Title: The Devil You Know

Synopsis: Spoilers for 'Tanglewood'. To show Detective Mac Taylor that they mean business… the Tanglewood boys kidnap Danny Messer.

Pairing: Danny Messer/Mac Taylor (later), Sonny Sassone/Danny Messer (non-con)

Rating: NC-17 (for language, mentions of rape, and sex)

Author: Princess Tepes

Authors Notes: This is dedicated to Jilly and inspired by the song 'Numb' by Holly McNarland. This is not for people who like Stella… seriously.


Danny was terrified. Sonny had a gun with him this time and it was pressed against his temple. The cold metal was searing him, it felt like, and he burned with shame. He had never been this frightened… never. He was still sitting against the wall and Sonny was squatting down next to him. Sonny glanced at his watch.

"You would know, right Danny… how time is the most important thing in a kidnapping case…" Sonny said, pressing the gun even harder into his temple. "You know… that by now… it's too late and by all rights you should be dead." Sonny gave him a smirk as Joe and Tony laughed. Danny bit back a whimper as he wished he had just let himself die.

"Y-yes." He stammered out. He hated how weak his voice sounded. Sonny cocked the hammer back. At the same time there was a loud crash from upstairs.

"What the fuck?" Joe said, he and Tony immediately sprinting up the stairs. Sonny followed a few minutes later, leaving the door open. But Danny couldn't move anymore… exhaustion finally taking its toll. Even if he could move… he wouldn't have enough strength to climb the stairs. He heard voices upstairs and he wondered if Sonny had called for more gang members to humiliate and use him. He wrapped his arms around himself as the room got suddenly cold. He whimpered softly and tried to sink into the wall.

"Where is he?" Mac said, menacing closer to Sonny, gun drawn and face twisted with fury. Sonny actually took a step back but he was grabbed by Don and cuffed. So were Joe and Tony. Don growled at Sonny and shoved him to a uniform.

"Take them to the station." Don turned to some of the S.W.A.T. members that had followed them into the building. "I'll take this floor, you guys take the top. Mac, get the basement… please." Don said, gently turning Mac away from the front door. "We have to find Danny. We have to know what to charge him with." Don redrew his service pistol and started walking through the house, clearing rooms.

Mac walked towards the basement, his steps were slow and steady as he felt cold fear grip him. What if they had killed Danny? What if they had convinced Danny to change his ways and join them? What if Danny was hurt beyond repair and he had to give up everything? Mac shook his head and walked down the stairs. He saw Danny then, sitting against the wall, shaking with something.

"Danny!" He said, excited to see his friend. "I FOUND 'IM!" Mac yelled up to the other people searching the house. He leaned down next to Danny. "Danny… I'm here." Mac said.

Danny looked up at him with empty eyes. He blinked once and then twice. "M-mac?" He stammered out, closing his eyes again. "You… you f-found me." He said, stating a very obvious fact. Mac merely nodded and wrapped Danny up in his arms.

"Oh god, Danny…" He whispered. Don had come running down the stairs and he saw Danny, dried blood all around him and he looked the worse for wear. Don moved up the stairs and called an ambulance. Danny gave Mac a soft smile.

"I… I can sleep now."

When Danny woke again, he was in the sterile rooms of a hospital. He was still groggy and he didn't hurt anymore, though he supposed it was from the morphine drip he spied connected to the IV in his arm. He brought his unwired arm up and rubbed his eyes. Don was sitting in the chair, head propped on his arms and his eyes closed.

"Don." Danny said, waking the other man up. He snapped to full alert when he realized Danny was awake. "Is… is Mac here?" He asked, his throat feeling like it was on fire again. Don nodded and left to get him.

"Mac… he's awake… and he's asking for you." Don said. Aiden let out a sound of happiness, just glad that he was awake. The doctor had told them that he would recover if he made it through the night. Mac stood up swiftly and walked into the hospital room. Danny gave him a half but genuine smile.

"Thank you for saving me." That was all he said before he drifted back to sleep.

After a week in the hospital, Danny was feeling physically better, but he couldn't shake the nightmares. Still, the hospital released Danny and he immediately went home. He was a little ashamed because his friends had had to process him for evidence. And they found a lot of it. He rubbed his eyes and sat on his couch, just staring blankly at the black screened television. He swallowed and grabbed the phone. He dialed a number which was picked up one ring later.

"Hello?" Mac's soft voice came over the line. Danny didn't want to cry yet.

"I can't be alone tonight." He said after a few seconds of silence. "I need you to be with me." He explained further.

"Alright… I'll come over." With that, Mac hung up—and true to his word he arrived fifteen minutes later. Danny couldn't help himself and he began to cry helplessly. Mac held him tightly and rocked him gently. After the tears subsided, Danny clung to Mac as the minutes passed. He let out a small sigh and started to softly tell Mac what had happened to him.

Mac listened in horror as Danny explained what they had done to him. His heart ached for his friend as he told in horrendously explicit detail every hit, every thrust, every biting comment. But then, he stopped talking and he moved away from Mac, he turned to Mac.

"But… even with all this… they… they couldn't break me. I had one part of me they could never touch, they could never hurt." Danny was silent for a few seconds. "That… that was what kept me alive. It kept me shielded." Danny nodded and dropped his eyes. "That part of me is the part that is in love with you."


AN: There will at some point be a sequel for this, but as of right now... this is the end.