I do not in any way own any of the characters from American Outlaws. The only person I own is Chloe Younger. This is my first American Outlaw story so bare with me! PLEASE LEAVE REVIEWS!

"Damn!" Chloe Younger yelled throwing down the hammer and sucking on her thumb that she had smashed to pieces. "Good job there Chloe…" Jesse said laughing. "Shut up Jesse James, no one asked for your opinion," she said smiling and throwing the bent nail at Jesse. "You know I'm clumsy Jesse, why'd you got me doing this job?" she asked putting another nail in the hole. "Well, your too small for handling wagon wheels…well your just too small for a lot of things…" he said laughing. She rolled her eyes and went back to hammering. "Not too small for Comanche Tom…" Cole said throwing down some wood beside the wagon. Chloe shot Cole a fierce look while they both laughed. "Shut up Cole Younger!" Chloe said throwing another bent nail at him. "I've seemed to hit a sore spot!" Cole said ducking from the nail. Jesse and Cole continued to laugh at her surprised yet embarrassed look. She dropped the hammer on Cole's toe and jumped off the wagon stomping in the house. Cole jumped around cursing at Chloe. "You know, you didn't have to go embarrass her Cole." Jesse said picking up the hammer and throwing in the wagon. "What else can I do, be nice to her?" he asked smirking. "Maybe…" Jesse said looking at the cloud of dust formed by Chloe stomping inside.

"That Cole Younger is going to end up in a lot of trouble when I'm through with him." Chloe said scrubbing clothes. "You scrub them any harder and there wont be any clothes left." Zerelda James said smiling at Chloe's frustration. Chloe pulled the clothes away form her and lied them down gently. "Sorry…" she said grinning. "Don't worry about it. There are some days when I'm ready to kill that husband of mine, but I can't live without him." She said smiling out the window at her sweaty husband. "Your so lucky." Chloe said folding dry clothes. "Your time will come. Someday." She said smiling again. "But I want it to be today! Right now! I want to be able to look out the same window, smiling at my true love." She said sitting down and wiping her brow. "Be patient Chloe Younger. If you rush you'll end up falling on your face. I know." She said giving her a motherly tone. Chloe rolled her eyes and sighed. "Who are you thinking about?" Zee asked grinning. "How do you know I'm thinking about someone?" Chloe asked. "The look in your eye. Believe me, my daddy used to see the same thing before me and Jesse were married." She said scrubbing more clothes. Chloe giggled and said in a low tone. "Don't say nothing to the boys cause I already got it bad from them and don't laugh but…" she stopped. "We're acting like we are school girls about to share gossip." Zee said giggling. Chloe rolled her eyes once more and said in a lower tone. "Tom…" Zee sat down and started giggling holding her apron to her mouth. "I told you not to laugh Zee Mimms James!" Chloe cried throwing a dishtowel at her. "I'm sorry Chloe…" she said controlling her laughter. Chloe sat down and grinned. "It is kind of silly huh?" she asked looking outside. "No, not at all, it's just…" she stopped short, holding her stomach. "Zee? You alright?"

Zee didn't say anything but ran out the back door. "Zee?" Chloe asked running after her. She saw Zee bent over beside the water bucket, vomiting. "Zee, what's the matter?" Chloe asked touching her back. Zee stood straight up smiling. "Nothing…just the heat. It happened yesterday too. I just need to sit down for a minute." She walked in the house with her hand still over her mouth. Chloe looked at Zee's back and walked after her, closing the door. "Are you sure it's the heat?" she asked. "No, I'm not Chloe. I don't know what it is." She said looking out the window again.