Title: Sweet Misery

Chapter 1: 'D' day

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He looks at himself in the mirror as he finishes dressing. He checks his uniform and inspects his things thoroughly before deciding that he was ready for the school-day ahead. He's been worried that staying up so late last night would take a toll on his physical appearance. He has been doing this for quite a while now and although he was getting used to his nightly escapades, i.e. training, he still makes sure that by day, he looked and acted as a normal teenage high school student. Well, he tries to anyway. Those nights he spent in "training" to impress Risa must be helping him somehow that it's become an indispensable habit. He admits that he's become more disciplined by doing so, especially with his looks and actions. Although they always seemed to fail when he was actually around Risa. He lets out a sigh, grabs his things and walks out of the door into the hallway outside his room. He was rarely concerned with Risa nowadays. Ever since she broke down when Dark rejected her, he has accepted that he will never be enough for her. God knows he has tried everything. Of course, he wasn't happy with the feeling of rejection. But somehow, even that doesn't bother him as much as he expected it to. Was he getting over her? He lets out another sigh as he reaches the front door. He says his goodbyes to everyone in the house and goes on his way.

He contemplates on Risa on the way to the station. He still didn't understand why he was rejected. He knows that he's become more than enough to become worthy of any girl of his choice. Most people would agree with him. He's smart, often managing to become top of his class except for those times when Satoshi, his major competition, would beat him to the top spot. He's athletic and excels in every sport he tries out for. And he's the official representative for the sophomores in the student committee. He knows that he's not that bad to look at either. Not that his talent and efforts aren't appreciated. He definitely attracted a lot of people in his school, not only from his level but from the lower and higher levels as well. Many have dared to approach him but it was only Risa who caught his attention.

He met her during the first days of his freshman year. They were both in the same class along with her twin sister Riku and started hanging out along with his friend from middle school, Takeshi. She immediately caught his attention although he wasn't the only one who noticed her during those days. Risa was attractive and her lady-like house-wife-y attitude is what attracted most guys to her.

Soon after they had been hanging-out, he became the representative for the first year students and was noticed immediately after acing the first major exam of that year. He thought that he had impressed her with that alone. And she was. Although he noticed that she still wasn't looking at him the way she was supposed to, the way others have over the past few years of his academic life. So he tried other things like joining sports events and the track-and-field varsity where he was also immediately noticed upon his joining. He's been doing his best all-year to try and impress her until he finally confessed his feelings for her. He was devastated when she rejected him, saying that she was in love with a guy from the one of the higher batches. She proposed that they remain friends instead since she still would like to hang-out with him. He, of course, accepted this, not wanting to be completely out of her life. He was hurt but he was going to have to accept it without trouble, as his culture requires him to.

He reaches the terminal and steps inside the train which is immediately filled-up by people. He continues thinking. Apparently, soon after he confessed his feelings to her, she did the same to the guy she was in-love with. This guy was supposedly a third year student then. "Which means that he's a senior now.", he thought. Risa was also rejected by her love that year and many things happened after that. But he heard from Risa herself that she wasn't gonna give up. She'll continue improving herself until one day; she'll be woman enough for him to accept her. This hurt him even more as she watched her determination.

The only things he knows about the guy she fell for is that he's a senior now and his name is Dark. Dark Mousy. "Weird name.", he thought. "It's definitely not Japanese in origin. Sounds western to me." He closed his eyes and opened them again, his face blank. He has never met him so he doesn't know what he looks like. He had been too depressed last year to try to find this guy out, but he's now determined to see the guy whom Risa has preferred over him. He has been researching some stuff about him. His connections to the student committee were what mostly helped in his efforts to find out the things he needed to know about him. But now, he was going to meet him face-to-face. He needed to. He didn't know if it was going to make things better but he's going to face him anyway. For his own sake.

He gets off the train upon arriving and proceeds to the school gate. He makes his way inside the campus and towards his classroom on the third floor. He's early. Another habit of his. He sees Takeshi and the latter, having spotted him, runs toward his direction.

"Hey Daisuke!" Takeshi shouts cheerfully.

"Good Morning Takeshi!" Daisuke greets back

" Hah.. always early and formal.!", Takeshi sneers. "It's okay Dai. It's only the 2 of us guys here. No need to go all proper for me!"

"Not so much.", Daisuke humbly replies. "That was just a standard morning greeting. There's nothing really that formal about that."

"Whatever man! So listen. I've got all the stuff you've asked me to get. You know, about this Dark fellow of yours."

"Not so loud." Daisuke says, sternly. The two move toward the classroom window.

"Whoops. Sorry man.", Takeshi says looking around and scratching his head.

"Anyway, it's all in here." he says handing Daisuke a brown paper envelope.

"Very Good!", Daisuke says as he opens the envelope and takes out it's contents.

"I even got ya a picture. Hehehe... No need to thank me. After all, I'll soon be the world's number one journalist after my dad! You can count on my skills!", Takeshi boasts

" (sweatdrops) This only shows the back of his head.", Daisuke comments

"Hey! Better than nothing! Besides, some of those seniors are kinda dangerous!", Takeshi blurts out, shuddering

"'Dangerous'?", Daisuke asks, puzzled

"Yeah man! Especially that one. Seems he's gotten into a lot of trouble in the school for the past 4 years he's been spending here. I've heard that he acts like some gangster and is the leader of some dangerous frat here in our school.", Takeshi says

"Frat? Those kinds of things aren't allowed in school!"

"Well, no one seemed to be able to put a stop to it. Even the members of the faculty who tried always seemed to have met some sort of weird accident. Of course, they couldn't blame it on them. Lack of evidence. So everyone kinda just settled for treating them like they didn't exist."

Daisuke looks at Takeshi and then at the picture he provided for him.

'This is the kind of guy Risa fell for?'

A few seconds of silence as Daisuke goes through the other stuff in the envelope until Takeshi notices something outside.

"Hey! There he is now!" Takeshi says pointing outside the window.

Daisuke looks at where Takeshi was pointing and notices a long- purple-haired student walking towards the building, along with other seniors.

'Probably in the same group as him.' Daisuke thinks to himself. The guy has dark-violet locks and is fairly tall. He walks nonchalantly and wears his uniform in an untidy manner.

At the older teen's side were two people. He recognizes one of them. It was Satoshi. A classmate of his. And alongside Satoshi is a blonde senior guy. Daisuke watches as the blonde boy goes towards Satoshi and lays his arm around his shoulder.

'They're buddies…'

"HEY! I didn't know that Satoshi was with those guys! Wow!", Takeshi exclaims.

"(vein popping on head) I thought that you got everything?" Daisuke remarks, irritated

He looks at the direction of Risa's love again.

"So he's the one. Dark Mousy", Daisuke mutters under his breath as he frowns.

He continues to watch them as the group continues to walk towards the building.

Suddenly, Dark's head turns and looks upward towards the direction of Daisuke's classroom. Amethyst eyes focus on his red ones. Daisuke feels his heart stop. He can't break the eye contact although he wants to. The older teen's blank expression does not change as the red-haired boy's eyes widen. No one else is aware of their exchange of gazes. He feels numb and his limbs and muscles seems to have lost their function.

The older teen is the first to break the contact. The roof blocks Daisuke's view as he watches him enter the building.

Daisuke snaps out of it. He shakes his head and notices a trickle of sweat run down the side of his head. He takes out his handkerchief and wipes his face. He proceeds to his table and takes a seat. He lets out a heavy breath.

The classroom fills with students and everyone goes to their respective places as the teacher enters the classroom. The day has begun… … …

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