I don't know how it happened really. One minute he was throwing a curse at me, the next we were lying on the floor. I guess my landing on him may have been a cause, but I didn't want to admit it at the time.

I bet you're wondering why he was trying to curse me. To put it simply, Severus Snape has hated me since day one here at Hogwarts. I have no clue why either.

Okay, so maybe, just maybe I provoked him... a little... but honestly, the bloody Slytherin was more hostile than I thought was possible for 11 year olds. It only got worse as we got older, but of course I got worse as well. I suppose it is partly my fault. But only a little.

So there we were. Lying on the floor. His curse had hit the wall which was now oozing some sort of green goo, so I was rather happy that I had managed to dodge it. It was a moment before I realized where I was.

It wasn't just the fact that I knew the dungeon floor wasn't squishy and soft, like a certain human being was. Rather soft anyway. Who knew the bloody bookworm, the lad who everyone knew spent all his time in the potions lab, the palest person in the school, could have abs like that? I mean honestly, what kind of exercise does sitting in the dungeons give you? That thought only lasted a minute before I mentally slapped myself. It's Snivellus, for goodness sake! Ew!

I slowly looked up, to see him staring at me with those calculatingly cold, dark eyes. One of his eyebrows was raised in question, while he studied me curiously. A single lock of hair had fallen in his face to partly conceal one of his eyes and it fell across his nose. I hadn't realized before how long his hair really was. Kind of nice, really. A bloke with long hair.

Strike two to the mental train of thought. I really needed a girlfriend.

Anyway, I didn't realize that I was just lying there, on top of Severus Snape, in the dungeons, and staring at the way his hair sort of flipped out at the end or the way his nose crinkled up ever-so slightly when he stared at me like that. Of course I wasn't thinking that stuff though, you know, because I'm straight. I love the women. Very much so. I'm quite confident in my sexuality, thank you very much.

That's why it didn't bother me to examine his lips like I did. They were a nice light pink color, almost a surreal color that would make me think he wore some kind of girly stuff on them, only they were fitting with his fair skin. They usually looked either thin from pursing them in anger or contorted into a smirk or sneer, so it was nice now to see them simply there. Not too bad, really.

Strike three. Bloody brain. Who was that girl James was trying to fix me up with? I think it started with an S... no, no S girlfriends. Definitely no S girlfriends. S is a rather dumb letter if you ask me. Unless it's in the name Sirius, then it's alright.

So, right. We've established where I was. Lying on top of Severus Snape. Why? I dodged a curse and landed there. It's not my fault he didn't move. It's not my fault he couldn't keep his balance. And it definitely wasn't my fault that I was still staring at those lovely lips of his.

Is there a strike four? Oh, bugger. I give up.

I could tell he was about to make some biting, sarcastic remark. I couldn't allow that, now could I? So how did I shut him up?

I bloody kissed him. I kissed Severus Snape. What in the hell was I thinking?

It really wasn't that bad though. I mean, not as bad as you'd expect kissing a slimy, greasy, smelly Slytherin. Well, truthfully he didn't smell that bad, kind of like soap and peppermints. And I didn't detect any slime. I think he may have washed his hair fairly recently as well, so that was a negative on the grease. Not that I was running a hand through it. I would never do that. Did I mention I'm a horrible liar?

Finally it must've hit us both what was going on. We both jumped up and kind of scooted away. Need I mention that he looks kind of cute when he's freaked out? I suppose not.

Then he was yelling at me. I wasn't really sure what he was saying though. I was still looking at those lips. They were definitely not bad. Ignoring his rant, I started crawling over to him. He stared at me as if I were some kind of alien. By then I wasn't absolutely sure myself whether I was or not.

It was then I realized I really didn't care that I was kissing him again. All I really cared about was that it wouldn't be the last time. We definitely couldn't allow that to happen.

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