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Snow Town. A small village dotted with small homes, lights twinkling in the windows, covered in a blanket of snow. And the snow was still falling, soft white flakes settling on the ground. Silence. Only the sound of owls hooting in the cold night air broke the tranquil peace set in the town. And there, alone, Slash stood on the balcony, staring at the stars, the millions of beautiful twinkling lights dotted across a black velvet sheet. It was so beautiful, yet the only think beautiful running through his mind was Nancy…

"Hey Slash, what's up?" called Tommy, stumbling out on to the balcony. A boy of 16 stumbled out on to the balcony. A fat boy. In fact, Tommy was getting seriously overweight and everyone had started to worry about him. Slash didn't turn around to speak to Tommy. He simply muttered, "Nothing" under his breath and continued to stare at the splendour of the night sky.

"It's Nancy, isn't it?" said Tommy, seeing the thoughtfulness in Slash's face. Slash sighed and turned around to face Tommy. "Dude, you know me way too well…"

Tommy stepped towards the edge of the balcony and leaned on it, facing Slash. "I could see it in your eyes. Look, just tell her how you feel. She's bound to say yes. She's loved you for 3 years. Even an idiot could see that. But obviously you're below that since you can't seem to see it for yourself… Why don't you just come out to the party tonight, enjoy yourself, ask out Nancy, get pissed, get her into bed-" He stopped as Slash gave him an indignant look at the rude remark. Tommy hesitated… "I should have shut up sooner… but trust me, you should really get out there and tell her how you feel." Tommy put a reassuring hand on Slash's shoulder.

Slash glanced from side to side before looking at the night sky once again. "I guess… I mean we'll still be friends if she says no, right?" said Slash. Tommy smiled. "Of course you will be, but don't look at it like that. Have confidence that she will say yes…"

Slash was reassured, but only slightly, as there was still one thing running through his mind – how would confidence help him if she didn't feel the same way.

End of Prologue, Chapter 1 should come very soon, and will be undoubtedly longer.