Chapter one: Random Nonsense
Summary: Through chance, InuYasha and the gang are now caretakers of three unique toddlers. A thoughtful one, one with anger issues, and one hyperactive one…did I mention their hanyous too?
I...own...INUYASHA! WOOHOO :mental asylum people: "THERE SHE IS! GRAB HER!" :runs away:
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Chapter One- Daddy?
"Can we PLEASE take a rest?" Kagome wheezed as the group continued traveling in their
seemingly never ending quest for the sacred jewel shards.

"No! (A/N I ain't very comfortable with putting swears in my story but if they weren't their they kinda ruin the character so I compromise!) We took a rest a few hours ago! We have to keep searching for the Shikon No Tama before Naraku completes the Jewel!" Inuyasha scowled back at the wearied Kagome, who in return, pouted with her arms crossed in front of her and continued to glare at the hanyou with a look that said "either-we-stop-or-I-sit-your-sorry-(a--)-so-far-in-the-earth-that-you'll-pop-out-on-the-other-side-of-the-world." Which, in return, InuYasha shuttered, then continued walking…albeit a little faster than usual to escape Kagome's evil glare of doom.

"Calm down Inuyasha, I think a rest would do us all some good" Miroku said as snuck up next to Sango "besides it's not like Naraku is going to find the rest of the Jewel and finish it just because we took a small break."



"What was that for?" Miroku whined as he rubbed his, now quite red, cheek.

"I told you not to touch me there!" Sango screeched at the monk, as he put on an "what-did-I-do?" look on his face.

"Oh boy, here we go again." muttered Shippo from his rather comfy (and safe) perch on Kagome's shoulder.

:Sigh: "Maybe we SHOULD keep walking" Kagome muttered to herself as she continued on with her long upward climb.


"Are you sure we should just leave him to the wrath of Sango?" Shippo asked as he peeked at the near daily scene from Kagome's shoulder.

"The monk keeps asking for it." Inuyasha replied as he turned around and joined Kagome, who had been further up ahead.

"Besides, I think maybe that's Sango's way of showing affection." Kagome stated as she picked up her pace in order to catch up to InuYasha who had taken the lead.

Shippo glanced back at the form of the unconscious monk in the road. :Gulp: "If THAT'S how Sango shows affection I REALLY wouldn't want to get on her bad side!" As he stole a quick glance at the giant boomerang the demon exterminator always carried with her.

"Can we GO already!" came an exasperated cry from the hanyou up front.

"Yeah, yeah we're coming." Kagome caught up to him after having to go back and help put the unconscious monk on Kilala's back. "We couldn't just leave him behind you know!"

"..." Inuyasha thought of the journey without the lecherous monk's company…hmm…it would be quieter…and they wouldn't have to get chased out of town by the men of the village…again…and again…and again…the many different possibilities were running through his mind until a voice cut through his musings and promptly stopped them…

"Inuyasha SIT!"

:Crash: Inuyasha met his good friend, the dirt, once again.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR!" rose the muffled cry from the crater in the middle of the road.

"I know what you were thinking about.." Kagome warned then with a "huff" picked up her bag and marched ahead, leaving poor InuYasha in his new hole.


So the group continued on with their journeys. Shippo snacking on some sweets Kagome had brought, Inuyasha yelling impatiently at everyone to hurry up, Kagome telling Shippo stories about the future (all the while ignoring the impatient hanyou) , Sango staying as far away from Miroku as possible (not that that's new) , and Miroku...well he's still unconscious (but Sango still kept her distance because as she would say, "You never know with that lecher, he could be pretending."). Things were fairly quiet for a while until Kagome stopped suddenly and stared straight ahead.

"What is it? Do you sense a jewel shard!" Inuyasha asked almost desperately.

"What makes you say that?" Kagome demanded, now fixing her gaze on the dog demon.

"Well...every time you sense a Jewel shard you get this weird look in your eyes like, well I dunno, your possessed or something."

…wrong thing to say…

…oh so wrong thing to say…

…like so wrong you couldn't get much wronger to say…

"WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!" screamed the angry teenager, any thoughts of the jewel shard now completely gone from her mind.

Now you think InuYasha would have the sense to notice "oh she's angry better play it safe." But alas…our beloved hanyou is very…


"Well your eyes kind of glaze over and unfocused and just look weird."

Kagome took a deep breath.

It then (finally) clicks in our poor hanyou's head that a pissed off Kagome also is a "sit"-happy Kagome.

"Oh s---, Kagome I didn't me-" InuYasha tried to apologize as fast as he could before the inevitable came.


…Why hello dirt…how have YOU been recently? Me? Oh, I've been so-so…right now I'm just wondering if my spine is in place that's all…nothing unusual.

After saying a few...choice words... Inuyasha was able to stumble out of the pit he had created and get back to what was really important.

"So what did you sense Lady Kagome?" Miroku (who had woken up a while ago, but seeing as how Sango wasn't going to be coming near him any time soon even if he tried the "pretend-to-be-knocked-out" trick, gave up on that and "woke up") asked Kagome. "Did you sense a sacred jewel shard?"
End chapter

Authors Note: Yes…I started my story over…that's the reason there have been no updates…I've been going over all the chapters and trying to fix them up and actually throwing a bit of a plot in. So yeah, that's my pathetic excuse…that and homework sucks…so do parents…yeah, life in general…
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