Naruto -Second Chances

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"Where am I?" Naruto thought out loud. "It's so black. All I remember was fighting Orochimaru and then…oh yeah. Damn it. And everything was starting to look my way. Hinata and I had gotten together, I had become a chuunin, and I managed to save Sasuke. If only I hadn't gotten angry and went looking for Orochimaru."

"Stupid human…" A voice called out to him. "I will not die because of your stupidity."

"Who is that?" Naruto thought. Suddenly the blackness faded and shapes appeared. Naruto recognized his surroundings. "Kyuubi."

"Yes pathetic vessel. You failed us. I should have known a human like you wouldn't last long. I can save us but to do it I must fuse myself with you. This will save you but you will be brought back to when you were six years old. Everyone will be six as well and none of this will have happened yet. Sarutobi will be Hokage and Sasuke will be a six year old child. If I save us you will have to agree to a few rules."

Naruto could hardly believe what he was hearing. He was being offered a second chance. Well first he should know what the rules are and know what the fusion would entail. "What kind of rules?" He asked. "Also what would this fusion do?"

"The rules are quite simple. First, I will train you in my techniques. You will be much stronger and hard to kill if you can use my techniques. Second, you will not tell anyone that you know the future. This means you won't even tell Iruka. And third, you will listen to me when I tell you things."

"Why can't I tell people? I could stop things from happening. I'm okay with the training because it will make me stronger but why not tell anyone." Naruto cried.

"I thought the answer would be obvious. First, people wouldn't believe you. They already hate you and they would think you were lying and second it would cause a panic and would change the future too much." Kyuubi explained.

"Okay fine but can I change things without telling people." Naruto asked.

"Okay I will permit that." Kyuubi gave in. "Now to your second question. The fusion will make things different. One difference will be that it is much easier to access my chakra." Kyuubi explained but seeing the dumbstruck face of Naruto he continued. "In other words instead of having to go deep into your self to ask for my chakra you can get it without taking as much time."

'Cool." Naruto exclaimed.

"Well it has drawbacks. The fusion will also let our minds become closer. So instead of me being locked into my cage you will be able to talk to me easier. I will be in your mind and if you send a thought to me I will respond to you in your head." Kyuubi stated.

"But what if you…" Naruto started.

"I will not be able to." Kyuubi stated. "You will keep in control the entire time and I will not be able to take over your mind. There is only one more thing to this fusion. It will allow you to use abilities normal humans cannot. There are more abilities humans do not know of and can't se that I will teach you later."

"Okay." Naruto replied.

"Anymore questions before we do it?" Kyuubi asked.

"Well one." Naruto admitted. "When you said I had to listen to what you say does this mean all the time and are there limits."

"I will only interrupt and tell you to do something if you are about to do something stupid. I will not tell you to destroy anything, kill people, you know my normal stuff." Kyuubi explained. "I can also assist you in battle by giving advice. Ready to do it?"

"Yes I agree to all your conditions." Naruto agreed.

"Good." Was all Naruto heard before he blacked out.

Naruto woke to a familiar surrounding. He looked around at his room. It looked the same. "I wonder if that was just a dream." Naruto thought out loud. He got up from bed and ran to the bathroom. Sure enough when he looked I the mirror he saw the face of his six year old self staring back. "Well at least I'm alive." He sighed as he stared at himself in the mirror. "I will not mess up this time."

'No you won't.' Came Kyuubi's voice in his head.

'How did you do that?' He thought.

'Stupid human. Didn't I tell you that I was going to be able to contact you through your thoughts?' Kyuubi asked.

'Oh yeah. And can you call me something other than stupid human?' Naruto thought again to the kitsune.

'Fine. I will call you kit. But that is the best you are getting.' Kyuubi growled.

'I guess it's better than stupid human.' Naruto thought. 'So what do I learn today?'

'Naruto. You have one year before school starts and in this time I will teach you the basics of my techniques. You will not show these techniques to people and you will listen to what I say.' Kyuubi started. 'You know all the basic hand seals don't you?'

'Of course I do.' Naruto thought and wet through all the seals.

'Good. Well there are two more seals which no one else knows about and can't use.' Kyuubi explained. 'These seals can only be used by you. They are the demon seal and the fox seal. Both are quite hard and will take practice. As I teach you things pictures will run through your head so you can see.'

Sure enough as Naruto listened to Kyuubi he saw the demon and the fox seals run through his head. 'I see them.' He thought.

'Good now practice molding chakra into these seals. You won't be able to use them yet but they will come in handy when I teach you my techniques.' Kyuubi said.

'Okay Kyuubi.' Naruto thought. 'Now remember the seals and start practicing molding chakra into them.' Naruto went on like this for another couple hours before he was exhausted.

'Kit I think our training is done for today.' Kyuubi stated. 'Your chakra is that of when you were young. You will need to build it up again. Your stamina is amazing. You did that for longer than I expected. While watching you I noticed your training from your previous life was not carried over meaning we will have to do it all over again. And then after I deem you worthy you will learn my techniques. I suggest you go to the library and check out some books and study. As many new jutsu you learn the better.'

'Fine." Naruto gave in and hauled himself to the library.

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