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Author's Note: This is just a little fic inspired by the movie "Homeroom"

WARNING: It's kind of…bloody…


Chapter One: Mass Murder

Robin was awakened by a large crash in the living room. He quickly ran to see what was going on. "What the…"

Robin saw the Titans battling at least fifty of Slade's robots. They were all carrying a shotguns, trying to shoot all the Titans.

One of the enemies spotted Robin and quickly aimed at him and shot.

Robin thought quickly, only to remember that he wasn't wearing his cape, or his utility belt.

The bullet was feet away from him.

He shielded himself with his hands and closed his eyes, to meet his death.

Seconds later, a large mass hit him, and he fell to the floor.

He opened his eyes, only to see the bloodstained body of his teammate. The limp figure of his Tamaranean friend.

"Starfire…no…" She took the bullet aimed at him. It was pierced though the center of her chest. Her usual purple clothes were dirty and bloody. Her hair was messy and short, she must've cut it to get away from the robot's grip.

Robin looked up and saw that two more of his teammates were battling the robots. One was Cyborg, trying to blast at least twenty of the robots and Raven was struggling to get out of the robot's grip on her neck, which was finally released when it spotted Robin.

Beastboy was on the floor, limp, cold, and blood-spattered.

Two of his teammates were dead…

Robin swiftly ran to his room and got his utility belt and cape, hoping that he had remembered to get it two minutes ago.

He came back and saw that one more of his friends were down…dead.

He twirled his birderang in his fingers and aimed at the robots, taking them down one by one.

"Aarrrggghh!" His eyes were full of rage, yet still covered in fear. He was determined to revenge his friends' death.

He took down most of the robots, discharging anything that came in his way.

A few seconds later, with the help of his friend…they were left with the last three opponents.

The two were easily defeated, but as soon as Robin turned his back, he was shot on the leg.

His head hit the floor…hard, and the last things he saw were a dark force surrounding him, and the crushed body of the last foe.


Author's Note: This is just a prologue. There's many more to come, but the more reviews I get, the sooner I will post chapter two.