Chapter 6: The MOTH and the FLAME

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Two weeks have gone by since Dark and Daisuke agreed on a truce. That truce, however, had little opportunity to be tested due to the fact that the two people who agreed to it rarely encountered each other since that day. And if they did come across one another, the air would be filled with a sense of hurry, mostly due to Daisuke's busy schedule as level representative, or awkwardness, at least to the younger of the two. He had, however, grown a friendship with Satoshi who seemed strangely at ease whenever he was around him. They had been getting very close as of late and he feels that Satoshi is on the verge of telling him about his relationship with Krad.

Nonetheless, Daisuke has been feeling unusually uneasy for the past few days, not to mention a little too conscious especially when the rarity of coming face to face with Dark happens to occur. Though he'd rather not think about it, a part of him blames the fact that Dark had been occupying most of his dreams, both the daily and the nocturnal kind. But he is given little time to think about or rationalize it since almost all of his time, both in school and in his home, is always occupied.

Being level representative, his workload is self-explanatory. At home, however, he is in charge of the cooking, cleaning, and the over-all maintenance of the house. His mother, Emiko, who works as a nurse, would leave after dinner and work all-night in the hospital because she has a nightly shift. After her working hours, she would come home during the day and go straight to bed, spending the rest of the day in her room sleeping. That is why Daisuke is also the one in charge of making sure that her mother eats right by making her mother's food during the morning and making a packed lunch both for her and himself. Emiko orders out for dinner so he does not have to worry about preparing dinner.

At night, after dinner and after his mother leaves, he does his schoolwork and the training routines he made for himself during the days he was trying to impress Risa. Even when he was already shot down, the habit stuck with him and so, it's become a vital part of his nightly routines.

In fact, the only time he gets to reflect is the few minutes in bed before dozing off to sleep and more recently, dreaming of the purple-haired bully he once despised.

Daisuke feels embarrassed since he now feels a sort of connection to Dark because of those dreams of his. Not to mention that he finds no valid reason why he should even think of having a connection with him, even if it was only in his mind. But he has to admit that try as he might, his feelings towards the older teen has changed significantly, though he still hasn't quite figured out just how and to what direction they changed to.

But he feels that the less he thinks about it, the better because a boy thinking about another man is weird, isn't it? He'd rather focus on his work and activities, especially now that exams are coming up. He needs to make sure to be the top in ranking if he has any chance on being valedictorian one day so that he'll get into the good university of his choice and so that his mother won't have to worry about paying for college fees. He needs to make the best of his stay in High School so his thoughts had better be on important things instead.

And speaking of important things, he had agreed to meet Risa Harada this afternoon. She called him last night and told him to meet her in one of the benches outside of the school building during lunchtime. After class and the ringing of the bell, he hurriedly placed his things in his body bag and went to the comfort room to check his appearance. He could never be too neat especially when Risa was going to meet him. After making sure that everything was indeed "in place", he promptly proceeded to their meeting place, a wooden bench at the school park and there, he saw Risa, seating on the bench under a tulip tree.


Before Daisuke could return the greeting, she stood abruptly and ran to him.

She took his hand and happily led him towards the bench. Once there, she sat down and patted her side, urging Daisuke to seat down.

"Harada-san, good afternoon!"

"It certainly is. And you know why?" Risa seemed to be unable to hide her giddiness as she spoke.

"Why?" Daisuke asked, puzzled.

Risa suppressed a laugh by covering her mouth with closed knuckles. After letting it die down, she continued to speak.

"It's because I finally know how I can get closer to my true love!"

By this time, Risa was giggling so feverishly that Daisuke couldn't help the puzzlement that was growing evident on his face.

"Are you talking about Dark-senpai?"

"Who else would I be talking about? I told you that I've given up on all men the moment I laid my eyes on him, my prince charming!"

Daisuke said nothing to this and waited for Risa to say the reason why she's being so enthusiastic.

"Daisuke, you should have told me that you and Dark were close friends!"

"What? Where did you hear that?"

"I heard word going around that you were hanging out with his group recently. I also heard from Takeshi that you were invited to a sleepover in Krad-senpai's home."

Daisuke was surprised about Risa's knowledge of his affairs with Dark and Krad. Though it wasn't entirely true that he had been hanging out with them recently, he DID have that sleepover in Krad's home where so many things happened that he wouldn't have expected in his life, to be specific, getting his first kiss from Dark, an older boy.

"So that's why you haven't been joining us for lunch these past few weeks! I've heard that you've also been getting very close with Hiwatari. You've been hanging out with your new friends! Daisuke-kun, I'm kind of hurt."

"That's not true! The reason why I haven't been joining you was because I was spending my time in the student council room taking care of the preparations for the school festival next month."

Daisuke stuttered as he spoke but he continued.

"And I only joined Satoshi and the others twice. That was almost 3 weeks ago."

"Even so, you've been closer to Dark than anyone else I know," Risa stated

"You should have told me! I've been straining every effort to get every inch closer to him and you've been here all along! I'm happy because you can help me, Daisuke-kun!"

Daisuke grabbed the bottom of his school shirt and bit his lip as Risa continued to speak.

"I've been thinking about it all night! And I think I've come up with a plan on how you can get me more affiliated with him. First, you have to find a way to get me to join them for lunch regularly… …"

"I'm sorry Harada-san!"

Daisuke spoke abruptly, cutting Risa off. Risa was startled and looked at Daisuke with puzzlement.

"I really can't help you. As I've said, I'm not that close to them. And I wouldn't want to make it seem like I am. I don't want to impose. I think that you should look for another way."

With that, Daisuke stood, grabbed his bag and ran back towards the school building, leaving a bewildered Risa behind.

He went to the student council room, which was empty by then, and ate his lunch inside. He had already finished all the work the day before so he didn't have to do anymore until next month. He felt sorry for leaving Risa behind like that but he didn't want to have to endure another moment of Risa's worshipping of Dark, much less get involved and help her with her plan. She may have dumped him a long time ago but it still hurt especially when she keeps on about the guy she dumped him for.

"God, how can she just speak to me about him like that…?" Daisuke whispered to himself as he leaned his head backward and stared at the ceiling.

"Doesn't she feel that I still care for her? Haven't I shown her that much, at least?"

He let out a sigh of exasperation and covered his forehead with the back of his arm. After he had calmed down, he tried to assess what he was feeling about the situation. It's true that he was hurt by Risa. He was feeling this urge to keep Risa away from Dark. Was it all just because he was trying to protect Risa? Or… …

Daisuke's thoughts lingered on a mental image of Dark in front of him, towel-clad and with beads of water running down his lean and chiseled torso, the image that stuck to his mind the day since his first kiss. Daisuke only noticed all the blood rushing to his face when he felt the heat stinging his cheeks. He shook it off and resumed eating.

After he was done, he went to the classroom to wait for classes to resume. Upon entering, he saw Satoshi, sitting quietly on his desk. He gave a slight nod the moment their eyes met. He went towards his desk. After settling himself on his seat, Satoshi approached him, got an empty chair from the nearest desk, and sat next to him.

"You look troubled."

Satoshi's clear blue eyes and voice looked and sounded calm and indifferent, as it always appeared to Daisuke. But behind them lies the concern he had for the one he was talking to.


Daisuke didn't put his mask of a smile when heard Satoshi's voice as he normally would have done had it involved someone else.

"I hope I didn't worry you."

Daisuke knows better than to lie to Satoshi about anything. He had discovered that his friend was able to read people very easily, especially him. And even if their friendship was relatively fresh, he had found feelings of trust toward him. That's why he did not attempt to conceal his true mood.

"I've just been thinking about Risa. She asked me to help her with Dark."

Satoshi sat quietly as he listened to Daisuke.

"I'm hurt but also confused. Although she rejected me for him, I also want her to be happy. Shouldn't I be graceful enough to help them get together so that she'll be happy?"

"It's because you like Dark."

"I mean, sure, the guy's a complete ASSHOLE but I should be the greater man."

"It's because you like Dark."

"I shouldn't stoop to his level just because there's a girl I happen to like that ah, er… likes him.

"It's because you like Dark."

"After all, I'm not a kid anymore. I can make sacrifices! I DAMN WELL KNOW HOW TO ACCEPT DEFEAT!"

"(raising right hand upward) It's because you like…"

"And you know what? That's what I'm gonna DAMN WELL do! I'm gonna show the two of 'em I'm the greater man! That I can rise above all the pettiness of my own feelings and gladly stand aside for Risa's happiness!"

"(vein popping on head) … … you like…"

"Thanks Satoshi," Daisuke exclaims as he shoots from his seat and grabs Satoshi's shoulders.

"You've been a BIG help!"

"(with hand still raised) Um…."

"(starry-eyed and raising a shaking fist) We'll see who gets to be the REAL MAN at the end!"

And with that bold statement said, Daisuke rocketed off towards the door and out of the classroom, on his way to see Dark and gracefully and "SINCERELY" stand aside for Risa's happiness.

"(sweatdrop) … … … …" Satoshi let out a sigh and went back to his seat.

"We still have class."

It was nearing the end of the lunch break and students were on their way towards their respective classrooms with the satisfaction and the feeling of peace and energy that accompanied a full stomach. The hallways were again filled with the lively sounds of students exchanging words, ideas, stories, and occasional punches, brought about by their surges of energy. And yet, suddenly, there came a stillness in the air as the bunch of High School kids felt the ground shake.

"Is there some sort of drill?"

"Stupid! Drills don't have actual earthquakes in them!"


"Oh hey! It's getting stronger!"

"Let's get out of…"

But the student wasn't able to finish as he, along with a few other of his friends, was knocked over by some unknown force. He could only watch as the force left a trail of students in its path.

"What the hell was that?" A students asked, amidst the moaning and groaning of a few others.

"I, like, don't know. All I know is, like, I saw something small and red, and all of you people became, like, bowling pins, or something."

"Stop talking like that you asshole!"

"You, like, don't have any say in how I, like, talk!"

"You two boys stop your arguing!" Riku stated. She looked on at the direction where the RED force sprinted off to.

"(sweatdrop) Was that Daisuke?"

Dark walked in the school halls and towards his next class. Upon reaching the door of his classroom, he saw Daisuke, standing firmly, with his fists clenched and with his red eyes fixed on his own. He signaled the boys he was with to go ahead. The two stood there, face to face and not moving an inch until Daisuke finally spoke out.

"I have something to say to you"

"Make it fast. I have class."

"Like you care about that."

"It's better than wasting my time with a twerp like you."

"I didn't come here to bicker with you."

"That's a shame. It would have been nice to pretend we were lovers," Dark said teasingly, enjoying the red color rising from the other one's cheeks.


"You know what? Let's blow class."


Dark pulled Daisuke's hand and led him towards the stairs. Daisuke tried to protest but he decided to just go along with whatever Dark had planned. He was going to tell him something anyway. He noticed that Dark's hand and pull were gentle and accommodating, not like the few physical encounters he had had with him before, with the exception of the kiss.

'Not that again," he thought and pushed the idea out of his mind. He needed to focus

"Where are we going?"

"Don't ask too many questions."

The two walked up the stairs, to the top and towards the school roof. Dark opened the door and immediately, the strong wind entered the stairway, brushing past the two boys and ruffling their hair and uniforms. With their hands still held together, Dark led Daisuke towards the railing of the edges of the roof.

"Why did you bring me here?"

"So that we can be alone."

"I thought you didn't want to waste your time on me?"

Dark paused for a while, smiling gently at Daisuke.

"You had something to tell me, right?"

"Y-yeah…," Daisuke replied, looking away.

"So? What is it?"


The wind grew stronger. Daisuke moved his hair away as the strands fell over his eyes.

"Who's Risa?" Dark asked nonchalantly

Daisuke felt outraged. Did that mean Dark kissed Risa without at least knowing her name?

"She's the girl you kissed weeks ago!"

"Ah! The one who had cookies? What about her?"

"She likes you! She… She has been in love with you ever since High School started!" Daisuke tried to contain himself while he was saying these things. A while ago, he was confident he'd be able to say these words with ease. He didn't count on the hurt he would be feeling, knowing he was giving up Risa, the first girl he truly liked.

"So you're 'giving' her to me?" Dark scoffed.

"I'm not saying she's an object to be handed down or anything! I'm just saying… she's a nice girl. She's beautiful, smart, she's… perfect! It wouldn't hurt you if you gave her a chance."

"Did she ask you to help her?"


"That's it, isn't it? She pushed you to help her with me," Dark said

"No! That's not the only reason why I'm doing this!" I want her to be happy!"

"What about you? You like her, right? And you're just giving her up to me like that. I hate that shit. What are you trying to prove? That you're ma martyr? That you're the better man?"

Daisuke was speechless, not knowing how to reply to Dark's remark.

" That's not how it works! If you were really the better man, you'd fight for the one you like, that is, if you really DID care for her. And also..." Dark continued as he walked towards Daisuke.

"You like me, right?"

Daisuke was stunned and could not answer. He just stood there, motionless, as if he had been slapped on the face. Dark pulled Daisuke and pushed him against the railings, making sure that the younger teen is not hurt in the process.


"I…" Daisuke could feel his heart pound. The close proximity to Dark was overwhelming. The heat rising to his face and ears wasn't helping in anyway.

Dark, upon seeing this, leaned closer. Daisuke felt his hot breath touch the skin of his ears. He felt something warm touch his cheeks. Dark's lips tickled this area of his face and moved downward. Daisuke tried to come up with a sound of protest but instead, gave out a soft moan as Dark made contact with his sensitive neck. He bit the skin gently, making Daisuke grab him by the shoulders. His hands were trembling.

"No." He said, trying to push dark away from him. Dark stopped from what he was doing and looked firmly at Daisuke's eyes.


"I…I don't know. I don't… …"

"Just tell me if you like me."

"I... H-How did…"

"You do, don't you?" Dark was serious now.

Daisuke, unable to withstand the pressure, nodded his head. He was very confused but he knew he liked what Dark was doing to him. He hated to admit it but it was as though he was yearning for this.

"I like you." Daisuke said.


"But… I don't know why."

"It doesn't matter."

And with that, Dark pressed his lips against Daisuke's, kissing him sweetly at first. And then, upon hearing Daisuke's muffled voice, he got rougher, alternating from his neck, his cheeks and back to his lips. He grabbed Daisuke's uniform and rapidly unbuttoned it. He then took off Daisuke's undershirt, kissing the red-haired boy's smooth and milky-white chest upon doing so.

He kissed Daisuke on the lips again and this time, Daisuke decided to kiss back. He moaned as Dark bit his lower lip, urging him to open his teeth. Dark entered his mouth, covering Daisuke's soft and reddened lips and playing with the boy's tongue with his own.

Dark took off the top of his uniform, never breaking his contact with Daisuke. He moved downward towards Daisuke's chest and kissed teased Daisuke's nipple with his teeth. Daisuke let out a shout as Dark sucked on his sensitive chest, grabbing the older teen's head as he tried to contain his voice for fear of being heard.

"Dark…" was the only thing he could say as Dark moved towards his flat abdomen and lower still. Dark unzipped and took off Daisuke's pants, revealing cotton-white briefs beneath. Dark moved Daisuke towards the wall, behind the door to the stairway. He made him lean against it as he touched Daisuke from outside his underwear and kissed him.

Daisuke was groaning uncontrollably. He couldn't even think anymore.

Dark paused from kissing Daisuke as he removed what was left of Daisuke's clothes. Daisuke took the opportunity to regain control of himself and the situation.

"Dark… stop…"

"Why?" Dark asked while removing his own clothes.

"Uh…" Daisuke was running out of words as he saw Dark half-naked. He gazed at dark's lean build, his smooth skin, his firm chest and abdomen. His eyes moved lower and he trembled at the sight of Dark's manhood.

"Turn around," Dark commanded Daisuke. When he saw Daisuke fail to react, he helped him up, turned him around and held him against the wall. He kissed Daisuke's nape and moved lower towards his back. Daisuke scratched his nails against the wall, not able to stand the pleasure Dark was causing.

"Daisuke… … Mmm….."

"Ahh…! Ahhh… Dark!"

Daisuke felt Dark position himself from behind him. This was it. There was no turning back even if he wanted to. He felt a sort of pain from his stomach, wanting whatever was happening to continue. He wanted this… he wanted Dark.

He didn't want to think. He only needed to feel Dark; give himself to him.

He felt the heat rising to his chest as Dark's body and his back made contact. He prepared himself.

The only thing he remembered before his complete submission was the sound of groaning from both Dark and himself as Dark entered him, joining their bodies and claiming Daisuke as his own.

"Class. Do you know the story about the MOTH and the FLAME?

Dark groans as he pushed himself inside Daisuke, holding the redhead by the waist and pushing him against himself.

One night, a moth was flying silently inside a house. While doing so, he saw a lighted candlethat was placed on a table and flew towards it.

Daisuke shouted as Dark grabbed his manhood, stroking it briskly as he pushes even deeper inside of him repeatedly.

"The moth curiosity grew into amazement as it was dazzled by the gentle dance of the flame of the candle. Slowly, it flew nearer and nearer the candle flame, hoping to catch the candle flame's beauty."

Dark's pacing grew faster and Daisuke's movements now complimented those of Dark. Darkclosed his eyes and bit on the skin ofDaisuke's nape as he and his partnercame closer to the edge.

"But the moth came too close to the flame and his wings caught on fire. The fire spread all over the moth's fragile body, incinerating it to ashes in a matter of seconds."

Dark and Daisuke held each other as they reached the peak, shouting simultaneously upon the passing of their release: Daisuke's, on Dark's hand, and Dark's, deep inside his partner.

"The moth was reduced into ashes while the flame shone brightly still, unyielding to the slight interruption to the course of its life."

Dark kisses Daisuke one last time before collapsing on top of the younger teen.The two boys lay on the floor, panting and holding each other.

"There's a lesson to be learned there!" Can anyone tell me what it is?"

Several hands rise up and the teacher calls them one by one, listening to their opinions about the story. Satoshi, on the other hand, sat calmly on his seat, with his eyes focused on Daisuke's empty seat.

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