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Chapter Seven: Shadow Link

"Let go of me…"

In the black fabric of his tunic, Onyx felt the other shake his head, squeezing his hold around the brunette and nestling his face closer.

"Let go of me, now," Onyx growled.

It could have been the uncomfortable, wet atmosphere, or the disturbing and slightly depressing young man leaning against a stone structure sticking out of the water, but whatever it was, it seemed to drain the excitement the Hylian had only moments ago. Link shivered at the unnerving stillness of the room, but kept his attention ahead. What mattered now was one thing. One important thing that had his backed turned to him.

His Onyx.

Link cleared his throat, in hopes that his presence would get more notice. He stared at the back of the long cap, but nothing changed. Biting his lip, he stepped forward and reached his hand out.

"Don't touch me," came a deep, unwelcoming voice before Link barely had the chance to settle his hand down on the other's shoulder.

"Onyx," the Hylian whined, easily ridding himself of the mature stature he was forced to obtain and giving into the little, 10-year-old spirit that still dwelled within him. "Turn around. Onyx…look at me. C'mon!" But again as Link reached out to grasp the black tunic, Onyx viciously jerked his body away, turning his head slightly only to glare back at the blonde. "What's happened to you? Onyx…where have you been? Why are you like this-"

"Be quiet," came a fierce command. His head had turned away from the other, yet his body was still tense as if he were expecting Link to lung out and embrace him again. "Now, get out."

"But Onyx-"

"Stop calling me that!" the ebony clothed man snarled, fully turning around with his fists held out from his sides. "I'm not your precious Onyx, Hero. So move on and get out the hell of this room!"

An echo of the dark man's outburst faded into the fog, yet it repeated agonizingly over and over in the Hylian's mind.

"Not my Onyx," Link snorted. "What are you talking about? Did you hit your head or run into something? Onyx, we met in the forest! Remember? Dammit, Onyx, look at me when I'm talking to-Uuh!"

Onyx had reached out and tangled his hand in Link's tunic, giving him a fierce shake in the process. He pulled Link closer and narrowed his eyes. "Leave. Now," he hissed venomously. "I'm giving you the chance to live, now get out before I take that chance away from you."

Link found his voice and swallowed, narrowing his eyes back. "You would never…" he whispered.

Onyx growled and slammed the Hylian back. He turned and started back to the tree, swiping up his discarded sword and holding it up to neck level. "Trust me, Hero, I would. And I will unless you get out."

"Get out, get out, what's wrong with you, Onyx?"

"I'M NOT ONYX!" the brunette yelled, charging at the Hylian with his weapon.

Link yelped, having been forced to jump back and gain his footing before another blow came from the other. He scrambled up, reaching for anything that would help and- "Agh!" Link screamed, falling back down and clutching his shoulder as a fresh, new warmth ran down it. "G-Gods, my-" he let out a grunt as another jolt of pain ran through his body. Between his neck and his arm, a large, ugly rip ran through his skin.

Onyx swallowed, hesitating, before moving his sword so that it was right in front of Link's nose, catching the agonizing man's attention. The blonde shivered at the sight of his own blood on the sword so close to his face. "I'll only say it one more time…Get…out," he said lowly, letting the sword tip wave in front of the Hylian's eyes before drawing back his weapon and turning away.

Shaking, Link stood up and started walking cautiously past Onyx, avoiding any eye contact. He trudged to where the newly opened door was, and stopped at the frame. Link looked back. Nothing was there but the lone black tree and the taunting mist. Onyx was gone. Link bit his lip and swallowed, his glove getting sticky with blood from holding his wound. He took a deep breath, then stopped suddenly and turned, rushing into the new room where a worried fairy was waiting for him.

That wasn't Onyx.

"Link! Finally! What were you doing! What took you so long! Link!" Navi sang, dashing around Link's head in a blinding ball of light. "What's wrong with your shoulder? Where's that man? Link! He did this! I told you! I warned you! Oh, Link! You're hurt!"

"Onyx…" the Hylian muttered, drifting his gaze back at the door, seeing it was closed and bolted. "Navi…Navi, that was Onyx. I know it. He was right there, but…but, oh gods," he hissed as the fairy poked at his shoulder.

"By the goddesses! Link! We must find a something to heal that right now! Hurry, get the item! You're bleeding!"

"But Navi! Onyx! Onyx, that was him! Onyx was in there! I know it, I know-"

"I don't care who that was, Link! That was an enemy and I was a fool to have left you! I'm so sorry," she suddenly changed her tone and clung her little body to the torn sleeve of Link's tunic.

He stopped at that and simply looked down, his ears drooping and his overall expression dying. With another step, Navi had taken flight again, verbally worrying over Link's shoulder wound. The Hylian ventured over to a chest that seemed to have been quietly absent through the exchange. Opening it he found…well, nothing. The inside of the chest was just the moldy insides and nothing more.

"Link? What could an empty chest be doing here?" Navi chirped, flying around Link's head and finally landing on top of the chest. "The least it could have had was one of my sisters! Then we'd be rid of that horrible gash!"

"It's alright, Navi, it doesn't hurt that much" Link said quietly. When he looked down at her, the fairy's heart cracked. He looked like a child that was just abandoned, and Navi was reminded once again that this adult hero still had that little weakness inside of him. "This temple is how old," he spoke with a forced calmness. "We shouldn't be surprised that it's empty, right? It's no big deal…"

The fairy remained quiet as she flew up onto Link's woundless shoulder and patted his ear. "Let's go, Link…"

Link only nodded as he carried on, his grief growing with every step he took away from the fog-filled room.

The following rooms proved to be more challenging and merciless than the earlier ones. Of course they were tough, but the ones in the beginning seemed to at least have a higher chance of him actually getting through. The Hylian's hookshot helped little to none, and even the fairy was running out of advice. And if to add on to their misfortunes, Link's wound seemed to be worsening as its stench grew poorer. The best he could do until a healing fairy was found was to press an old bandana against it and hope it wouldn't get infected.

Each room began looking alike and sounding alike. Water, water, it was all water and it was driving him insane. Not only was his hope crushed and ripped into shreds, but this goddessforsaken temple just never seemed to end!

Link groaned as a door led to the main room again. The more he felt familiar with the room, the more he hated it. Using the tower in the middle for support, he dragged his feet over to a north-or was it south?- side. Within two jumps, the blonde had made it to the ledge that led to where his final battle was. Navi tried to lighten his mood by bringing up the warm meals waiting for him in Kakariko, but not even that sweet, plump cooking lady bouncing into his memories could lift Link's depressing mood.

"Navi," he breathed, clutching his shoulder again and leaning down the side of the wall onto his knees. "I can't go in there now. It's killing me so much-aaah," Link hissed when the fairy opened his collar to reveal a blood-soaked bandana.

She gave a yelp and shot into the air. "Oh dear, oh dear! Link, I'll find you a fairy! I must! Just stay put and rest! Oh dear, this is bad. Very, very bad," Navi started muttering as her tiny, bright body disappeared in the many mazes of the temple.

His eyes tried to follow her glow but his vision started getting blurry. At this, the Hylian closed his eyes and adjusted his body so that his entire left side was leaning on the wall with his left arm leaning around to gently clutch at his pounding shoulder. He sat with his left leg crossed underneath his right, while his right arm wounded around his stomach as if to provide some warmth that was rapidly escaping his body. The Hero's mind was starting to get fuzzy, but he didn't try to wake up anymore than he was. As far as he was concerned, the darkness was welcoming.

His mind was nearly cleared when a strange sensation tingled along his shoulder. It felt like tiny hands smoothing over mending skin and tapping on it to make sure it was sturdy enough, like a job well done. The Hylian opened his eyes only to bright site of pinkish-red, and shut them immediately to escape the intensity.

A figure behind him stood up, the look of longing in his eyes disappearing to be replaced by a blank glare. He turned to be on his way but a weak grip on his leggings turned his attention.

The Hero's head was still bent and leaning on the wall, but his right hand, the shoulder wound now healed, had leaned back to catch the figure before he walked away.

Minutes passed between them, an almost familiar silence, until the shadowy figure moved his leg a bit, trying to rid himself from the blonde's grip. "Let go of me," he said quietly, but the Hylian did not budge. Another moment passed when the darker man sighed. "Link, I'm telling you to let go of me…"

A quiet chuckle came from the blonde. He looked up, a sad smile, but a smile nonetheless, gracing his features. "You said my name, Onyx."

The dark figure sighed again and kneeled down, taking Link's wrist and pulling it off of his leggings. "I told you," he muttered, "My name isn't Onyx." His hand still had a small hold on Link's.

"Then what do I call you?"

"…Shadow Link."

"Shadow?" Link whispered, finally moving his head away from the wall and up at the other man's face. "Like when you were little?"

"No," the man now addressed as Shadow Link said coolly. "Because it's what I am." He fingered behind his shield and pulled out a strange contraption.

"What do you mean?" Link asked quietly, as if saying it any louder would cause the whole moment to disappear. "My shadow-"

"Here," said the brunette has he pushed the item into Link's chest.

"What is-"

"Don't lose it."

"Isn't this the hooksh-"

"You'll need it for that thing in there."


"Link," Shadow Link said more sternly, causing Link to turn his attention away from the weapon. "Don't lose it."

With that, the shadow got up and turned to walk away.

"Wait! Onyx-uh-Shadow Link!" Link yelled, getting onto his feet as Shadow Link jumped onto the floating platform. "Don't leave just like that!" He held his breath as the figure stopped and titled his head back as if to listen. "If just to talk, please. Don't walk away like that…not again…"

The brunette jumped again to land on the tower's edge that stood in the middle of the room. With his back still facing Link, he grunted, "Three questions." His titled his head to the side to speak, "Outside, on the island in the middle of the lake, I'll give you three answers."

"W-wait, I don't under-"

"Link! Look-see! I brought a sister to heal you!" A blue light suddenly blinded his sight as Navi came up and tapped his nose. "Wait, what happened? You're healed!" A red light joined her and soon Link was seeing spots.

He swatted his hand in front of his face to clear the two fairies back so he could regain his vision. The blonde looked back at the tower in the middle of the room and frowned. No one was there. When Navi pulled on his earring, he blew at her and smiled. "There was a pot over there that I checked out while you were gone. Turns out a fairy was hiding in there that offered to heal me. I was just waiting for you, Nav."

The tiny blue fairy seemed to have sighed and began chatting with the red fairy. Pretty soon, and with plenty of mutters and huffs, she had convinced the healing fairy to hide in one of Link's bottle in case she could be of help in the next battle.

Opening the giant doors, the Hero fitted his grip around his newly acquired weapon. Whatever was waiting for him in here, it had better die quick. He had somewhere to be.



"Yes, Link?" the fairy chirped as she stood on Link's shoulder to rid her wings of water droplets.

"Do you think she can really do that," Link asked, taking his cap off to ring the water out of it onto the grassy island they trudged on.

"Do what?"

"Just…you know, Nav, proclaim a marriage like that? I mean, she doesn't honestly think that I'd…we….it's wouldn't work, right?"

The fairy only giggled. "She is princess of the Zoras, who knows what she's capable of, haha!"

"Navi!" Link whined, flapping his cap back and securing it onto his head. "It would never work! I mean, I'm starting to hate water after all of that, my in-laws would all be fish, and…Goddesses, what would our kids look like? How would we even have kids? It doesn't seem possi-"

"Hello, Hero of Time."

"AH!" Link jumped back, fearful that it was the very Zora woman he was ranting about. "Oh…oh Gods, Sheik, for crying out loud." The Hylian sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Stop jumpin' out like that."

"Forgive me, I was standing there for a moment or two, but you hadn't noticed during your little…speech," said the Sheikah. Link frowned at that, noting the bit of amusement in the other's tone. "Did Ruto want to thank me?"

Link nodded.

"I see..." the Sheikah looked to the lake for a minute, a peaceful vibe coming from his relaxed posture. "We have to return peace to Hyrule for her sake, too. Don't we?" He turned to look at Link and waved his hand to beckon the Hylian over. "Look at that, Link..." Sheik said, turning back to the lake. "Together, you and Princess Ruto destroyed the evil monster. Once again, the lake is filled with pure water. All is as it was."

The Hero hummed in reply, taking in the calmness of the scene. It was rare nowadays to find a place that wasn't run down with poverty or monsters, making the tranquility of the lake even more unreal. Sitting himself down, Link wrapped his arms around his legs, resting his chin on his knees. "Sheik," he said quietly. The bard looked over to show his attention. "The rest of Hyrule, the Forest, they're all just curses, right?"

Slowly, the Sheikah nodded. "Lay down by one evil and powerful man."

"Yeah…" Link replied, leaning his head down to hide behind his knees. "Does that mean that once the curses are lifted, everything will go back to normal? Like the lake?"

It was silent for a few minutes, causing Link to think he was alone until, "Things will never be normal, Hero. The fears and terrors of this time will never erase from the villagers' minds. These seven years have harmed more minds than it has bodies, traumatizing and stealing the innocence away from all who have lived through it."

Another moment passed before Link looked up, realizing he was now alone. It was strange though…he still felt a presence with him. "Navi?"

"Yes, Link?" the blue fairy piped, flying over to land on Link's knees.

"The scarecrow over there, near the small garden," he said, "I forgot what the song was that he taught us. Would you mind going over and working with him to make a new song? One that's easier to remember?"

The fairy sighed and turned her back on Link, fluttering her little wings in Link's face.

"C'mon, Nav, I'm exhausted from that thing in the temple. It'll be like multi-tasking. I'll rest up so I'll be able to take us to Kakariko, while you just get a small song from that dancing scarecrow."

Again, Navi sighed, but turned around, swiped Link on the nose with her tiny hand, and was off.

The blonde watched the ball of light zoom off before he leaned his head back into his arms. "Thank you for coming…" he said against his arm.

A figure came from behind the tree and trudged up to the sitting man. "You seem to have a lot of guardians now."

The Hylian's body visibly relaxed at the closer proximity of the other man."…Are you still one of them?" the hunched figure asked, his voice a bit muffled.

"I made a promise. I wouldn't lie to you, Link."

The Hylian then looked up, taking in the calmer, older version of his once-Onyx in the sunset light. "But you'd keep things from me."

The brunette only nodded and sat himself down next to Link, shifting one leg under him while the other bent in front, allowing him to rest his arm on it. "True," was all he said.

"…Shadow…Link?" Link asked hesitantly. The other only turned his head slightly. "Why do you seem so different now? In that room, you…you acted like a completely different person…"

"Is that one of your questions?" the shadow spoke coolly.

After a moment, Link nodded and turned his full attention to the ebony haired man beside him. "…What happened to you to make you this way? You seem hateful and…depressed at the same time." Dimly, in the back of his mind, Link remembered the sharp pain of Shadow Link's sword cutting into his shoulder. "You…you attacked me…"

Gazing over the lake, Shadow Link looked tired, as if he longed for something he couldn't have. He turned his eyes to the Hero, causing the other to gulp. He looked so…so sad. Sad and tired…Link thought.

"My mind is unstable, Link…I was defeated before I even fought the battle. Seven years ago, I underwent a bit of side-switching against my will that ended up messing with my thought process. I see the world differently and have urges to break things, whether it be to hurt something or just kill it," the shadow said in a monotone voice that left Link frowning. He continued, "Sometimes the urges are strong to the point where I can't control them," his eyes met Links for a second before drifting over the blonde's shoulder. "Overall, I've become violent and unbalanced, leaving my social skills to drop dramatically. From there, things only got worse to the point of me being what you see in front of you."

A crooked smile replaced the sad one, causing the Hylian to cringe and look away. "Does that change your mind about things, Hero?" the shadow cooed amusingly.

"Stop it," Link snapped.

"Stop what?"

"Stop that…acting that way. It's irritating. You never acted that way before-"

"Seven years is a long time, Link," Shadow Link said coolly.

"And why do you keep switching between Link and…and 'Hero'? What's up with that?"

"Is that your second question?"

Startled, Link shook his head, "No! Just tell me everything that's happened to you! Where have you been? Why you were in that room? I mean, c'mon, and now you're Shadow Link. Where did that come from?!"

"Link," the brunette sighed, "Choose which question you want to ask and then ask it straight on."

Link felt a pout coming on, but he held it down and just glared at the lake angrily. Ever since he was first told the truth before his tree-father-figure died, he already felt the innocence in him draining. Now, after so long, the one thing he had hoped to bring some of that innocence back was acting cold-hearted. Too adult like… Link snorted. "Actin' like he's older than me," he muttered aloud.

"I am older than you. Now ask you're third question."

The blonde's head shot up. "What?! That wasn't a question! That wasn't even directed at you! It was-"

"Link," the shadow said lowly. "You're seventeen years old and will one day defeat the Prince of Darkness so that you can restore Hyrule to what it was seven years ago, fulfilling a prophecy that lies on your very shoulders. Stop pouting over a petty argument and grow some balls."

"Shut the hell up! You can lecture me when you've know me for more than a few days! Until then, act like you're actually happy to see me, you freaking liar."

"I am no more a liar than you are the Hero of Time. And seventeen year old men don't say freaking, Link. They say fu-"

"Shut up! Goddesses, forget it! Just forget it! If you're gonna be a bastard, then forget it! Go off with your new name and your new friends and your new home because I'm sure you promised them the same lies you promised me," he snarled, getting up and turning his back on the ebony clad man on the ground. He neared the bridge posts but was unable to keep walking. Shadow Link had come up and embraced the Hero from behind. The Hylian yelped when the man pulled the blonde body harshly against his own and nuzzle his face on Link's neck.

"By the gods, you don't know how much I've longed to touch you again…" he whispered in a smoky voice, and before Link could yell 'WHAT?!', the Hylian was turned around and forced into an even tighter embrace. Something wet rubbed against his lips. In an attempt the call the shadow something that must have started with a 'bas-', his voice was simply drowned out by a tongue colliding with his own. The Hylian clutched the other's shoulders when Shadow Link started demonstrating exactly how much he had matured over the years by pushing Link against the bridge post and rubbing his leg in between the blonde's thighs. The pecks on the cheek that Link remembered seemed so much…different now, especially with the added sensations the shadow brought on as he moved his hands around- HOLY gods of nature…!

"Mmph-op! Stop! Dammit," Link growled, gripping the shadow's shoulders and shoving them back. As the both of them panted, Link looked Shadow Link square in the eyes. "I still have one more question."

The brunette stared at him, then shrugged and walked back to the tree. He turned and leaned against it with his arms crossed, looking at the Hero who was still recovering from the sudden burst of affection. "Alright, shoot."

Breathing deeply, Link followed his example and plopped down to lean his back against the massive tree trunk. "Whatever the heck-"

"Hell, Link. Seventeen years old now."

"Fine, hell. Whatever the hell you were doing, before you do it, first tell me why you look like me."

"Is that a problem?" the shadow asked nonchalantly.

"It is when you're kissing-"

"Making out, Link."

"-yourself," the blonde continued, "And you better damn well give me an answer this time. That last question wasn't even fair, and the one before that didn't answer a thing besides you're even weirder than you were before!"

When Shadow Link began speaking, the Hero could already tell that the man over him was smirking. "I liked a prophecy when I was…younger. My creator told it to me-"


"Mother told it to me," the dark man went on, "And it basically was the legend of the Hero of Time. I liked the story enough that I wanted to follow in the Hero's footsteps, thus, I chose to grow up looking like you."

"How do you choose what you're going to look like?" Link asked.

"That's four questions-"

"It's all apart of the third question!"

The shadow hid a smile. "Fine, fine," he said. "I was supposed to be a messenger of my mother's, so I had to be able to change my shape and appearance for specific jobs. Anymore than that, I can't tell you because after getting mixed up with you, I never was able to grow into my role and got stuck this way."

"That's all fine and dandy but how did you change shapes?!"

"Oh, my mom's Din."


Shadow Link hummed in reply.

"…You're not serious, right?"

"Oh, no, I'm serious. The Goddess Din, though. Don't get confused with any other Din."


The shadow only smiled and rested his head back on the tree.

"You're messed up," Link said, and added after another minute of thought, "All of this is."

Smirking, the dark man reached down and patted Link on the head. "Get up. I'm leaving now. The fairy's coming back."

Pulling the Hylian up to stand next to him, he cupped the blonde's face and kissed him briskly. "Take your horse and stay at Lon Lon for the night. In the morning, head to Kakariko to restock for the next temple."

Link allowed himself to be kissed and nodded.



"Still have my weapon?"

The Hylian pulled out the hookshot from under his shield and held it out in front of him.

"Good boy…" the shadow smirked. "Keep it for now. Also," he started, glancing to the side. "That bard isn't your type, trust me."

Before Link could ask what he meant, Shadow Link had already leaned into for another kiss, "And for earlier," he shrugged, fingering the Hylian's collar and keeping his eyes down, a little lower than Link's face. "I was excited…about seeing you again."

The Hero smiled and took up the brunette's hand. "You're still as bipolar as when you were little."

Shadow Link smiled back, but…sadly. Very sadly, Link noted. He pulled the blonde into a hug, rubbing his back and leaning his lips up to Link's ear. "Link…I'm sorry, but Onyx died…a long time ago…" he whispered, "…I'm all that's left…"

He felt Link's body tense under his a little so his grip only tightened one last time before he detached himself from the Hero and walked away. Taking a moment to stare at the ground and think about how…wrong those words were, Link finally forced himself to look up, not at all surprised to see he was alone. Looking around, the lake seemed to lose the glamour it had earlier, as if the shine dimmed out. Nevertheless, Link sighed, he knew the lake was as good as it was going to get. His next step was to…well…follow Shadow Link's command-

"Link!" a bright light smacked into his forehead, "That nasty scarecrow had the nerve to insult me! Link! He wouldn't improvise a new song with me at all! He just sat there dancing and saying that he would never work with something that couldn't play music! Do you believe that, Link?! The nerve! The nerve!" Navi zipped over to Link's nose and pinched it, pointing her tiny hands over the lake to the small garden near the laboratory. "Teach him a lesson, Link! Show that pile of hay Din's power and that ask if he wants to cooperate!"

Blinking to save his abused eyes, the Hylian swatted in front of his face and finally, gently, grabbed hold of the fairy. "Nav? Navi, calm down, Goddesses," he breathed out, holding her far out enough to keep her furious light from blinding his eyes. "It's ok, you're tired, both of us are. We'll try that scarecrow out another day. In fact, I think I even remember the song now." He forced a smile out even though he felt the fairy pinching his knuckles and fingers to let her go. "Thank you, though, for trying."

Escaping Link's grasp, Navi found her spot on Link's shoulder and patted it as if to say 'You're welcome'. Her light even dimmed to give off her calmer mood, something Link was extremely grateful for. "So…" she started, and even as Link walked onto the bridge, he knew the next thing out of her mouth would be prodding. "Still feelin' bad about your friend?"

Link blinked, then shook his head, holding onto the rope sides of the bridge. "Not as much…I mean, it…I guess I was just tired. I was seeing things," he mumbled.

"Did he look like your friend?"

"Navi," Link said sternly. "Enough of that. The room was just playing tricks with me."

"Okaaaay," the fairy whined, flying back into the air once Link got back onto land and started walking towards the lake entrance. "Your horse might've left by now, so take your ocarina out!"

The Hylian only gave a crooked smile and pulled out the small instrument. The fairy was back to her obvious-pointing-out self and Link was thankful for that. He figured that keeping Onyx….Shadow Link from Navi might be troublesome, but he was just too tired now to try and explain things. The news given to him was still buzzing in his mind and Link was sure that he was going to lose sleep over it tonight.

"Link!" the blue light tugged at his blonde locks.


"Where are we going now? Kakariko?"

"No," Link said, putting the ocarina up to his lips. "We'll take Talon up on his offer and stay there. It's closer anyhow."

"It's getting dark!" she squeaked, circling around his head as he played his horse's calling tune. "Monsters are going to come out!"

Smiling, Link raised a hand and patted Epona's head in welcome. "I know, Navi, it's called nighttime. It's the opposite of daytime."

The fairy pulled on his ear and went to hide in his hat. "Humph!"

"Well girl," the Hero whispered, patting the side of Epona's neck as he mounted. "Guess you're my only company tonight."

Epona cocked her head back, blowing air out of her nostrils as if to hurry her master up.

"Yeah, yeah," Link muttered, and raised his boot to kick her side. "HYA!" Epona grunted and took off, going from canter to gallop with another kick.


Talon welcomed the tired Hero with opened arms, a warm bed, and a stew made by his own daughter, grateful to help the same young man who saved his ranch only a few days before. Link accepted his generosity with thanks, ate his meal, and had a quick wash down just so he would be able to sleep soundly.

The Hero actually considered liking water again after such a nice bath, especially since it was warm in contrast to that freezing hell he had gone through. He walked back in a set of pajamas Talon had forced Ingo into lending him with a towel over his head to dry his hair. Navi had flown away, a bright red glow replacing her normal blue, when Link announced that he was heading out for a bath. Looking around, Link noticed she wasn't back yet, and smiled to himself as he shut the door and carried on with drying his hair.

Walking to the window, Link took the towel off of his head and stared out at the dark farmyard. "Onyx…" he sighed. A moment passed before the Hylian shook his head and shut his window. With another thought, he opened the window up a creak; Goddesses forbid Navi explode at him tomorrow for locking her out. He readied the bed, got in, and turned the oil lamp down on his bedside. Digging his body deeper into the covers, Link closed his eyes and frowned.

Things have all gotten…so damn complicated, he thought. After a minute, he smiled. "Heh…I said damn," he muttered, nuzzling his head further into the pillow. "I guess that guy is already having an effect of me- ACHOO!" Link coughed and covered his nose, sniffing and eyes watering. "What the…" he mumbled, reaching over and brightening the lamp.

On his pillow was a little yellow flower.

Picking it up, Link fingered it for a minute, then leaned back over, turned the lamp off, and got back into bed. With the flower laced in his fingers, he closed his eyes. "Dummy…" he whispered, a smile on his face as he fell asleep.


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