A Clash of Races

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There was certainly another argument going on in the cafeteria. As expected, Mala and Kakarot were fighting over the last doughnut again. It was just another usual morning on the planet of Vegeta-sei. That was ever since the neko-jins came to stay. As always, the arguments began when Goku had to go and say something to claim the food.

Goku had his hand on the doughnut in the box. He glared at Mala and snapped, "I SAW IT FIRST!"

The smaller feline warrior gazed back at him with just as much intensity. Her tail swishing angrily behind her. She also had her hand on the same doughnut. "I HAD MY HAND ON IT FIRST!"

Kakarot pouted and replied, "IT'S MINE!"

Her stomach growled and then she said, "I DON'T THINK SO, PAL!"

That was the moment that Vegeta chose to walk in. He looked at the two in question and noticed their hands on the same doughnut. Black hues rolled before he asked, "What in Kami's name is going on in here?" Radditz was nowhere in sight, today. Usually it was he who stopped the arguments. Seems as if it was up to the Prince, this morning.

"HE'S TRYING TO TAKE MY DOUGHNUT!" Mala shouted with a pout.

Goku gasped and said, "NO! SHE'S TRYING TO TAKE MY DOUGHNUT!"

He couldn't believe that they could both possibly be that stupid. He let out a deep sigh of frustration and said, "OH FOR KAMI'S SAKE!" Vegeta picked up the doughnut and split it in half and handed them each a half while saying, "HERE! NOW YOU TWO IDIOTS CAN STOP COMPLAINING!"

The neko-jin girl smiled and said, "Thanks Geta!"

Kakarot also replied, "Yeah! Thanks Vegeta!"

Vegeta just growled and then muttered something unintelligible under his breath while walking away and shaking his head. He was startled by the voice of the blue haired princess when he came out of the cafeteria.

Bulma curiously asked, "They fighting over food again?"

"Yes," he spat.

She laughed, "That's my girl!"

The short saiya-jin just looked at her a moment before grunting and walking away. He needed to go find something to do, like train. He was bound to go crazy if he stayed around any of them all day. At this particular minute in time, he would rather be in one of his father's boring conferences. At least all the people there were sane. The arrogant man muttered, "I'm surrounded by idiots!"

Mala walked out of the cafeteria and down to her post. Hot pink hues looked around for her partner but she hadn't seen him all morning. Instantly, she began to wonder if something was wrong. It wasn't like him to not show up. Her telekinetic sensors went off when she felt the vibration of a foot step. She depended greatly upon touch and instinct since her sharp hearing was dulled hearing. The young warrior spun around to face the older one and a smile appeared on her face. Finally, he was here. Although, she didn't understand why he looked amazed.

Radditz had been expecting to sneak up on her like always. It shocked him when she spun around as if she had heard him coming down the hall from a mile away. Something definitely wasn't right here. Neko-jins with defects like that weren't supposed to hear well. If she was as deaf as she said she was, then why did she spin around so quick? "I thought you couldn't hear."

She growled and responded, "I can't. I use telekinesis, but I can only use it when I'm concentrating with it. It only becomes active when I feel the vibration of something. I felt your foot step and my sensors came to life."

He nodded as he moved closer and gripped her tail with his, pulling her back up against his chest. The saiya-jin smirked and shoved something sugary sweet into her mouth. It was a strawberry frosted doughnut!

"Thanks so much!" She squealed.

Radditz returned her thanks with a nod and said, "Get back to work."

Kakarot decided to snoop through his brother's room out of curiosity. He noticed an improved scouter and went to go tease his brother with it. When he arrived at Radditz's post, he pulled the scouter out from behind his back and began to examine it. He purposely said out loud, "Hey, I wonder what this thing is!"

Radditz turned at the sound of his baby brother's voice to check out whatever he was talking about. When he saw the scouter in his hands, anger rushed through his blood. "KAKAROT! DID YOU GO IN MY ROOM? I'M GONNA KILL YOU IF YOU DID! DAD MADE ME THAT FOR ME! GET YOUR OWN!"

"Oops," was the only thing he said before running down the hall towards their father's lab.

The elder saiya-jin chased him down the hall only to run into a locked door. He growled and banged on the door. He couldn't just bust it down since it was made out of the strongest steel in the universe. Kacheen. "OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW, KAKAROT!"




"KAKAROT!" Bardock said from behind Radditz. He smirked as his older son jumped and then watched as Kakarot innocently opened the door. He looked back and forth between the two of them. "What is the meaning of this?"

"Kakarot stole the scouter you gave me!"

"I didn't steal it! I just took it from your room!"

"Well what the hell were you doing in my room?"

"Snooping!" He replied with a giggle.

Bardock sighed and shook his head. His two kids were adults and they still acted as if they were nine and ten years old. "Alright. Kakarot give your brother back his scouter. Radditz, stop leaving your doors open!"

"Yessir!" They both said and were off and on their way.

He sighed again and said, "Big babies."

"Why are you up my ass?" The saiya-jin Prince yelled at the neko-jin Princess.

Bulma smirked and replied with, "I'm not up your ass! Your head's going to be if you don't stop disrespecting me like that!"

He laughed and asked, "Is that a threat?"

That same confident smirk remained painted across her angelic visage. Aqua colored tail swaying fiercely behind her indicating that she was up for a challenge. "Nope."

"Good," he said simply.

"It's a promise!" That was the last thing she said before she ran off with an evil sounding chuckle. Bulma was off to find her friends instead of bother the handsome saiya-jin Prince. Now you could see why she and Mala got along so well. They were both two of a kind.

Vegeta walked out to a secret part of the gardens where no one was allowed access to. Anyone found here would be executed immediately. It was a sacred area of the garden. The place where they had put his mother's ashes when she died. He hadn't been to this spot in ten years which was the last time that he was on his home planet.

Black depths lingered on the head stone. Queen Rosicheena. He held in his emotions and silently stood there whispering the words he was trying to get to his deceased mother in his head. Words that were better left unspoken. He turned to walk away but gave one look over his shoulder before walking out of the area and back into the palace to tend to his daily duties.

Goku decided to sneak up on his working partner and also the woman that he had some kind of attraction for. She was wide open and seemed lost in her thoughts. Completely vulnerable to any kind of open attack. He snuck up on the poor woman. His hand landed on her shoulder hoping to startle the raven haired beauty.

Chichi felt a hand on her shoulder and defensively flipped whoever it was over her shoulder and on the ground. Her black eyes widened when she noticed that it was Goku. She quickly helped him off the ground and asked him if he was alright.

The saiya-jin was laying on the floor confused for a moment on how he got there until he looked up and saw Chichi leaning over him. "You sure are strong!"

The raven haired woman grinned nervously and said, "Oh Kami! I'm so sorry! I thought you were someone trying to attack me!"

"Really," he said while cringing as he got up. His hand holding and rubbing his lower back. He made a mental note not to try that ever again. "It's okay. I'll be fine. My brother beats me up all the time. I'm used to it."

She just smiled softly as they both got back to their posts to continue doing their jobs. Which is what Goku should be doing instead of sneaking up on unsuspecting young women. Especially neko-jin women.

Radditz was standing around boredly as he guarded the Palace. He looked over to his partner who had her eyes closed and seemed to be in deep concentration. She was the only neko-jin who didn't wear the body suit that the fighters of their planet wore. Just like the saiya-jins who fought on this planet wore the traditional outfit. Instead she wore a white wifebeater, baggy black sweat pants, and black combat boots. She was currently leaning against the wall, her arms folded under her chest. Tail elegantly curled around her waist.

He decided to try and get a rise out of her since that was currently the only fun thing to do at the moment. "Why is it you only show your intelligence to me?"

Mala opened her hot pink hues and turned her head to the side to glance at her partner. She rolled her eyes and responded, "I don't show it to just you. Bulma is one of the only other ones who has seen my intelligence. To everyone else, I'm just an idiot or a really care free warrior. I'm not perplexed by people's opinions of me. I could really care less."

"Yet," he added with a smirk. "You're bothered when somebody brings up your genetic deformity?"

She was in Fainaru Ryoku form faster than he could even get a chance to laugh. He found himself being pinned up against the wall. Magenta colored fur now covered her wrists. Her hands had been fully turned into paws. Claws were at least ten times more deadlier. Her feet had also become feline paws and her boots disappeared. Her eyes were completely black except for a thin hot pink ring peeking through. He could tell her senses were heightened because she was more alert and aware of her environment.

"Mention another word about it and you'll be dead so fast," she warned. Her voice was low and a small hiss was let out. She shoved him against the wall one more time before returning to normal and going back to her post.

Radditz silently seethed as he went back to doing his duty. He'd get her back later on.

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