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"I'm going back to save my baby and there isn't a damn thing that any of you can do to stop me!" an angry and determined Piper Halliwell shouted as her husband and sisters tried their best to keep the woman from going to the past and doing more harm than good.

"Piper please, I know you miss Chris but if you go back and Gideon dies before he's done anything wrong we may have more trouble on our hands than nursing a broken heart. Now please just go in the bedroom and sit Wyatt and baby Chris" Paige said as the woman pulled away from her.

"NO PAIGE! I'M GOING AND THAT'S, THAT!" Piper continued as she found the spell that she was looking for in the book.

"Well at least let Leo go with you Piper that way you'll have someone to help you." Phoebe pleaded.

Turning to the man she questioned "Fine, but only if you can handle seeing him again. Do you think that you can manage?"

"Yeah, whatever it takes" the responded in a somber voice not wanting to let his wife know that he would more than likely fall apart at the site of the son who died in his arms three months ago.

"Ok, then here goes. Oh Paige, Phoebe I want you guys to take the boys and go to magic school the second that we leave so you'll be safe" Piper finished as her sisters nodded in agreement.

"Ok Piper but please, just be careful" Paige said giving her sister a hug. The woman then read the spell that would carry them to the past.

PAST(Prince Charmed)

"Okay, sowhat if I did do it - I was only trying to protect Wyatt" the young whitelighter said trying to plead his case.

"By tricking us!" yelled back one very angry Piper Halliwell as she folder her arms across her chest, trying hard not to blow the boy to pieces.

"I had to!"

"Why?" replied the middle sister.

"Because the only reason I came here was to keep Wyatt from turning evil!"

"TURNING evil?" questioned Leo.

"You mean stop an evil, right, from hurting him? Or, at least, that's what you've always told us…" added Paige.

"I didn't think you'd help me if you knew the truth, I knew you wouldn't…the real evil in the future that I came to stop isn't a demon…it's Wyatt."

"You're lying" the older charmed one spoke not wanting to believe her sweet angel could possibly turn evil.

"No, I'm not. He'll grow up to terrorize people with his powers, take over…kill, even."

"You bastard…"

"Why should we believe you now, after all the lies?" Leo said moving closer to the group.

"Because you have to…" Chris replied not willing to let them ignore the truth.

"No, Chris, we don't."

"Fine, then don't. Either way, we need to save Wyatt and I know how to do it." He continued.

"Oh, really, how?"

"The Order, they used their powers to turn him, to reverse his mortality - he thinks good is bad now, and bad is good. That's why his shield repelled you."

"So?" replied an angry Leo.

"So Wyatt brings up his shield for me, he thinks I'm a threat."

"So do I." Piper replied in a low growl.

"Listen to me - they reversed his sense of morality. That means his shield will protect him against you now, but not against ME." Please, I'm the only one who can get him back. Let me help."

All eyes turn to Piper, who steps up to him, unbending, "We don't want your help, not anymore, I'll get my son back and after I do - I never want to see you again, understand?" Chris, stung, wants to say something, but sees that everyone agrees with her, "I'm sorry…"

Chris was about to orb out when he heard his mother's voice again. "HEY BACK THE HELL OFF LADY!" everyone was shocked to see another Piper and Leo standing in front of them as the portal they traveled through closed behind them.