Yawi: WHAT IS THIS! ((points to story underneath))
Hikari: Umm…Yami Imitations and Other Ways to Get Out of Class's sequel?
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It was just another day in detention. The afternoon sun shone in through the windows brightly enough to make all students in the room wonder why they acted up as they did, the birds chirped loud enough to make everyone scream for an end, and two very annoyed yamis sat in the back glaring at each other and mouthing words. And surprisingly, none of them were threats. Their hikaris had walked them into the classroom used for detention and then abandoned them, so all they mouthed were angry words at their lights. Although it may not seem so, they understood what the other was 'saying' perfectly. For, you see, they were secretly master lip-readers.

"This is your fault entirely!" Bakura mouthed.

"It's not mine, it's Ryou's!" Yami mouthed back.

"That doesn't help us get out of here!" Bakura added a glare to his newly-mouthed words.

"Oh yeah? So what if I knew a way to get us out of detention?" Yami smirked after mouthing.

Bakura stood up, slammed his hands on the desk, and mouthed, "Tell me!"

"Ryou! Don't bang on the desks!" The teacher watching the detainees, ironically the Language Arts teacher.

"Follow my lead." Yami whispered softly enough so the teacher didn't hear him, but everyone else did. He reached up, pulled some hair-gel from his hair, and smoothed down the yellow streaks to mimic Yugi's style, used some of the Millennium Puzzle's power to turn his eyes purple and, as he walked up to the teacher, hoped Bakura guessed what he was planning.

"Yugi," The teacher scolded, "This is detention. Now, sit down before I-"

"You didn't give me detention, Ms. Calamari." Yami interrupted, lowering his voice to sound like Yugi's, "You gave it to the spirit of the Puzzle, who really was a great Pharaoh, but now duels everyone who strangely have connections to his past. But no one remembers him after they duel. Not even he remembers him!"

Bakura did guess what he had planned after he heard Yami's light voice and prepared for his role by rubbing his hair to flatten the spikes, trying to look as innocent as possible, and did his best attempt at the English accent given to Ryou in the dub. "Yugi, not everyone forgets him." Bakura said in a voice which was eerily close to Ryou's own.

Yami looked back at Bakura, smiling slightly at seeing Bakura working with him instead of against him for once. "Really, Ryou? Who?"

"The spirit of the Ring remembers him, although that may not be a good thing, and I certainly remember him. He saved my life by forcing you not to attack me like I asked after the Ring spirit sealed us all in our favourite cards. I think he may hold a grudge over that, though." Bakura leapt out from behind his desk, turned to the other four, and with all the great respect and dignity of a thief…stuck his tongue out at them. He then turned to face Yami and said with a smile, "Come along now, Yugi. Let's get out of here. I'm sure Ms. Calamari doesn't want a Shadow Duel in detention, now does she?" And before another word could be said, thought, or shouted, the two yamis raced out the door to stand and wait for Yugi's friends and Malik.

Ms. Calamari was shocked. No one had ever in the history of the school had gotten out of detention.

"Come on guys," Jounochi, renamed Joey by the dubbers, exclaimed, "Let's go follow Yugi and cheer him on in a duel we just know he'll get into or face the wrath of a terrible day involving actual plot!" Honda, dubbed Tristan, and Anzu, who I forgot to point out last time is Tea without a dub name, stood up and simply walked out of the room, waiting outside with the yamis.

Malik, our last little prisoner of detention, smirked, stood up, and proclaimed, "NOW I MUST LEAVE TOO! FOR IT IS USELESS FOR ME NOT TO! AND IF I STAY, I'LL GET REALLY MAD, AND GO ALL PYSCHO ON EVERYONE, AND SEND THE WINGED DRAGON OF RA TO FEAST UPON YOUR SOUL!" And with a mad gleam in his eye once seen in the eyes of his dark personality, he dashed to the teacher, giggled incredibly insanely in her face, and marched, yes, marched, from the room.

"TIME!" Malik yelled. The last member of our little group, Seto, pushed a button on his stop watch.

"Three minutes and forty-seven point two seconds exactly. Nice time, but it'll need work." Seto lectured.

"Well, Rich Boy, add in your own bribe-your-way-out party and see how long it took!" Bakura snapped, all thoughts of being Ryou faded.

"I bribed out before you six got into the room. Therefore, excluding me from the time-restraint." Seto retaliated.

Anzu, Honda, and Jounochi started to argue with Seto, wanting his bribing to be added to the time. But the Millennium Item holders had other plans.

"Wanna grab a burger?" And so, Bakura, Yami, and Malik, along with Yugi and Ryou, walked out of school to get a bite to eat, leaving the four fighting friends for straggling teachers to punish. Gee, what nice people, aren't they!

"We still never got to duel, Pharaoh!"

"I'm Yugi, not Yami, Bakura."

"Oh yeah, like that's going to work, Yugi!"

"Here they go again!"

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