Galerians: Reanimation


If I would own them, then the whole story would have gone differently.. as Rion is still dead, Galerians and the characters obviously don't belong to me!!

Rion has taken care of the one, who tricked him…. Now he is on his way to meet Ash for the first time since they both died...

Author's notes
I actually nearly had forgotten about posting this update, which was meant to be posted on my birthday months ago.... thx to "Rion" for the review. It reminded me, that there was actually something written for this fic. *blushes* Sorry for forgetting... some might think I actually abandoned this, NEVER!!!! It's not my style, I always finish everything, even if it takes me years.

PG15 for extreme VIOLENCE!!

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last time...

"Rion.. Dorothy was the most advanced computer of her time. Dr. Pascalle built her with security systems, he himself had created. Even today, they are still unable to get past them. Lilia Pascalle for an instant had to pass her information about you to the army to get only in the rest of the backup data. Just think what kind of genius it takes to breach and pass Dorothy's actual security system."

Chapter 13 Looming Horizon

Rion was silent for a few minutes. Of course, that was logical. Lilia's father had created Dorothy and his/Rion's father had helped. Lilia had only access to Dorothy's system as long as the virus had been in her brain. As the destruction of Dorothy had taken place she had given him the virus and therefore lost that ability.

"We are in trouble."

"That is correct Rion. It is my assumption, that our foe is merely testing us. The attacks in the countryside are probably designed to estimate how prepared the government is."

"Do you think, they counted on our revival?"

"I don't know Rion. But I think our involvement can only be good for the damn mortals."

"You still don't like them."

"Not really. They never let us find any peace, especially you. Though I'll have you know, that there are a few humans I respect."

"Who are you? What have you done with Ash?"

"Very funny Rion."

"No really, I don't believe you. You hate humans."

"True, but that doesn't mean I cannot respect them. Your woman for example. She was one of the more amendable females of your species. The other… Cas, the woman who sacrificed herself for her men. And at last the scientist who brought you back this time, the young man. But except them, I fear humanity could destroy themselves for all I care."

"Somehow I agree with you. Humans despise us, for who we are…" or what we are.. aliens? Monsters? Misunderstood humans? Why does everything need to have a name?

Rion trailed off, leaving the sentence unfinished. Ash nodded, getting the meaning of the blond Galerian. Turning around he watched the older Galerian briefly before leaving Dorothy's room behind. He knew Rion followed without looking back.

"Where are you going now?"

The silver haired man chuckled, Rion was a brilliant young man, but sometimes he was just clueless.

"To the exit of course. I for one am sick of the data world. And as much as I would like to stay pure, I'm curious. I want to get to know the world you fought for. I want to learn to understand you."

Rion was surprised.


"Of course, you are the only one who made an effort to explain your point and why you couldn't submit yourself to me. No one before dared to do that. Not even Nitro and the others. They were parts of me, independent, but they still looked to me for guidance."

"I will try to show you everything I can."

"I look forward to it."

Ash gently grasped the slender hand of the blond Galerian and led them to the exist. Both knew, that nothing was a threat to them. The way to the exit had been in Dorothy's room, but Ash mentioned, that the particular portal had disappeared. They had to take another one. The terminal in the last block, which had housed Ash, would suit their needs. Their walk was interrupted though, in the corridor connecting the terminal room and the block. A unidentifiable creature/monster appeared, blocking the way.

"I think someone doesn't want us to go."

Ash merely raised an eyebrow. As if to say: 'No shit Sherlock.'

"We should make that thing see reason."

"I agree, Rion."

The blond one looked puzzled. Ash always pronounced his name with such an odd undertone. He couldn't understand why, but he had to admit, he kind of liked it.

Raising his arm, flames sprung to life. Racing at a maddening pace towards the monster. Shuriken followed, caught fire and hit home only to bounce off a shield. The bubble was a dark blue and flickered. Rion's wave of red hit and was absorbed.

"What the ..?!"

Rion frowned, he didn't like surprises. Since his awakening in the hospital ten years ago most of them turned out to be downright awful. Ash mirrored his expression, though on his face it looked a lot more menacing. Even in civilian clothes the young man looked like he wanted to kill something.

"It seems we have been given an upgrade?"


I was time to try a bit harder. But first they needed to find out how the could kill that irritating monster. Ash jumped faster than Rion could catch and attacked the shield with his power enhanced kick combination. No reaction, the shield didn't even flicker. Ash stopped and a part of the shield opened up. A ball of red shot appeared, Ash reacted a fraction too late and the wave caught him. His shield protected him from the worst, but his clothes and been melted with his skin. Moving was painful from now on.


The Galerian didn't answer instead he jumped out of the way, seconds later a doubled dose of Nalcon crashed into the shield and this time there was a reaction. Tiny cracks appeared in the shield spreading like a net. It reminded Rion of cracking the shell of a boiled egg. Seconds later the cracks repaired themselves. He smirked and the shield darkened. Becoming even harder, now he knew how to do this.

Charging Nalcon, triple, again he threw it at the shield. As predicted cracks appeared with a small hole in the place of impact. Ash seemed to have read his thoughts. He jumped, pushed himself off the wall and threw his laser beams inside the cracks, just as they were about to seal themselves again. Seconds later the shield exploded, the laser beams destroying shield from the inside. Rion was ready, the walls around him exploded as the double dose of Breakaron made it's way towards the monster.

The immense size made it impossible for it to escape. The dose hit full, frying the thing in nanoseconds. With an earth splitting inhuman scream the creature went down. Rion and Ash waited, both being cautious enough to know, that there still could be a nasty surprise. But nothing happened, the creature stayed dead or better said the molten batch of whatever it had been made of didn't move again.

"You think it's safe?"

"We have to try."

Rion slowly walked closer to the molten thing, his hands glowing with the pulsing light of Nalcon. If the mass made only the slightest motion he was prepared to blast the thing into oblivion. But nothing happened. Rion came steadily closer, but it didn't move. He made his first step into the mass and reached the other end. Ash followed at a far slower place, but the mass didn't move anymore.

Both breathed a silent almost invisible relief, Ash because his whole body was in pain and Rion because he was almost drained of all energy he possessed. The overkill a few hours back had nearly knocked him out. But alas Murphy's law had to come true, what can go wrong goes wrong.

Just as Ash opened the door, a sloshing sound was heard. Rion had barely time to turn around before he and Ash were surrounded by the thing they had just fried. Ash suppressed a scream as his body was pressed together, Rion tried to summon Red to get them free, but he couldn't lift his hand. The mass had turned from mushy to hard like steel in a matter of seconds.


"I know."

Neither needed telepathic contact to know what to do. Shields flickered into existence and softened the attack, if only a little. The downside was, that their AP were practically sky rocking. And with trapped hands Rion couldn't reach his bottle of Demeltor. All they gained was borrowed time and a painful headache. The tactic was a double-edged sword.

"We need to get out of this mess."

"I agree."

Ash's stare had fallen on one of his discarded Shuriken, lowering the shield he concentrated. He ignored the cracking and ripping sounds. His body was full of pain, it was the worst thing he had ever felt. Nothing what mother had done to him could compare. Blood was trickling down his face and upper body. It was clear, that he wouldn't last long. The strain of the shield and the telekinetic was enough to kick the shorting effect into action. Even though much more powerful than the other Galerians, he still was that… a Galerian and therefore he needed Delmetor just as much as them.

Rion joined in the effort and together they managed to give the Shuriken enough power. The flat weapon sliced through the steely mess like a knife through butter. Ash and Rion were both freed. The blond Galerian threw himself to the side, using Nalcon while at it. The weird thing was knocked back into the corridor and away from them. Ash floated, the word pissed wasn't enough to describe the expression he wore.

Rion had never seen Ash like this, even in his last minutes, before he had given him the 'kiss of Death'. The last Galerian had been calm, had accepted his fate. Now on the other hand his face was a mask of anger and pure loathing. His power rose easily, cackling around him, penetrating his shield and burning his clothes. The young man strengthened his shield before taking a Demeltor capsule. He opened the room to Ash's terminal and entered. He didn't want to be there, when the last Galerian lost control.

The room was silent, the only sound Rion's own breathing. Then his senses picked up the change of atmosphere, he tightened the control on his shields and braced himself. Then it started, a tingle creeping down his spine. Abruptly a tidal wave of heat crashed through the wall before it melted. He was thrown backwards, pressed against the other wall as the backlash of Ash's power washed over him. His shield withstood the power easily, something that surprised Rion. After all Ash had been the most powerful Galerian. He wasn't about to complain though.

Sitting up he locked gazes with Ash, who was still standing in the remains of the corridor. Rion smiled slightly, in turn Ash gave him one of his confident smirks. 'What did you expect?' it seemed to say.

"You alright."

"Certainly. We should leave this wretched place behind us. I don't think something will hinder us now."

A quick check backwards ensured, that the monster didn't attack a third time. Simple because there was nothing left of it. Except a pile of crumbs that is. Rion guided the exhausted Ash along. Both touched the terminal and vanished.

~~Somewhere else~~

He was enraged. That was impossible. How did that happen? Impossible!! Rion shouldn't have been able to come back. That was the fault of the silver haired one, who was that? The last Galerian had been nothing more than a computer program and he knew, that Rion had injected him the virus. The image was still fresh in his mind.

So how had the Galerian survived? A copy in the backup data? Unlikely, Rion hadn't known Dorothy's last creation enough to build such a complete replica. No, somehow the computer program had survived the purge it had undergone. Question was how? Had Dorothy foreseen this and made 'Ash' immune against the virus the Steiners and Dr. Pascalle had invented?

No impossible! Dorothy couldn't repair the loophole in the DNA. Yet Ash never had a body. So the virus might not have worked as intended.

The Galerian lived and now he would have a real body thanks to Dr. Lem's research and the family program. He had thought Rion Steiner would be his only problem but no, something/someone else had to come along and complicate everything. But no matter what, his plans wouldn't be deterred.

Hands flew over the keyboard and a series of beeps were emitted from the computer terminal. He smiled. They wouldn't know what hit them.