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Chapter 12Showdown Lee vs. Sasuke

Naruto woke very energized. It was the day of the chuunin exams. "I'm gonna kick everyone's asses." Naruto got a shower and dressed in his usual attire. Naruto ate breakfast and looked at the clock. It was only ten o'clock. He had agreed to meet Ino and Sasuke at two o'clock so he didn't know what to do. 'I guess I can train.' He locked the door to his apartment and ran to the training grounds. When he got there, he spotted Hinata punching a tree. 'She is so beautiful.' Naruto thought. He came up behind her and covered his eyes. He then said, "Guess who".

She giggled and said, "Naruto-kun".

He twirled her around and said, "Right answer. So how are you today?"

Hinata blushed at his concern and said, "I'm just nervous. I don't think I can do it."

"Of course you can." Naruto urged. He gave her a gentle kiss and then said, "I'll be there for you. To cheer you on and help you when I can."

Hinata smiled. 'He always has that effect on me. I always gain confidence when I'm around him.' Hinata pressed her lips against his and said, "That is for helping me with my confidence. Thanks Naruto-kun."

Naruto ran at top speed towards the place of the first test. He was late. He and Hinata had lost track of time while they were training. Finally, he skidded to a halt in front of the building and saw Sasuke and Ino waiting for him. He walked up to them and said, "Sorry I'm late but I was training and…"

Ino glared and said, "Save it Naruto. Let's just go in."

Naruto sighed at his luck and the three walked in the building. When they go to the door, they noticed large amounts of kids were huddled around the door. Sasuke walked up and saw a kid blocking the door hit a girl back as she tried to enter. The man said, "None of you have what it takes to become a chuunin. What is wrong with taking out the losers now?"

Sasuke walked up and said, "Release the boundary. I need to get to the third floor to take the exam. I wasn't the first to discover it though. One of my teammates is even better with illusionary boundaries than I am. Right Ino?"

Ino looked up, "Of course. This is the second floor. We need to go to the third floor to take the exam."

"So you saw through it. You still aren't fit to be a chuunin." The man yelled as he charged Sasuke. He was blocked however as Lee appeared in front of them and stopped the attack.

Lee backed off and Neji and Tenten came up to him. Neji said, "Lee you suggested we keep a low profile for the test. Besides, he could have handled it."

"I know." Lee answered. "I just wanted to make sure they understood how good I was."

Sasuke was stunned, 'He stopped it with his hand. What powerful chakra.'

Neji turned to Sasuke and asked, "What is your name? Are you a rookie?"

Sasuke smirked. "It is polite to give ones name first. Besides, I don't have to answer you."

Sasuke just turned and Naruto and Ino followed him down the hall.

Neji let out a "hmmph" but walked down the hall towards the stairs to the third floor. Tenten followed him but they both followed him when they noticed Lee didn't follow. Tenten walked up to him and asked, "What is wrong Lee?"

"Nothing I have to check on something though. I'll catch up." Neji gave a shrug and he and Tenten walked off while Lee went the opposite direction.

As team seven neared the doors to the exam room a voice called down from above them and said, "Hey you with the mean eyes wait."

The group turned around and they saw Lee above them. "What do you want?" Sasuke asked.

Lee jumped down and said, "I would like to test my abilities on the second best rookie. I challenge you to a fight Uchiha Sasuke."

Ino glared at him and yelled, "Sasuke-kun is the number one rookie. He is the best."

Lee just laughed and said, "He isn't even the best on your team. Hello Naruto-kun."

The other two just stared as Naruto grinned at Lee and said, "Hello Lee-kun how was training while I was away. Did Gai-sensei put you through more rigorous training? I hope I didn't miss much."

Ino was puzzled and asked, "How do you two know each other and why is Naruto better than Sasuke-kun."

"Naruto-kun and I are both students of the wonderful Gai-sensei. He is technically on your team but he has been coming to Gai-sensei for taijutsu training from a more reliable teacher." Lee explained. "As to how he is better, have you ever seen him fight full out?" Lee turned back to Sasuke and said, "Do you accept my offer Uchiha Sasuke? I am the strongest genin in Konoha and I wish to test my techniques on the last remaining member of the Uchiha clan."

Sasuke took a fighting stance and said, "I am ready. I will win."

Ino looked at the clock and exclaimed, "We don't have much time left. We need to go now."

"Don't worry." Naruto said. "It will take less than five minutes for Lee-kun to beat Sasuke. This will be boring." With that, he sat down against the wall to watch the fight. 'I need to study more of Lee-kun's moves to improve my own taijutsu.'

Sasuke looked over at Naruto. 'He has been going to other senseis for help. Who is this Lee then and why does Naruto believe I will lose so easily.' He looked back to Lee and charged. He threw a punch at Lee and he disappeared.

Sasuke looked behind him and saw Lee coming in. "Konoha Senpuu" Lee yelled as he delivered a spinning kick to Sasuke. Sasuke flew to the other side of the room but got up fairly quickly. Lee was surprised and muttered, "He can still stand. He is good."

"What is going on?" Ino asked Naruto. "He blocked that didn't he?"

"No." Naruto stated flatly. "It is almost impossible to block Lee's attacks. In fact I am probably the only genin fast enough to do so. Even if you see what he is doing you can't keep up."

Sasuke listened to what Naruto said. 'Damn I guess I'll have to use it to have a chance.' He gathered chakra into his eyes and said, "Sharingan".

Naruto scoffed. "Useless. In Lee's case the sharingan is a waste of chakra."

Ino looked down. "No it isn't. The sharingan can see through ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu."

Naruto looked up. "Yes but it won't work because of speed now watch."

Ino looked back and saw Sasuke charged at Lee. 'Naruto can't be right. The sharingan…' She was brought out of her thoughts as Lee kicked Sasuke up into the air. Lee charged and kicked Sasuke in the head. He followed with a punch to his stomach which made Sasuke cringe.

"How can I not see through it unless…" Sasuke started.

"Yes you have finally figured it out. I am a taijutsu specialist. Your sharingan allows you to see through an opponents moves but it is useless if you can't catch up with my speed." Lee explained. Then he continued, "There are two types of ninjas. There are those who are born geniuses and there are those who work to become great. You Uchiha Sasuke were a genius at birth but Naruto-kun and I are geniuses of hard work. Now we will see which is stronger."

Sasuke charged at Lee. When he got there, he tried to throw a punch but was kicked up into the air. Once Sasuke was in the air, Lee used his speed to get up to him. He went behind him and the bindings on his hands cam un-done. They headed for Sasuke but a pinwheel pierced them and drove them into the wall. Lee looked down and saw a turtle that said, "Lee, stop and get down here."

Lee pulled back his bindings and landed on the ground in front of the turtle. "Ninkame-sama, I am sorry."

"Lee you know that move is forbidden." Ninkame shouted. He looked at Naruto and said, "You also know that move is forbidden. You should have tried to stop him."

Naruto walked over and said, "Turtle it is not my business if Lee-kun goes and shows every person his techniques. Besides, it helps my team now that Sasuke has copied some of Lee-kun's moves."

Ninkame was fuming. He let it loose and yelled, "You can call me Ninkame-sama, Ninkame-san, or even turtle-sama but not just turtle." Then he turned back to Lee and said, "I will leave your punishment to Gai."

In a puff of smoke Gai appeared on top of Ninkame in a special pose. "Hello Lee-kun. Hello Naruto-kun."

Ino and Sasuke's both eyes both went wide and Ino whispered, "They look so much alike, same bowl cut, same thick eyebrows, same long eyelashes, and same green jumpsuit."

Gai looked directly at Lee and said, "You have broken our rules and used a forbidden move. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I'm sorry Gai-sensei. I won't do it again. I will…" Lee pleaded. He was broken off however as Gai hit him in the head with a punch.

Ino's and Sasuke's eyes got even wider. They both were thinking, 'He hit his own student?'

A tearful Lee got up, ran over to a just as tearful Gai, and said, "Gai-sensei…"

Gai looked down at Lee and said, "Lee…" With that, they hugged which made Ino and Sasuke stare once again.

Naruto just said, "This again."

Gai finished hugging Lee and said, "Lee, after the chuunin exams you will run five hundred laps around Konoha as punishment."

"Yes Gai-sensei." Lee replied in a salute.

Naruto walked over to them and said, "Hello Gai-sensei." He gestured to his team and said, "This is my team. The girl is Yamanaka Ino and the boy is Uchiha Sasuke."

"So the Uchiha kid is on your team." Gai stated.

"Yes Gai-sensei. Lee-kun defeated him but you saw that. He went a little overboard with the forbidden move but he would have won without using it. Sasuke couldn't keep up with the speed but managed to get up after a few Senpuus."

Gai looked surprised and then turned to the rest of Naruto's team. He got into his nice guy pose, which was quickly copied by Lee, and said, "Hello I am Gai. You are Kakashi's team, correct?"

"Yes but how do you know Kakashi-sensei?" Sasuke asked.

"I know him because we are eternal rivals." He then disappeared and appeared behind them and said, "I have fifty wins and he has forty nine. So in other words I am better than Kakashi."

Naruto scoffed and said, "You forgot to mention those weren't real battles and most of your wins were in rock-paper-scissors."

Gai glared at Naruto and said, "For your burning retort you will run five hundred laps with Lee once the chuunin exams are over."

Naruto started to protest but was cut off as Ino said, "Stop arguing. We have to go now if we want to make it for the chuunin exams."

Naruto turned back and walked over to his group. They started to walk off but Lee said, "Sasuke-kun I want you to know I lied before."

Sasuke turned around and asked, "What did you lie about?"

"I said I was the strongest genin. That is not true. There are two better than I am. One is on my team and the other is standing right next to you. Naruto-kun is indeed better than I am."

Naruto grinned and said, "I think you could take Neji. He is tough but you might be fast enough to out speed his Byakugan."

Lee smiled and said, "Thank you Naruto-kun. I hope to see whether it is true or not."

With that Naruto, Sasuke, and Ino walked down the hall towards the door. As they walked, Sasuke had one thought running through his head, 'Naruto is stronger than him. How is that possible? I lost to him. This other fighter he mentioned, he said his name was Neji and he mentioned the Byakugan so he is Hyuuga Neji.'

Once they neared the door, they saw Kakashi guarding the door. They stopped and Kakashi said, "Hello I'm glad all three of you came. Otherwise, you wouldn't be allowed in. The chuunin exam must be taken in threes. If one of you didn't come then I would have to prevent the others from entering."

Naruto, Sasuke, and Ino all smiled and Naruto said, "I would come no matter what."

Kakashi smiled, as in his mask moved so you figured he was smiling. Then he said, "Naruto…Sasuke…Ino…I am proud of all of you. Now go and do your best." He opened the door and the three genin walked into the room of the first test.

Once they entered, Ino gasped while Sasuke and Naruto just smirked. The whole room was filled with examinants. 'There are so many examinants. How can we beat all these scary…?' Ino thought. She was interrupted, however, as Haruno Sakura immediately latched onto Sasuke's arm.

Sakura was dressed in her usual red outfit and had her pink hair hung loosely behind her. She grabbed Sasuke and said, "Sasuke-kun what took you so long. I was getting worried."

Ino glared at her and yelled, "Let go of Sasuke big forehead girl." Sasuke immediately looked up and realized that she had not called him Sasuke-kun. "Maybe he doesn't want girls to hang on him like that. Besides, he probably just thinks of you as a stupid fan girl."

Sasuke and Sakura were both amazed, 'What happened to her.'

Sasuke was astounded. The girl he thought was the absolute worst fan girl was now telling off another of his fan girls and telling them not to hang onto him. In addition, to top that she said his name without the -kun. Naruto just smirked and thought, 'Perfect Ino. Just like, I told you. Impress him by caring about his feelings and then prove your strength later.'

The confrontation was broken by Shikamaru as he said, "So your team is here as well. This is so troublesome." He was dressed normally as was Chouji who was standing next to him with a bag of chips in his hand. He ate the chips, managing words out occasionally.

"So all nine of us are here." Kiba said from behind them. He was dressed in his normal gray jacket and had Akamaru on his head.

Hinata stepped from behind him and said, "Hello everyone. Hello Naruto-kun. Hello Sasuke-kun." Shino stood on the other side of Kiba but did not say anything. He was mysterious as ever and had on the same sunglasses and jacket as before. The only big difference from his first life was Sakura and Ino having switched teams.

"So you are here as well, what a bother." Shikamaru stated.

"So all of this year's nine rookies are taking the exam." Kiba said happily. "How long do you think you can last, Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke just scoffed and Naruto smirked. Then Sasuke said, "Longer than you, obviously." Kiba glowed in anger but Sasuke continued, "Anyone on my team could beat you Kiba."

Kiba growled and said, "Yeah right. There is no way Naruto could beat me."

Contrary to many people's beliefs of what Naruto would do he just laughed. After he calmed down he said, "Kiba you are stupid. Why did you pick the strongest member of our team to say you could beat? Why not pick the weakest."

Kiba smirked and said, "You are the strongest on your team…yeah right."

Naruto just smirked and said, "You wait and see Kiba."

The group was broken from their conversations as the genin Naruto recognized as Kabuto walked over to the group. He said, "Hey you are the rookies right. I'll offer you some advice. Shut up. You don't want to draw attention to yourselves or people will decide to go after you."

"What is your name?" Sakura asked. "You seem full of yourself."

"My name is Yakushi Kabuto and look around you." Kabuto stated simply. The group did and they saw that all eyes were on them. "You remind me of how I was when I first took the exam."

"So is this you second time, Kabuto-san?" Sakura asked politely.

"No it is my seventh." Kabuto stated. All the rookies stared at him and he said, "This is my fourth year taking them exam. It is held twice a year."

Sakura brightened and said, "Then you must be familiar with the contents of the exam."

"Yes." Kabuto replied.

"But you weren't good enough to become a chuunin." Shikamaru added.

Kabuto scratched his head and said, "Well that is true."

"Is the exam really that difficult? How troublesome." Shikamaru muttered.

"Since it is your first time I will help you." Kabuto stated. He pulled out a deck of cards and said, "These ninja cards hold precious information about the chuunin exams. They can only be activated with my chakra however. He took out one and placed it on the ground. He then stuck one finger on top of it and the card swirled around before it became visible in a small puff of smoke. It was a map with all the ninja countries on it and how many contestants came from each village. "This card tells me how many ninjas come from each country. It also has all the major villages. There is Konoha, the sand, the mist, the cloud, the grass, rock, and the newly established, but very lacking, sound village."

Sasuke looked at him and asked, "Do you have personal information about the contestants in there?"

Kabuto nodded and said, "It is not very extensive but I have information on every genin taking the exam. Anyone in particular you are interested in?"

Sasuke nodded and said, "Rock Lee and Hyuuga Neji".

"You know their names? That will make things easier." Kabuto replied. He took out two cards and said, "Here they are."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes and said, "Let me see."

Kabuto placed one card on the ground and said, "Rock Lee first." The card spun and a small picture of Lee with a bunch of stats appeared on the card. "Rock Lee, he is a year older than you. His instructor is Gai. One of his teammates is Hyuuga Neji. His taijutsu skills are amazing but he has no other special abilities." He placed another blank card on top of Lee's and put a finger on it. It spun around and revealed a small picture of Neji. Only Naruto noticed Hinata's tiny yelp and Kabuto said, "Hyuuga Neji. His team info is the same as Lee's and his stats are very similar. He is amazing at taijutsu as well but his is a different kind. He uses the Hyuuga gentle fist style. That means he has amazing chakra control and channeling ability." He took out another card and sent chakra into it. It brought back the map of the villages. "Each village sends their best genin to compete in the chuunin exam, meaning all the ninjas are like Lee and Neji."

They all gasped and Hinata said quietly, "Then we are the worst. I seem to be losing my confidence."

Naruto turned to her and said, "Hinata-chan, you can do it. Believe in yourself."

Kabuto scoffed and said, "Since all the genin are like Lee and Neji, the exam will be very difficult for you. Everyone will go after you, knowing you are the rookies."

Naruto clenched his fists and started shaking. Ino noticed this and placed a hand on his shoulder. She was about to comfort him but his head shot up and he yelled to the crowd, "My name is Uzumaki Naruto and I will kick all of your asses. Got it?"

Outside the room, Kakashi laughed lightly at the outburst. "Same old Naruto…you have a lot of determination. This will be interesting." In a puff of smoke Kakashi disappeared.

Inside Ino quickly ran and covered Naruto's mouth. Then Sakura came over and yelled, "Ino why did he scream that. Now we have just made enemies of everyone in the room."

"Why are you asking me?" Ino retorted angrily.

Sakura glared and yelled, "Who else should I ask?"

Naruto put his hands behind his head and said, "Now I feel much better."

Kabuto and Sasuke just smirked. In the crowd, Lee whispered to his team, "Naruto-kun sure is energetic today."

Neji just narrowed his eyes at Naruto and thought, 'I will get you in the tournament.'

Kankurou had nearly fallen over and was muttering, "How could I lose to that baka."

Gaara's composure remained stoic but inside he was smiling slightly at Naruto's antics.

The sound ninjas just narrowed their eyes at Kabuto. "He insulted our village. Let's get him." Abumi stated angrily.

"I'll play with them." Kin added as she reached into her weapons pouch.

"You're right. He looked down on our village. Let's put sound ninja village in his cards. GO!" Dosu ordered as they all sped off.

Naruto watched as the sound-nins attacked. He reached into his pouch and pulled out a kunai. Abumi jumped in the air and threw two kunai at Kabuto. Kabuto dodged and Dosu took the chance to try to attack. Naruto threw his kunai, which hit the core of Dosu's sound magnifier. He looked up in surprise and Kabuto dodged the attack. Dosu looked at Kabuto and said, "You are lucky that boy figured out the danger and saved you. If he had not pierced the core of my sound magnifier you would be on the ground writhing in pain right now."

Sasuke looked at him in surprise. "How would that have happened? He would have dodged the attack."

Naruto turned to him and said, "The magnifier on his arm. He attacks with sound waves so he can hurt his opponent without touching him. In other words even if you dodge the punch you can't dodge the sound waves. It was easily broken by the chakra enforced kunai though."

All the rookies stared in amazement at Naruto. 'Was Naruto always this smart?'

Everyone looked up as smoke filled the front of the room. When the smoke cleared, Morino Ibiki stood in front of a group of chuunins. He turned to look at the sound-nins and said, "My name is Morino Ibiki and I am the examiner of the first test." He pointed to the sound-nins and yelled, "You from the sound village, there will be no fighting without the permission of the examiner. Even with permission, you are not allowed to kill your opponent. Anyone who disobeys will be disqualified."

Dosu looked at him and said, "I'm sorry. We got very excited. It won't happen again."

Ibiki smirked and said, "Good then let's start the first part of the chuunin exams."

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