Galerians: Reanimation




If anyone of those characters would belong to me, I wouldn't leave my room anymore.

Summary (I'm terrible at those)

Four years after the destruction of the last Galerian, another danger is approaching the world. Rion, the only hope to defeat a Galerian is dead, dying along the last Galerian in the fusion reactor. Will Pat be in time to revive his dead friend and how will Rion react to living in a world without Lilia? Read and review...

Author's notes

Well, this is the first story I'm writing in the game department. I'm using parts of both games so to fully understand everything you should have played the game. I think that's it for now.

Read and enjoy... oh and leave a review pretty please...


(Annoying notes from the author)
quotes, thoughts
telepathic contact
Scanned scenes/flashback

Prologue Scattered strings of memories…

He felt weightless… like he was floating… but that was impossible…

.. He was dead, wasn't he?...

They had perished together… he had injected the virus….

Then why could he think this… why did he…

He remembered… he and Cain were trying to sneak out of the isolation wing…

Rita scolding him..

Toys floating in the air….

.Pain… unbearable pain…

…….Where am I… who am I…

...There's only one who can defeat a child of Dorothy.. yes I know, a child of Dorothy..

Dorothy… mother…

I'm Lilia.. no one else… I'm Lilia… that loves you.. do you believe me Rion?...

.. Rion… that was his name…

.. but where was he… why was he here…

a room.. white washed walls… faces… red hair… blond.. silver.. black…naked skin..

"Rion… Rion wake up… you're safe now…RION!"

who… pain… where…

"Rion, wake up!"

Aquamarine eyes slowly opened. Confusion evident in them. He heard a low hiss before the ground under him moved. It was like Déjá vu (spell?). The cold air around his body dissipated and he tried to move. Dozens of tubes were connected to his body, definitely Dejá vu. Turning his head he saw a control panel and there stood somebody ..Lilia? No the figure had broad shoulders, it was a young man around twenty. At first he couldn't put a name to the familiar face until the figure spoke.

"Sorry that it took so long Rion."


The figure turned around to reveal the face of his old friend. The boyish features were gone, the face almost unrecognizable, but the smile and the eyes told him that this man was indeed Pat. The young hacker had changed into a man since he had last seen before he had left to fight Ash. The baggy pants and the shirt had been exchanged with black pants, a long white shirt and a lab coat. The googles he had worn were also gone. Brown hair was tied back with a black ribbon. Pat had grown up.

"Right, long time no see Rion. Say how do you feel?" Rion ignored the question for one of his own.

"Like someone gave me an overdose of Delmentor. Why Pat? Why did you bring me back?"

"Me? I only assist. You had to survive Dorothy and Ash before I could do something. Well.. I think you know this procedure better than me. Regular pulse stimulation so your muscles shouldn't have atrophied. Besides if your body would have died in the reactor room underneath the refining factory, I couldn't have done a thing. Brace yourself this will hurt a bit."

With a small zap all tubes flew off. Rion winced briefly before attempting to sit up. His muscles worked, testing his flexibility, he turned to Pat. It was like last time only that Pat didn't seem to be embarrassed by his nudity. He remembered that Lilia had turned around to give him privacy while he had dressed. He hoped that he got normal clothes this time. The leather pants and zip shirt had been a weird experience. People had stared at his stomach while talking. It had been an unnerving feeling.

"After I finally got Lilia, I returned to get you, we hoped that your body hadn't been exposed for too long, but my protection suit couldn't stand the radioactivity in the reactor room, we had to create a new type of suit to ward off the radiation in the reactor. It took almost five month before we finally managed to get your body. After that we had to deal with your contamination. You had been exposed to a radiation far higher than even a Galerian could take. It's a miracle that your body was alive and we still can't explain why. Lilia and I began to search for a method to cleanse your body. We froze you for three month in a cryogenic device. Then Lilia managed to find a method. It took nearly eleven months to cleanse your body completely of the radiation. You were exposed to 10.989 rads, the contact for two minutes should have sent your body into a shock and killed you after five more minutes, but your body survived lying in the room for five month that's 44064 times longer than you should be able to. After that we began with the search for your back up data."

Pat took a bundle of clothes from one of the shelves and put them next to Rion who took them and began to dress himself. There was the collar he had worn at the beginning of his second 'adventure'. The pants were not red instead they were made of black leather and clung to his body like a second skin, his hip bones were poking out. Like with the red pants, a chain was attached to them. The shirt didn't have a zipper this time instead it resembled the one he had worn the day he woke up in the isolation ward after he heard Lilia for the first time. It was black and long sleeved, over that you pulled a white shirt with shorter sleeves. The black shirt didn't cover his whole stomach while the white one was longer but parted and flared out over his navel which exposed him again. Rion sighed, it seemed the people would continue to stare. His left ear still sported the piercing from last time. On his left thumb he wore again a ring, the white long sleeves were decorated with Chinese symbols in black.

"We started the search in the terminal of the DT- fusion reactor underneath the refining factory. But there was nothing left, nothing of Ash, Dorothy or you. But we noticed that the terminal had been used in the years no one was supposed to go near the Uranium facility. The government had closed the factory and prohibited entrance to everyone. But someone gained entrance, someone who was able to breath radioactive air or had fitting protection. We found out that someone had hacked into the terminal and stolen the back up data, meaning you. Searching for you took not so long, Lilia found you and passed the information onto me. But retrieving the back up data took more than two years since the hacker always evaded me. Three months ago I finally got you and after almost four years you are back along with the others."


"Rion you have to understand that this foreign power stole all data related to Dorothy, Dr. Lem's g-project and the family program. I had nothing to do with this decision."

"Pat, which others?"

"After we finally found you, I noticed that your mind, if you can call it that, didn't contain the information for the virus but the back up data from the family program, Dorothy, Ash, Nitro and all of the other Galerians. The government gave me the order to extract this information and in cooperation with the scientists of the Michelangelo Memorial Hospital.."

"Don't tell me that…"

"With the help of the information from your head and the data of the late Dr. Lem's G-project the scientists and I created new bodies for all of the Galerians. In the next 27 days from now they are going to be revived. You were the first and in three days Cain will follow and three days after Cain Rainheart and then Spider and so on."

"Are you crazy! What do you promise yourself from reviving them. Parano is insane you should know best, I assure you Birdman isn't much better. I don't even want to think about Ash. Pat!"

"Rion! I know that, but you should know better than anyone else, that children of Dorothy cannot be defeated by humans. The foreign power has already begun with the attacks. Rabbits and Arabesques are attacking the people in the countryside. The military forces can fight them but you have seen Cas and the others, what they managed to accomplish in hours of work and preparation you did within seconds. The government had to do something. We suspect that this is only the beginning, what will happen when they manage to crack Dorothy's code for the creation of real Galerians. I cannot do anything against this order Rion. They are going to revive them with or without my consent. Besides the research to bring you back would have cost a healthy sum, but since my research would be bringing the others back too the government paid all the bills."

Rion sighed. Great so soon his old 'friends' would be alive again. He would have to face them, how would they react? He had killed most of them and was indirect responsible for all their deaths. He would have to face Ash. The last time he had seen the gray haired Galerian, he had told him not to hate anyone. The face had been cupped in his hands before an odd pull had separated them in the depth of the data world. What would Ash do? He hated humans, thought their bodies were polluted.

Great, his new life couldn't have, again, started better, he had the sneaking suspicion that perhaps after Dorothy's death another god had taken them as responsibility and he had already pissed this god off somehow.

"So humanity is at war again." Pat nodded.

"The problem is that we don't know against whom we are fighting. We still haven't managed to track their signals back. Whoever it is, knows what to do with a computer. They never leave traces. But one thing we know for sure, the rabbits, arabesques and robots listen to their orders. We suspect they have started to built another Dorothy." Rion shuddered, but he voiced another entirely different question.

"How can Nitro, Spider, Parano and Ash get a body? They never had one to begin with. Dorothy created only Ash. The others are parts of him and Ash is like Dorothy, only an AI."

He felt bad for phrasing it like this, Ash was certainly more than just a simple AI. After all he had been able to fool mankind into thinking that he was a corporal being. Had led an army and created new life. A god he was not, but like Dorothy he was a creator. Pat's voice brought him out of his musings.

"Lilia, she managed to save the data from your fights with them in the back up data of Dorothy's family program in Mushroom Tower. Elaine, the computer from the fallout shelter we used four years ago, was also salvaged. As you know Romero sold his DNA. Ash gained access to Elaine through that, so he could foul us with the supposed video data recording Parano's attack and slaughter of the military forces stationed in the sublevels."

"Yes, it's his fault that Cas died and Lilia got exposed to the radioactivity." Rion felt as the air began to cackle around him, taking a deep breath he forced himself to calm down. It wouldn't do any good to blow up the hospital, though the thought was tempting. In the distance he heard something explode. Taking a deep breath he calmed down.

"True, we would have lasted much longer against Ash if Romero had died an early death. But it's no use crying over it, Romero is dead and it's been years. Humanity is fighting another war against Galerians and we need your help Rion and the help of the others. Otherwise we will loose and our land if not whole mankind will go down."

Rion sighed, he avoided to look at Pat. Instead he looked around the room, the walls were painted in a white color, equipment and laboratory devices were scattered around the room. Behind him was the device he had slept in. There was a mirror in the left corner next to the door. Looking into it he noticed that not much had changed since he last saw himself four years ago. A bit taller perhaps and longer hair but otherwise? Why was he back? He never wanted this?

"I don't look much older than last time. How long did you say took it? Four years?"

"Three years and eleven months and to answer question. Your body hasn't aged that much. To cleanse your body off the radiation we needed to stop the dividing process of your cells, so that the radiation could not spread further. The result was that your body stopped aging. After your body was clean, you started to age again. Your body is currently 22 years old which means you are only two years older than me."

Rion snorted, Pat who was still busy with analyzing data ignored him for now.

"Where are the others? Where is Lilia?"

Pat looked up. His face looked pained. Rion didn't like that look. The Pat he knew was good natured and had an easy going attitude. What had happened?

"The others are in the room next to your own. Since their bodies needed to be developed until they fit the AI's we salvaged. According to our schedule there will be no problems."

Rion stilled, he noticed that Pat ignored his question concerning Lilia. He frowned. Why would Pat do that, had something happened to Lilia? Probably she had been exposed to radioactivity and even for him the concentration had been too high to endure for a larger amount of time.

"We should see the others now. Here this is your keycard. You have access to every area in the hospital and our research department. Later after we talked with the correspondent from the government I'll bring you to your new home. There so much I have to tell you. I think it's time that you live a bit." With that Pat threw a metallic card at him. Rion caught the card and followed Pat out of his room. There was a high security lock and a panel with numbers next to the door.

A sign proclaimed in angry red letters that unauthorized personal, which meant everyone excluding Pat and his assistants, was not to enter. Looking around he noticed that the hospital had been restored. He hadn't seen much while he fought Ash four years ago but he knew that Lilia had been right. Michelangelo city had been ruined, the scum of the G- project, better known as rabbits and the like had destroyed the city. She had been right when she had said that no one lived there anymore. In addiction to that the air had been contaminated with radioactivity.

But now, he could see nurses and security personal hastening through the corridors, the halls sported windows, light shined through the glass. Curious he stepped towards the window. The streets below were full of people. He could see shops, cars and children. The whole city was full of life. He didn't notice as the corners of his mouth lifted themselves. There was a hint of a smile on his face. The familiarity he felt was frightening. This was the Michelangelo city he remembered from his childhood or better said from Rion's childhood. He noticed that Pat now stood beside him.

"The city did really change, didn't it? It took only a few months after the radiation was cleared. We continued the research and I followed Lilia's footsteps and became a computer scientist."

"I want to see Lilia, where is she?"

Again Pat looked pained before he nodded.

"Alright I'll bring you to her. We'll see the others later."

They left the hospital behind, Pat had changed his attire before though. The pants and shirt had been exchanged with jeans and a button down shirt in green, the coat had been abandoned as well. Now they were walking along the streets of Michelangelo city both lost in their own thoughts. Rion kept wondering how Lilia was, she was certainly sick, she had to be. Being exposed to the radiation in the factory had nearly killed her back then, but Pat had said that they got her and she had found a way to cleanse his body of the radiation so why shouldn't that have worked on her, too?

He looked around, the city looked like the one in his memories but at the same time he knew it was different, the streets carried the same name but new buildings with new shops were there. Different people were mingling, new parks, the alleys were decorated with flower pots, it was really beautiful. Michelangelo city was a metropolis in the middle of the desert. There were farms scattered around the country side, he suspected that there the attacks had taken place.

"We are there Rion."

The blond Galerian started, there were standing in front of a gate. He froze when he realized that they were standing in front of the entrance of Michelangelo city's cemetery.

Prologue End


Chapter Analysis


Well, a jump into the unknown. The first piece I've ever written in the game department. Also one of my long time projects, I had rented the games, but then became addicted and bought them. The Artbook followed and I'm now pursuing the movie and the TV series. But back to the prologue. It doesn't have much action, more thoughts and feelings and I'm still sure that I should have included a in depth look into Pat's thoughts. Maybe I'll write it later. I tried to keep Rion and Pat in character, which was harder with Rion then with Pat.

There isn't much known about Pat, except what you get from the booklet and the scenes in the game. But I got the impression, that he is a normally happy go lucky character, who grew up a bit too fast. I mean how old is he in the game? I also think that he doesn't understand Rion's situation. Which was proved by the last scene between him and Rion.

To Rion's character. He was a challenge, as for him there is more than just the war. He has also to deal with the people and his own emotions. In the first game, he was a young boy, who, for all purposes, is thrown into something he had no control over. The lack of memories only brought him in a conflict. He saw and listened to the horrors of what happened to the Steiners and Lilia, but he couldn't relate to it since he wasn't sure of who he was. In the second game, Rion is very aware of who/what he is. Even if the image differs from the one others have of him, Lilia or Pat for example. I tried to give Rion a character, who is on the outside accepting, but hides the doubts and insecurities. He is never in control of his destiny, since other have made the decisions for him. I will evolve his character as the story goes on.

End Prologue Analysis

Feel free to disagree, everything just written is my own impression or thoughts on the games and characters.