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Worse than Death

By Silver Sailor Ganymede

I look at the world

Tears flood my eyes

And I realise that

There is no other way

I raise the Glaive

Its blade glints silver

In the last rays of light

The world will ever see

'Goodbye', I say

The last words

Heard on the Earth…

I drop the Glaive

Ribbons of darkness

Suffocating life

The sunlight dies

The deed is done

Then time, it stops

And everything ends

There is nothing left

Nothing left but me

The Abyss beckons to me

I wish to answer its call

But I can't

I am immortal

I am eternally alone

Forever damned

And I realise that

Silence is worse than Death

I am the Messiah of Silence

I am the Goddess of Death

I am the Reaper of the Souls

I am Sailor Saturn

AN, This is my first attempt at fan fiction poetry, so I would be glad if anyone could offer any help, but as I said, this is my fist attempt at poetry, so go easy on me please.