Author's Notes

The general Sailor Moon idea and characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi. But the plot and the Dessert Senshi belong to me. This is set after the BSSM series, it's a new series about a new generation of Senshi in Crystal Tokyo. In this series and in the four next ones, characters from other anime appear as the villains. The Magic Knights and Mokona are in this one. I of course have my Senshi list:

Maria Delgado is Sailor Butterscotch

Kurumi Kino is Sailor Caramel

Mortimer Wellington is Sailor Chocolate

Parallax Katzenjammer is Sailor Cinnamon

Basil Anderson is Sailor Licorice

Serena McDouglas is Sailor Peanut Butter

Rainbow Sparkles is Sailor Peppermint

Ahmed Hussein is Sailor Vanilla

Madoka Hino is Sailor Bubble Gum

Pierre Fromage is Sailor Cookie

Bridget O'Malley is Sailor Cupcake

Jessica Cornflower is Sailor Jellybean

Akane Aino is Sailor Lollipop

Mozzarella Rigatoni is Sailor Marshmallow

Sakura Mizuno is Sailor Milkshake

Galaxy Chang is Sailor Popsicle


There was a gathering at the Crystal Palace. Not only were the former 8 Sailor Senshi there, but so were the 3 guardian cats. Waiting in a separate room were 12 youths from 12 different countries. They were summoned to Crystal Tokyo and were chosen specifically for the Senshi auras that lay dormant inside them. Their fate was to be decided at this meeting.

"Rei, can you tell us about the dream you had when you came back from Canada?" Neo-Queen Serenity started. Rei Hino nodded.

"Yes. It was of our powers doubling and then gaining a sweet sensation, like the one you get from candy," Rei explained. Luna nodded.

"An old Silver Millennium prophecy. The second generation of Sailor Senshi were always referred to as the 'Dessert Senshi' by the oracles."

"Also, it was always said that one shall mimic but not replace the Moon. This must be why Small Lady has not moved past the Sailor Chibi Moon form, because she is not needed to get any stronger," Artemis added.

"So I'll never move on to be a real Sailor Senshi? Why?" Chibi-Usa whined.

"Because the Moon Princess was never meant to fight if her Queen is in power. That's why you have 16 new Senshi who are going to protect you," Setsuna explained. Chibi-Usa relaxed a little, but not entirely. That would explain why I had to do her training in the past and not here, she thought. Neo Queen Serenity set a box on the table; inside were the names of the new Senshi and also which powers they would receive. Rei, Minako, Ami, and Makoto, since they had their own children they were taking care of already, had agreed to only take one Senshi each and they each took their slip of paper out. The Outer Senshi took four slips out, and the four that were left Neo-Queen Serenity kept for herself; they were to stay at the palace. With that, the destinies of the 12 youths were set.