Authors Note: I got this idea and worked on it on a few fanfics but after watching What you Want episode of DP. I thought I should rework it with to plot lines that I have been working on. I hope you enjoy it. Oh yeah before I forget Sam, Danny, and Tucker are sixteen years old now. :P
A DP and Charmed Fanfic Crossover.

Journey's End.

By, Great Big Sea.

Desiree Returns.

Two figures flew past a window on a hot summer day in Amity Park.
Okay there Desiree! Back into the thermos! Danny Fenton aka Danny Phantom shouted to the wish granting ghost. You wish! She shouted and then grinned and then lunged at the ghost boy. Danny yelped and then flew down the street towards the local park. Okay now I really mean it! Back into the Thermos! Danny shouted. Try and stop me, Desiree said with a laugh. Maybe I can wish her back inside the Fenton Thermos like I did the last time? Danny thought and then nodded. It's worth a try. Okay Desiree here's my wish! I wish you were back in-
But before he could finish his sentence white rings encircled him. Oh no! Not now! Not before- Danny moaned. Meanwhile Desiree floated there
interested and surprised. The white haired boy that floated near now had raven hair and was falling towards the ground. But before he could hit the ground wisp of gray and black fur grabbed the boy and flew out.
What the hell was that? Desiree shouted. But- I now know who the ghost boy really is. I can use this. Desiree said with a grin rubbing her hands. That's one tid bit of information that you won't be using anytime soon! Hiraikotsu! A girl shouted and threw a large boomerang towards the startled Desiree. The boomerang went through the wish granting ghost and then went right through her. Nooo! Not now! When I was so damned close! I'll be right back! She screamed. Oh yeah that's really gonna scare me. Please. The girl said rolling her eyes and then ran off.

Danny awoke first one eye and then the second one and then both of them starred into two eye's- two very unfamiliar eyes. Hey there kitty! Nice to meet you. Danny said looking around. I'm in Sam's room- and on Sam's bed- Are you- do you belong to Sam kitty? Danny asked the cute little kitty. The cat mewed and then startled the poor boy by showing him that she had two tails. Danny screamed. Sam ran into the house holding her Hiraikotsu running in this hot weather in her demon slayer outfit was not fun and closed the door.

She heard the scream and then sighed. She moaned and then
dragged her Hiraikotsu as she ran up the stairs. Sam honey! Don't drag your great great great grandmothers Hiraikotsu! She heard her mother yell after her. Sam burst into her bedroom and then Kirara seeing her best friend mewed and then jumped onto Sam's shoulders. I see that you met Kirara. Sam said to Danny who was hiding behind her bed. Is that what it's called? Danny said squeaky. She's a she not a it! And her name is Kirara. Sam said looking a bit peeved. Oh I'm sorry Sam and could you please tell me why your cat- and a newly got cat has two tails? Danny asked. Oh I guess- she's a demon cat. Sam said with a smile Kirara started to lick inside of Sam's ears. A d-d-demon c-c-cat? Danny said looking white as if he was in ghost mode. Sam giggled. Oh that's great. Danny said and then fell to the ground. Sam shouted and then ran over the the fallen boy.

That's it Kirara keep going I think it's working. Sam said petting her cat who was no in big mode the large fire cat was using her two tails to try to wake up Danny. Danny stirred a bit and then opened his eyes and yelped.
AHH! S-S-Sam that cat- is HUGE! Danny cried out. Yes that's um- Kirara. Sam said looking sheepish. No Kirara was this big- (hand two feet over ground) and she had black patches on her hind legs and a black diamond on her forehead and two small little red kitty cat eyes. Danny said with a squeaky voice. Uhhh. Danny I need to say something- I mean I should tell you that I should- Okay I'm a demon slayer- I come from a long family line of demon slayers. Sam said. Ha ha your kidding right? I mean that can't be true. Right? Right? Am I right? Danny asked her startled. But she just sighed and then got up and then dragged her Hiraikotsu over. This is my Hiraikotsu- or in english a large bone boomerang. Sam said quietly. I use this to fight and kill demons. Sam said. And what? Your suddenly Sam the Vampire Slayer? Danny joked.

No I'm not Sam the Vampire Slayer or Sam the Demon Slayer- I mean- actually I am a demon slayer- just don't call me that! Sam said and poor Danny gulped. Okay listen on my sixteenth birthday when you and your parents and Jazz and Tucker left. My parents took me to our attic and gave me this- my Hiraikotsu which belonged to my great great great Grandmother Sango. Sam took a time for a big breath. And then they gave me this- it's a demon slayer outfit- and then they gave me here Kirara. My grandmother had a demon cat just like Kirara. I thought it would be nice to call my little demon kitty here Kirara after my grandmothers. Okay now out with you what's your story?

Sam asked and Danny sighed. Danny quickly lied and Sam just sighed. Danny! I'm not lying! And I'm not lying about my story either! It's the truth! Now out with it Danny Fenton!

Tucker Foley was walking home from his house he was tired of missing his
friends and doing stuff. Tucker was walking in the hot weather and sweating. He wished that he could just go and get a nice cool pop or something but no- he had to wait until he got his allowance from his parents. I wish- Desiree in a cloud of green mist came down and then asked. You wish my boy? Desiree asked him her finger under his chin.
Desiree! How-? Tucker asked surprised. You couldn't-!

Suddenly Danny's ghost sense went off. Damnit! Not now! Danny moaned. Going Ghost! Danny said and then morphed Sam watched how the white lights went over Danny his black hair went from raven black to snow white. He jumped out of the open window. Sam grabbed her Hiraikotsu and then called for her demon cat. She shouted and then jumped onto her cat and then out of the window.

Well? What is your wish my boy? You can't stall for ever you know! Desiree said looking at Tucker. C'mon Danny! Your ghost sense should have gone off by now! Tucker thought. Hey! Desiree! When I try to wish you into the damned thermos you better grant it! Danny shouted and then punched her out of Tucker's way. Hey Tuck. Danny said with a grin.
Hey Danny. Go beat her? Tucker said shrugging. Danny nodded. Ahh Danny Phantom or should I say Danny Fenton? Desiree asked.
How did- Danny began. Oh don't worry I won't tell anyone just as long as you give me a wish and we're all fine here. Desiree said with a grin.
I- Danny began. Stay away from him! Hiraikotsu! Sam shouted.

Desiree shouted surprised the boomerang caught her off guard and she was sent flying into the ticket booth at the Famous Players.
Swore Desiree. I'm getting too old for this. Someone better grant me immortality or well- hell I don't know! Desiree mumbled.
Danny are you all right? Sam asked the young halfa. Yes I am thanks.
Danny said. Um can anyone explain why Sam's on a large saber tooth cat and why she just threw and caught a large boomerang? Tucker asked.
People began to mill around shocked and surprised at the floating cat and the fact that Desiree was fuming mad. Get here boy! And have me grant you a wish! She shouted. But that was cut short when white rings started to form across Danny's chest. Oh no- Danny groaned and then phased through the wall and lucky for him landed (and unmorphed) in a quiet space. Desiree phased through the door after the young halfa.

Sam shouted and then raced across the street and threw her boomerang towards the brick wall making a big whole in the wall. Many people ran out of the way and out of sight many just stood there. Sam on Kirara raced through the whole in the wall and she grabbed her Hiraikotsu. That's it boy have me grant you a wish! Desiree shouted and then threw Danny out of the way with green energy. He screamed and landed onto the ground and then slowly got back up. Time to kick your ghostly ass Desiree. Danny mumbled. Going Ghost! Nothing. Going Ghost? Danny asked. Ha ha ha. Something the matter boy? Oof! Desiree shouted and then threw to the ground and glared back up at Sam. Yeah having to put up with you Desiree! Sam glared at her.
And just the who the hell are you? Desiree asked Sam. I'm a Taiji-ya or better known as a Demon Slayer. Or in your case Desiree a ghost slayer. Sam smirked down at Desiree who didn't look to happy at this.

Asked Danny who was surprised that Sam was actually a Taiji-ya and the fact that he couldn't go ghost. Desiree lunged at Sam who hadn't caught her boomerang yet. She gave out a yelp when Desiree went for her neck! Sam! No! Danny yelled and then raised his hands and then blew up Desiree! Sam said surprised and then caught her Hiraikotsu. Bits and pieces of green ectoplasm fell to the ground and then Danny fell to his knees. Is this what's going on Danny? Asked Sam jumping off of Kirara who then landed onto the ground. Yeah I can- well do that know. And then proceeded to tell her what was going on.
So you can blow up things? Sam asked gently. Yeah but that's not it remember how this week Dash was using me as his personal punching bag? Danny asked her. Sam said cringing. Well um- I kinda accidentally froze time and- Oh! That's how Dash broke his hand! By you freezing time! But that doesn't explain why you can't go ghost. Sam mused. Can we actually- um- Danny began.

Right. Kirara! Sam said and then they both jumped onto Kirara who then grabbed onto the surprised and more shocked Tucker and flew off.
Vlad Masters walked through the wall and then grinned he had learned
Danny's secret and intended to use it. He smiled and vanished from sight.
Whoa man that must have been so cool! Tucker said with a grin who had just heard the story. That's not cool Tucker! We need to find out what is going on! Sam said looking at Tucker. Yeah so? I mean what's to know about? Danny here can freeze time and blow things up! I mean do you know how many tests we could pass if you just froze time?
Tucker asked looking giddy. Danny said quietly.

Tucker! You idiot! We're not going to do that! Danny isn't going to abuse them! Kirara landed back into Danny's bedroom while Sam and Tucker landed on the ground and Danny with a sigh sat right back on his bed.

Abuse them? I mean all I'm asking is that we should be able to bend the rules a bit with this! Tucker said. And I'm saying no personal gain! Sam said angrily back. Danny shouted and then BOOM! Danny yelped.
That shut them up quick. He was only gonna freeze them but instead he kinda blew up the side of his wall. Oh no. Danny said looking scared.
What did I just do? He asked looking at his hands. Tucker said looking very excitedly. Do you know what he can do here? I mean we can have to much fun! What do you mean having some fun! Danny shouted waving his hands and then the plaster and wall came back into place. Oh my god. He whispered.

I wonder what that was? Jack Fenton asked surprised. Meanwhile Madde looked surprised. I think it's time. Maddie said quietly. Asked Jack surprised and then followed her out of the room. Asked Jazz Fenton and she too followed after her two parents. Maddie Fenton walked up towards the attic and then unlocked the door. She walked in.
Both Jack and Jazz shrugged at each other. Maddie picked up a large old book and then walked out of the room and then towards her sons room.
Maddie knocked onto the door. We can't tell Mom about this okay?
Danny said looking scared. Both of them nodded. Maddie walked in holding a old thick volume. Honey I need to talk with you about something very important. Maddie said. Well go Danny. Sam said.
No no I think you should hear this too kids. Maddie said and then she sat on Danny's bed.

This is The Book of Shadows a very powerful book that my mother gave to me when I was your age and the same thing happened to her. Maddie said looking very proud. And what does this mean? Danny asked. It means that your a warlock Danny. Jack looked uncomfortable and Jazz looked on very surprised. I'm a warlock. Danny said unbelievingly. Remember last week honey when the tool shed blew up and you said it was the wind? (Tucker really tired to cover his sniggers). Danny asked suddenly feeling that the whole world was suddenly poking at him.
Well it wasn't the wind. Maddie said with a faint smile. I kinda figured that one out. Danny moaned. I didn't mean too! I mean that damned cat from next door jumped from their backyard into ours. Danny sighed.
Good thing you didn't blow it up. Jack said with a slight grin.
Maddie said surprised. Danny looked white. And his mother just sighed.

Go on Danny tell them what else. Sam said encouragingly. Well I can freeze time too. Danny said quietly. Suddenly Tucker got a evil look on his face and then sat back down. That's wonderful honey! Maddie said hugging Danny in a bear hug. Uh Maddie? I think Danny's going blue- Jack said trying to grab his son from his wife's vice like grip.

Oh right sorry- didn't mean too- Is this going somewhere? Danny asked. Well yes it is- in fact you- well let's just start that there is a family history of witches and warlocks all good my side of the family. Maddie said looking proud. Thank god it didn't come from Dad's side of the family. Jazz thought thankfully. Hey! What about me? Asked Jazz. Oh it skipped a kid. Maddie said and then looked back at Danny. I'm so proud of you Danny! I really am! Maddie said looking dewy. Hey! Could I be a Squib then? Asked Jazz hopefully. Now why the hell would you want to be a squid for Jazz? Jack asked confused. Oh Dad your hopeless! Jazz moaned. Now there is just one thing-

I'M GOING WHERE? Danny shouted.