Alright, alright, I know. Why in the seven blazing hells have I not updated in forever?

Lack of interest.

Life in general.

And a general decrease in the anime fandom.

Those are just a few of the reasons. I don't really watch anime anymore (even though for some reason I still absolutely adore InuYasha and Ouran, how odd) and I simply don't have the time. I do still love this story though and would like to eventually see it to completion.

But after going back and re-reading the story, I am almost embarassed at how horribly it is written. Honestly, it is terrible.

So this entire story is getting a massive face-lift. I'm going to be fixing plot-holes, gramatical errors, removing several author's notes that are not needed and that simply interfere with the story, and hopefully improve the whole thing in general.

So here is how I plan on going about this. I'm going to leave this story up, but if you check my profile, you'll notice I'll be re-posting this story there, one chapter at a time as I get them re-vamped. That way you can notice the difference as I continue, and because I don't have all the original documents on my computer anymore, I'm keeping this story up for reference. Chapter one is already up and finished and vastly improved (if I do say so myself).

I'm also thinking of starting a collection of one-shots centering around everyday scenes with the toddlers during their travels with Yasuo, the InuYasha gang, and other friends they meet along the way. I think this will give me a chance to tell these interesting little tid-bits without bogging the story down completely, and maybe also help with writer's block that I tend to suffer from frequently. But that is still in construction, no stories written for it yet.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me this long and putting up with my hectic updating schedule.

Please check my profile for the re-written version of Half-Demon Toddlers! And remember, reviews feed the creative mind and let's me know how you all feel about my story and if I should continue!

Finally, I felt really bad for being gone so long and then coming back with an Author's Note, so here is a little tidbit of a scene I had floating on my computer for later on in the story. Once I catch up on the re-written version and delete this one, this one-shot will be posted in the other collection I mentioned earlier, but until then, enjoy and review!

"Who's that really fat man?" Krystal asked Miroku from her perch atop InuYasha's shoulders, pointing to a rather large statue in front of the temple.

"That my dear, " Miroku began "is Buddha. And if you rub his belly, you get good luck!" He walked up to the statue and patted the bulging belly for emphasis. Krystal watched for a moment before her face broke out in a huge grin as she realized something.

"So when Uncle Moku rubs Sango's bum, he just wants good luck!" InuYasha outright snorted as Sango's face paled.

"Why yes my dear." Miroku answered, taking it all into stride. He scooted closer to Sango. "When Uncle Moku lovingly rubs Ms. Sango's luscious bottom, he is hoping for some very good luck."

Amazingly, Sango managed to pale even more before screaming "PERVERT!" and slapping him so hard he slammed into the Buddha statue.

"But Sango, my dearest, I only wanted good luck!" Miroku cried out.

Random silently stared at the statue, ignoring the shouts of "Hentai!" and "But Sango!" and the rest of the group's laughter behind her. Finally she pointed up at the statue.

"It looks like he's rubbing his own belly."

"Can he do that?" Shippo asked, curiously glancing over from the top of Kagome's bag. "That sounds kinda like cheating."

"So he rubs his own belly for good luck too!" Krystal cheered, throwing her hands in the air. Of course doing so caused her to fall off InuYasha's shoulders. Using his demon speed though, InuYasha was able to quickly grab her before she hit the ground.

"You know the world sucks when Buddha's gotta wub his own belly." Tsoki snickered.

See you around! =)