Chapter Three.

Cousin Piper and the Gang.

Wake up Danny we just landed. Sam said with a grin. Danny asked groggily. Danny said instantly up now. We're here? In San Francisco? I hope Tuck's fine. Danny said quietly. Oh he's fine he's a trooper. Sam grinned. Yeah especially if he's being chased by evil ghosts. Danny grinned and Sam giggled and they both deplaned. I wonder is this picture is recent? Asked the light brown haired Paige Matthews asked starring at the picture of their cousin Danny Fenton.
I'm sure it is Paige. Piper said with a smile. They waited for ten minutes until Phoebe (the middle child) pointed out both Sam and Danny. There they are! Awww don't they make a cute adorable couple? Phoebe giggled. Piper said but she too had a smile on her face.

Piper asked walking up towards the boy. Yeah I'm Danny and you must be Piper. Danny smiled. Yeah and I remember seeing you this big! Phoebe said showing them the height with her two hands. Heh heh. Danny said and Sam giggled. Oh this is my friend Sam Manson.
Danny said introducing her to his three cousins. Nice to meet you Sam and I hope you kept him out of trouble? Phoebe teased. I tired too. Sam grinned back.

C'mon the cars outside. Paige said and the five of them left the airport.
Vlad Masters walked off the plane and then saw Danny and Sam walking with the boy's three cousins. Well this should be interesting. Vlad smiled to himself.

Your mother told us all what happened the last few weeks. And with the frog incident. Piper said looking back at Danny who turned white she was driving. Um who told my mother about the Great Frog Explosion of The Grade Nine Science Class? Danny said quietly. Your friend Tucker told your parents what happened. Piper said while her two sisters tried to suppress giggles.

Well yeah I mean I kind of scared me and when Mr. O'Brien handed me a frog my hands just whooshed up and it blew up. I mean all of the frogs blew up. Danny said quietly starring out the window. Where you scared Danny? Piper asked turning to look at him. No I mean I was startled yeah I was startled. Danny remembered. Everyone's powers are like that until you can focus and use them without being scared or startled.

Piper said with a smile and then stopped at a red light meanwhile Paige looked out of the window in the back seat. Paige whistled low. How that's one hell of a yellow car! And the scoop! Check out his scoop!
The only thing's that missing is dice hanging from the rear view mirror.
Danny chuckled. Piper said and looked down at the driver. Heh kinda cute. Piper said. Yeah that's if you like dating older men who's the age of our father! Phoebe giggled. Maybe your right Phoebe maybe your right. Piper agreed laughing and then went through the green light.

Piper pulled up towards a large three story red painted Victorian looking house. Oh wow! Danny breathed. It's beautiful! Sam said with a grin.
It was our grandmothers we lived in this house for a very long time.
Piper said with a smile. So this will be your home too Danny for next few months. We're hoping that you'll stay for a while too Sam. I want to get to know our cousin and his friend some more. Piper smiled. Yes and we should show your our Book of Shadows. Phoebe piped up. Danny smiled. He didn't know that this would end like it, he was finally happy that he knew people- people whom where nice and friendly. And was family. I didn't know that my Mom's sister was a witch! Danny said with a smile. And we didn't think that we would meet a nice young warlock like you. Paige said with a grin and the five grinned back.

But Danny couldn't help but wonder what happened to his ghost side? Could he talk about it with Sam? Or with his cousins? And why couldn't he hold his transformations? Was it because he had a family history of witches and warlocks? He didn't know but right now all he was going to do was enjoy the hot weather and the knowing that here San Francisco he actually truly belonged.

The End!

I hoped you liked it! I know I know this last chappie was very short, but I wanted to work on another fanfic idea that formed in my head about a half an hour ago. . I hoped you enjoyed it! And I'll go into more detail on this whole Sam and the Demon Slayer thing and the whole Danny being a Warlock thing but later on. For all of those SG-1 fans out there I hope you know whom I was talking about there! When Tucker was playing that online game on Danny's computer in his room! I thought it matched both of their personality's:P

Bye! Great Big Sea : )