A Clash of Races

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Side note: I'm doing Bulma's friend's descriptions in this chapter because there are less of them than there are saiya-jins that I'm adding to this story. There will be Vegeta's dad, his mom, Radditz, Nappa, Turles, Goku, Bardock.. and I might add more original characters. Bulma and Vegeta's descriptions will be in the next chapter, as well.

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Neko-sei. It was one of the most powerful planets in the universe. The warriors had a thirst for bloodshed and when wronged, a thirst for vengeance. It was no wonder that they were in alliance with one of the other leading planets, Vegeta-sei. The neko-jins and the saiya-jins had been allied for at least ten years. The heirs to the throne on each planet had something in common. Their parents had turned them over to the ruthless Lord Frieza at the age of five. Another thing they had in common was that they both had a best friend back home waiting for the day when either one of them would destroy the terrible tyrant.

Vegeta-sei. It was another one of the most well known planets in the universe. The warriors also had a thirst for blood. They sent their infants to other planets to purge when they grew older. It was the life of the saiya-jin. Unfortunately, both planets had agreed to become aligned with Ice-sei. Nobody dared to turn their backs on the Ice-jins. They were the most ruthless and heartless warriors in the universe. Their planet was the leading planet. Lord Frieza, the Prince of Ice-sei, had asked the two planets for the Prince and Princess at the age of five. The prince of Vegeta-sei had been on Frieza's base a year before the Princess of Neko-sei.

By now, he was twenty one and she was twenty. They had worked for Frieza for nearly sixteen years and neither one of them had ever seen the other. The lizard Prince had managed to keep them apart for that long. He was afraid of what would happen if they ever did meet. Since their planets were in alliance with one another, they could team up and try to destroy him. Although, he doubted that they'd get very far. Keeping them away from one another was just a precaution that he took.

Both the Prince and the Princess were used to do to Frieza's dirty work. Since they were both so loyal to him, he was going to give them a little time on their home planets. They would have three months as a reward for their service. If they decided to run away, their planets, including them, would be destroyed. He would make sure that they understood this. Frieza turned to his assistant, Zarbon, and ordered him to call in Prince Vegeta first.

Within a few moments the Prince of Saiya-jins walked into the room and bowed to the Prince of Ice-jins. This made the tyrant smirk. Getting back to the matter at hand, he spoke, "I bet you're wondering why I called you here, monkey." He chuckled when the saiya-jin nodded his head and continued on, "I've decided to give you a reward for all your hard work. You get a three month break to Vegeta-sei. If you decide to run instead of come back to me, I will destroy your home planet. Do I make myself clear?"

"Sire," the handsome Vegeta said in response. He'd been addressing Frieza with that title ever since he was brought on the ship at the age of five. It was a habit too old to break now.

Frieza dismissed him and called upon Zarbon to bring in the Princess of Neko-jins. Bulma had always been one of his favorite workers. Ever since she turned sixteen and had become a woman. He'd once tried to force her to be a concubine but she had killed every single one of his men that had ever tried to sleep with her. She'd received a harsh beating for that. The lizard Prince had lost some of his best warriors because of her.

It was amazing that her face held the same emotionless mask that Vegeta had come in with just moments before. It seemed they were both well trained in keeping their emotions out of their expressions. He cleared his throat and prepared to give her the same speech that he had just given the arrogant Prince. "Let me guess, the Princess wants to know why she's been called here. Is that right, my little tigress?"

She hissed and growled at the pet name he'd given her but kept calm. It was no good to get angry with him and risk getting another beating. Whatever he had to tell her must've been important. Usually, he would send Zarbon to her with a message.

He chuckled at her temper and continued, "I'm giving you a reward, Princess. You get a three month break to Neko-sei. It's a reward for all your hard work. While you're there, it may be a possibility for you to learn to control your tongue. You should be slightly more obedient like the monkey Prince."

Her eyes lit up at the thought of being able to go home but when she heard his nasty remark, she couldn't help but jump on the chance to bite back. "Well forgive me for refusing to kiss your ass."

Frieza laughed and answered, "The monkey questions me but not as much as you do. Perhaps you like it when I beat you? See, I don't have to beat him because he knows his place. The quicker you learn that, the longer you'll live. That brings me to my next point. If you try and escape me when it's time to come back to work, I will destroy your planet. Got it?"

Bulma tried not to let the concern and worry plague her but she gulped and nodded her head in response to Frieza. She knew when he wasn't kidding. He dismissed her shortly afterwards and ordered his crew to prepare their ships home. The problem with the Princess was that her anger and sharp tongue were quick to rule her actions and often resulted in harsh punishment. One of the many reasons why she hated working for Lord Frieza. Maybe he was right, maybe it would be better for her to act like this Saiya-jin Prince that she'd heard so much about.

It would each take them a week's time to get back home. While Vegeta was void of emotions, the neko-jin couldn't contain her excitement. She'd get to see her best friends, again! The Princess hadn't seen them in fifteen years. First there was the bold Chichi, the cowardly Mala, and her fearless royal advisor, Makaze. She'd missed them all, dearly. The only one she'd had a chance to talk to in the past fifteen years was Makaze. It was her responsibility to keep in touch with her royal advisor.

The neko-jins were a very beautiful race of people. She did not know of a single one that was not gifted with beauty. Although, being the Princess, she thought of herself as the most enchanting one on the planet. Bulma had to admit that her friends did come in at a close second. Chichi was one of her best friends and a royal guard. The woman had long jet black tresses that cascaded to the small of her back. A long, velvet ebony tail that elegantly flowed behind her body when she walked. Chichi also had deep onyx eyes and black cat ears placed on the top of her head. Her best friend had always been there to cover for her when she did something wrong when they were younger. They used to share many secrets with one another and had plenty of sleepovers. The blue haired neko could trust her with her life.

Then there was Mala. Now, she wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but she'd brought a lot of laughter into Bulma's life as a child. She imagined that the woman would still be the same. What she lacked in intelligence, she made up for in beauty and personality. Mala had short black tresses that touched her shoulders and hot pink hues. Her cat ears were light pink with magenta tips. Her long, sleek tail was light pink with a magenta tabby pattern going down it. This particular neko-jin was born with a genetic defect that made her slightly different from everyone else. This one had a floppy left ear and couldn't hear as well as the rest of her kin. Bulma imagined that Mala was still having fun and entertaining the rest of her people. Although, this particular female was cowardly when it came to dangerous situations. The blue haired Princess loved her no less, though.

Last but definitely not least, there was Makaze. The one that Lady Bulma held in high authority and respect. This woman was a fearless warrior and a wise royal advisor. Always picking out the flaws in Bulma's work. She was five years Bulma's senior and had a lot more experience in the planning and fighting department. Makaze was also mated to a very handsome neko-jin named Kitsune. The blue haired woman had always thought Makaze came in as a close rival when it came to beauty. Her advisor had a black and crimson tabby pattern in hair color and in ear and tail colors. The woman's eyes are what made her unique from the rest of the race. They were a light grey, almost silver, that had a translucent effect. No other neko-jin had eyes quite like her's. The twenty year old looked up to Makaze and trusted the woman with her life.

Yeah, life back home would be great! The Princess couldn't wait to get home. Especially to see her parents, but she dreaded seeing her betrothed. He was a pain in the ass. Someone she didn't want to have to deal with. She pushed her thoughts of the moron aside and couldn't help the smile on her face when the pod blasted off into deep space.

Vegeta couldn't help but smirk. All his services to the bastard had finally paid off. It was only a short term break but at least he'd be able to speak with his oldest friends. He'd seen them several times on his travels. Radditz and Nappa had also worked for Frieza up until three years ago. The lizard liked younger warriors, once they hit a certain age they were no good to him anymore. Both Radditz and Nappa were twenty eight years of age. The arrogant Prince figured he had four more years before the Ice-jin let him go.

The saiya-jin Prince admired Kakarot, his oldest friend. Kakarot didn't have the greatest logic when it came to the real world, but his fighting intelligence made up for the lack of brains. The saiya-jin third class warrior had black hair that stuck out in every direction. Deep onyx depths that one could find themselves lost in. He also had a sleek brown tail and a muscular physique. Vegeta also envied him because the third class had managed to surpass him, somehow. Goku, which his mother had nicknamed him, was friendly and naive, completely unique from the rest of his people. Kakarot liked to have fun and loved to eat. The Prince of saiya-jins often found himself annoyed by the warrior's childish antics but respected him no less.

Radditz was Goku's older brother. Although, he was weaker than his younger brother. Both Kakarot and Vegeta had managed to kick his ass on a number of occasions. This particular saiya-jin had a lecherous personality, truly a womanizer. The third class had long, unruly black hair that fell to the back of his knees. Like any other ordinary saiya-jin, he had a sleek brown tail and he had the same muscular physique as his brother. Radditz had been blessed with his mother's eye color which was brown. He stood at 6'5'' which was two inches taller than Kakarot and a whole foot taller than the Prince. Vegeta also had a deep respect for the elder warrior and found him to be better company than his younger brother, sometimes.

When the ship blasted off into the deep reaches of space, a pleased smile reached the imperious man's handsome features. At last, it was time to go home.

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