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It was just another day in school. The teachers kept droning on about subjects few were interested in, the students wanted to get out of class, and one particular student was zoning out whenever he could. It was Algebra class, one of the dullest, most boring classes he was taking this year. Fortunately, he had a seat near the windows and could look out them without it looking like he was. At the moment, he was zoned out, thinking about his yami and how in almost every duel, he was risked. But, as we all know, teachers have little patience for students who weren't paying attention.

"And so," The teacher concluded, "the most important thing to remember is…Mister Bakura!" Ryou Bakura's eyes refocused on school, and the angry teacher towering above him.

'He never calls me Mister Bakura unless I'm in deep trouble!' Ryou thought, slightly panicked. He didn't know what they were even talking about! Suddenly, a brilliant, if not CRAZY, idea formed in his head. 'If he wants to call me Mister Bakura, he'll have to deal with Mister Bakura!' He forced his voice down an octave and suppressed his accent, added a scowl to his eyes and wished he had some way to lightly spike his hair.

"The most important thing to remember is after you seal your hikari and his little friends in their favourite cards, don't play your hikari's card unless he's well trained!" Everyone in class looked at Ryou like he was insane.

"Mister Bakura, don't sass me!" The teacher said, trying to show that he knew what his student was talking about when he was just as confused as the class.

Ryou chucked. It was almost eerie how much it sounded like Bakura's laugh! "I'm not sassing you, mortal," Ryou chided, "I'm sassing my hikari's will to help his pathetic friends!"

Yugi barely understood what was going on. Ryou was…pretending to be his yami? 'Why?' He wondered, 'Why is Ryou doing this? Hmm…that gives me an idea of my own!' Yugi reached up, scraped some hair-gel from his overly-gelled hair, and forced some of his yellow bangs up to imitate Yami's hair. He rubbed his eyes to make them match, to some extent, like Yami's eye colour. He too darkened his voice, stood up, and walked over to the teacher and Ryou. "Allow me to handle this, sir." Yugi said, in a very good imitation of his yami, to the teacher.

"What is-" The teacher started, but Yugi cut him off.

"TOMB ROBBER! You will pay for this! Now, we must duel in the Shadow Realm with our hikari's souls and our very heavy millennium items at stake!" Yugi exclaimed.

"Fine, but let's raise the stakes even HIGHER!" Ryou shouted, mimicking Bakura.

"What did you have in mind?"

"The loser, in addition to losing their hikari's soul and their millennium item, must also…do my laundry for a week!"

"…Don't you mean the other's laundry?"

"Drats! You foiled my plan! Oh well, doing the other's laundry will do."

Ryou leapt up, they both shouted, "LET'S DUEL!" then raced out the door and turned the corner, leaving them out of sight if you opened the door. They then stopped and began laughing hysterically.

Anzu jumped up about a minute after the two crazed hikaris ran out, and began ranting. "COME ON JOUNOCHI! HONDA! We must go and cheer for our friend who is really being controlled by his yami who isn't even alive! And even though it'll be a shadow duel and we won't be able to see, contact, or hear them, we can still save his butt by trusting in him and listening to my friendship speeches!"

Jounochi and Honda, who in the world of dub are Joey and Tristan, bounded up from their chairs and the three of them ran from the room, getting pulled to the wall by Yugi and Ryou, who were still laughing.

Malik stood up and said, "I MUST DEFEND THE PHARAOH WHO I WANTED TO KILL BUT I NOW WORSHIP FROM THE TOMB ROBBER WHO I TEAMED UP WITH TO KILL SAID PHARAOH I WORSHIP!" He then ran after the friendship group and the mimicking hikaris.

Someone was watching as the six made their excuses and left. Said someone felt inspiration and wrote everything that had just happened down on his note-taking paper. He then wrote down something that didn't happen following Malik's exit. His own exit. He mentally laughed and was pleased that the pharaoh wouldn't be in the room to hear this. He stood up, cleared his throat, and declared, "I must leave too, for if the pharaoh loses to the one he called the tomb robber, I will never fulfill my destiny to beat him. Of course, that doesn't matter because every time someone mentions destiny, I scoff and/or laugh at said person." Seto then walked out the door, leaving everyone laughing at how serious that was.

Seto stopped walking after seeing Yugi, Ryou, Jounochi, Honda, Anzu, and Malik leaning on the wall, laughing their heads off. Seto stopped to stare at them for a moment, but was swept up in the crowds as the end of class bell rang and students raced out of their classrooms. The five who left stopped laughing as the bell which told students to get to their next class sounded out above all other noises.

The next class was Language Arts, and the five, as well as their classmates, filed into the room.

"Now," the teacher said, "I would like to say before this class starts, that if anyone wishes to make up an excuse to get out of class, please use an insane one. If you need help, ask the 'Tomb Robber' and the 'Pharaoh', who will be in detention after school today."

Ryou and Yugi smirked lightly and both thought, 'Hey, yami, I'm sorry you've got detention today.'

'WHAT!' yelled both yamis mentally.

Yugi and Ryou laughed lightly.

"What's so funny about run-on sentences, Ryou? Yugi?" The teacher questioned.

The two hikaris shared glances and Yugi stated, "It was all the tomb robber's fault!"

"WAS NOT!" Ryou yelled, mocking his yami's voice.

"Care to duel and prove it?"

"You're on!"

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