Shadow Boy Part 1: It Begins
by Martial Arts Master
Flint and all related characters copyrighted by Saban, Fox Family, and Fox Kids. I made up Shadow Boy, though. This takes place after the very final episode of Flint: The Time Detective. Now for the story.


Flint was doing cartwheels for entertainment outside, while Sara and Tony were doing their homework. Dr. Goodman was taking a nap, and Pteri was, too.
After Sara and Tony finished their homework, Sara said, "I wonder how the Time Shifters are doing in the Land of Time?"
"Oh, they're probably doing very well," Tony said. "They always seem to be so positive, so running time itself shouldn't be a problem for them.
"Yeah, you're probably right," Sara said.
Suddenly the monitor turned on, and Ms. Grey's face appeared on the monitor.
"Dr. Goodman, wake up!" she said.
Dr. Goodman woke up immediately.
"What's wrong, Ms. Grey?" he asked. "Could you not stop thinking about me?"
"Very funny," Ms. Grey replied. "I have urgent business. Someone is attacking the White House in Washington D.C., in your time period. You have to get their immediately!"
"But I thought Petra went into hiding after the whole Dark Lord business," Dr. Goodman said. By this time Sara and Tony were listening, too, and so was Pteri.
"It's not Petra, it's someone else," Ms. Grey responded. "And this person is very powerful. The Time Cycle should be able to take you to a different place within the same time period."
A Time Card popped out of the slot below the monitor. Sara took it.
"I'll get Flint," she said, and ran out of the house. A few minutes later she was back, with Flint beside her.
"All right, let's go get 'em!" Flint said.
"You got it," Rocky Hammerhead said.

Later, the Time Cycle arrived in Washington D.C. Our heroes saw a teenage boy dressed in black armor firing black laser beams at the White House, causing explosions.
Everyone got off the Time Cycle, and Flint said, "Hold it, you're under arrest!"
The boy turned to Flint.
"You, arrest me? Don't make me laugh," the boy said. His voice was deep, and he his voice had an echo to it, which sounded like the echo of someone shouting into the Grand Canyon.
"Who are you, anyway?" Tony asked.
"I am Shadow Boy, and I'm your worst nightmare!" the boy responded.
"Wanna bet?" Flint asked rhetorically, and ran at Shadow Boy, ready to smash him with his Rocky.
Shadow Boy chuckled and made a hand motion. Suddenly an enormous black hand came out of nowhere and swatted Flint away, disappearing afterwards.
Flint got up.
"What was THAT?" Flint said.
"I control darkness, shadows, and generally everything black," Shadow Boy said. "That is why I am called Shadow Boy!"
With that, Shadow Boy disappeared in a flash of black energy.
"Hey, where'd he go?" Rocky asked.
Suddenly there was a noise behind Flint. Flint turned around only to get smacked into the air with a black hammer. The hammer disappeared
Flint landed on the ground, the wind being driven out of his lungs.
"That guy's really powerful!" Sara said.
"No DUH!" Tony said. "But how are we gonna beat him?"
"I'm not giving up!" Flint said. He got up and jumped high into the air. However, before he could swing at Shadow Boy, Shadow Boy made a motion with his hand. Suddenly Flint's own shadow turned into a ball and encased Flint.
"Hey, let me out of here!" Flint said.
"Not a chance!" Shadow Boy said, lifting his hands into the air. The ball encasing Flint rose high into the air. Then, Shadow Boy brought his hands down, and the ball carrying Flint smashed into the ground, breaking open but at the same time smashing Flint into the ground.
"Give up, you'll never beat me!" Shadow Boy said arrogantly.
"That's it, we gotta fossilize 'em!" Flint said.
"Gotcha!" Rocky said. Flint pressed the button, and the fossilizing beam shot out at Shadow Boy.
"Hmph," Shadow Boy said. His eyes glowed back, and a wall of black energy appeared in front of him, blocking the beam. Eventually Flint stopped firing.
"MAN, this guy's powerful," Tony said.
"No DUH!" Sara said, deliberately mimicing Tony's earlier words.
"You sure are worthless," Shadow Boy said. He jumped up into the air and fired a black energy at Flint, but Flint jumped aside.
"Hmm, maybe you're not so worthless after all," Shadow Boy said.
"You're darn right he's not!" Rocky said.
"Shut up!" Shadow Boy said, firing another black energy beam. This time it hit Flint, and Flint was driven to the ground. He tried to get up, but he couldn't.
"Oh no!" Sara said.
"You aren't a very good opponent," Shadow Boy said. "For your information, I only attacked this building to get you here. I was created to destroy you, but I hate destroying worthless opponents."
Shadow Boy created a black portal. He stepped halfway into it, then paused and looked back.
"I'll fight you again when you don't STINK!" Shadow Boy said nastily. He then stepped all the way into the portal, which closed up. Shadow Boy was gone.
"JEEZ, that guy was nasty," Tony said.
"You got that right!" Rocky said.
Meanwhile, Flint finally managed to get up.
"I hope the Dark Lord didn't create this guy," Flint said. "I thought he turned good after we showed him what friendship was like."
"I think maybe we should go ask him," Tony said.
"For once, you've got a good idea!" Sara said.
"Whaddya mean 'for once'?!" Tony asked angrily.
Everyone got on the Time Cycle, and they proceeded to fly to the Land of Dread...

The End


Ok, the first chapter's done. Now I got an announcement to make. During the course of this fic, I'm going to throw in some romance. But this isn't your average Sara/Merlock or Bindi/Merlock fic. This romance will be strictly between Time Shifters! See, I try to write original things, and I don't think anyone's ever done a Time Shifter romance before. Another reason why I'm writing one is because I'm not good at romances, and I need practice. So here's what I'm going to do. For some reader interaction, I will take suggestions as to which two Time Shifters should be a couple. Voice your suggestions by including them in your reviews. Bear in mind that because of my inexperience in romance fics, I can only write a plausible romance between ONE couple at a time, so after 10 reviews, I will randomly pick one of the suggestions and go with that. The couple I pick will feature in the next chapters of my fic. E-mail all questions and comments to, but do NOT e-mail me suggestions for couples. I only want suggestions in REVIEWS. And I'm not going on with the fic until I get 10 reviews, because I need a good amount of suggestions to choose from.