Willow, the Summers Family and Xander's parents all showed up to see Xander. Jenny was the first to his room and she and Dawn stopped dead and froze in the doorway at the sight before them. The pair could not hide the lust and surprise in their eyes as the watched Xander quietly sway in time to an unheard rhythm his body hidden underneath his shirt had Harden thanks to Soldier and the Hyena using their powers to work his body out while he slept. The rest of the Scoobies rushed into Jenny and Dawn as they drooled over Xander's new body.

"Come on in Guys I have something to Tell you" smirked Xander as he turned to face the group Jenny and Dawn trying to hide their blushing face.

"Guys what I am about to tell you will change things for us and I want you to be the first to know what's going on. You seeā€¦"

He froze as he caught a whiff of Harmony's scent outside the door.

Xander smiled as he heard her waiting in the alcove hiding from the Scoobies and his Family.

"You see that Brownstone Dad's company has been renovating is mine I bought it at a tax auction and it was set up for me by the law firm of the trucking company that was involved in my accident so it didn't cost me much. So after the release me tomorrow I'm gonna be moving in there so I'm not a burden on you guys."

Xander could felt the sadness from his mother he could hear her soft sobs as absorbed what her son was saying. She and her husband Tony had sobered up over the past few days as they were forced to by Xander not being there to feed them clean them and help them live. The sad fact was without their son both of them would've long since been dead and it scared them to death as they saw how far they had fallen. And now he was moving out for good and they had to deal with the hell they made.

Part of her was grateful Xander being away from her and her husband. The other part was scared shitless over the fact that she and her husband were sober and on their own.

"No your not!" Roared Tony Harris only to have his rant cut short as his wife slammed a bedpan in his face.

"Shut up you old Drunk our son is an amazing person and I'm glad he will be getting away from us. He it too good a person to be involved with us." Shouted Mrs. Harris as she shoved her husband in to the hall.

"Xander I love you son I'm sorry I didn't show it as often as I should go and don't look back my boy."

With that Mrs. Harris walked out of the room still wielding the bedpan as she chased her husband down the hall.

Xander smiled at what his mother said then when he realized what she hit his Father with and he busted out laughing.

"Xan why are you laughing?" asked a concerned Willow.

"Because Wills I'm guessing the mom smacked dad with the bedpan on the trolley in the corner."

"Yeah so what Xan?" asked Dawn upset that she was missing out on the joke.

"It wasn't empty guys." Smirked Xander.

What Xander was saying clicked for the Scoobies and they all started laughing at his Father's misfortune.

The Scoobies sat and talk for a few minutes more before having to head off for the school before patrol. Xander smiled as he hear Harmony still outside.

"Harmony you can in now." Xander smiled

Harmony walked in smiling that Xander knew she was there and didn't tell the others.

"Harmony I know you are feeling scared and alone now but trust me your not alone." Xander sat on the bed and pulled a key from his pocket.

Harmony sat next to him and snuggled in close. Xander snaked his arm around Harmony and hugged her. Xander opened her hand and put the key in it then closed her hand around it.

"Harmony this is a key to my Brownstone. If you ever need a friend a place to stay or even somewhere to go to get away for a while use it I trust you with it."

Xander could hear Harmony's heart racing as she clutched the key as if it were a lifeline and she were drowning

"Xan I don't know what to say how can you trust me with this?"

"I trust you with this because I know you're a good person Harmony. You just need someone to trust you and believe in you and I do I want you to know that."

Harmony reached up and kissed Xander lightly on the lips as in that moment she felt loved for the first time in her life truly loved. Xander smiled as he ran his hand over her face.

"If you want to stay here tonight Harmony you want." Smiled Xander

Harmony was near tears as she leaned against Xander and together they laid back. Together they drifted to sleep.

As the pair slept the night nurse walked in smiled and flipped of the light and sigh "Young Love" as she head off to make her rounds.

The Next Morning as the sun was rising Xander awoke a whispered My Lord Xander turned to the door and asked. "Can I help you Giles?"

Giles was bug eyed as Xander gently extracted himself from Harmony's arms and got out of the bed before pulling the blanket back over the sleep blonde.

Xander walked over to Giles and faced him.

"Xander what is going on here?" Whispered Giles.

"Rupert Harmony is in the middle of a serious life crisis."

Giles was shocked at what Xander had said as well as the face he used his proper name.

"What do you mean son?"

"Well when I saved her life she couldn't understand why I did it. According to her world view I should've let her die and danced on her grave."

"What?" whispered the shocked Brit.

Xander nodded. "Yeah it seems her whole life she has been a sheep because she was afraid of being alone. She became a stereotypical blond cheerleader because she thought she was suppose to so she would be popular and have friends. I think I'm the first real friend she has ever had."

Xander walked over to the bed and stroked Harmony's cheek as she sleep a smile formed on her face as he did.

"I'm gonna get some tea for a few minutes Xan why don't you wake her for school."

Xan nodded as Giles left.

Xander leaned down and kissed Harmony's cheek. "Hey beautiful it's time to wake up." Xander smiled

Harmony slowly awoke to Xander pressing his lips to her cheek and Harmony felt happy safe and warm inside. A collection of feelings she only got after waking after spending the night in Xander's arms.

"Good morning Xan" Harmony whispered as she saw his face when he woke up.

"Sleep good Harmony?" asked Xander as she gave her a small smile that as of late had been reserved for her alone.

"Yes." She whispered as she looked at his face and felt even though he couldn't really see her Xander saw threw to her soul and saw who she really was. It was a feeling that thrilled and scared her so.

"I know you have to got to school now Harmony but I want to ask will you have dinner with me tonight?"

Harmony let loose with a thousand watt grin.

"Why Xan are you asking me on a date?"

"Yes I am I Xander Harris am asking Ms. Harmony Kendal on a date."

Harmony giggled and said. "Then it would be a pleasure to be your date for the evening Mr. Harris."

Xander took her hand and kissed it and asked her to come to his house tonight for dinner.

Harmony smiled as she got up to head for school

"Goodbye Xan see you tonight at 7." Whispered Harmony as she headed for the door.

"See you tonight beautiful." Xander smiled

Harmony stopped as she reached the door did an about face walked right up to Xander and planted a kiss on him but good driving Xander back on to his bed.

"You better believe it Mr. Harris." Giggled Harmony as she left the room.

"Woof." Groaned Xander as regained the breath Harmony took.

"You and Harmony Xander?" came Giles voice as he reentered the room with a large smirk on his face and tea in hand.

"She is really a nice girl Giles." Laughed Xander as he reclined in bed waiting for the doctor to give him a once over so he could leave. "A really nice girl." He whispered to himself as he replayed the kiss in his mind.

Xander sat in Giles car as he was driven to his brownstone still smiling from his thoughts of Harmony.

Xander turned to Giles and asked? "Did you tell the girls about my date tonight G-man?

"No Xander I did not and would not call me that."

"I try Giles and about Harmony she is just at a bad point in her life so I don't want to spook her so I am taking things nice and slow."

"Very commendable son just be careful you don't get hurt. I want you to know that we are all there for you just have to say something Xander."

"I know Giles but you have to understand I am so accepting of this is because I always knew something would happen to me one day. I lost my sight fine but someone else would've lost their life if I didn't do what I do my sight of some else's life I call that a rational transaction."

Giles smiled at Xander he had started thinking of the Scoobies as his own children and he fell a great joy that his son had become the kind of person who would give anything to save a life and he was never more proud of Xander then he was in that moment.

As the reached the brown stone Xander could hear all the Scoobies chatting as the pulled up Xander's door was opened by Joyce who smiled at him and helped him out of the car, "Welcome home Xander." Joyce greeted him as she pulled him into a hug.

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