Chapter 17

By the time Phoebe and Paige had completed both the potion and the spell several hours had passed. Leo and her past self had decided to sit this one out and were huddled up together in their bedroom spending precious moments with their sweet little boy who they hoped their future selves could save from becoming the young man they were forced to deal with today. The past two days had been extremely rough for the couple so future Piper didn't mind their absence. She just hoped that everything would work out in the end and that her family could put together the pieces of the puzzle as to what made her son turn. She then started to analyze the words he spoke to her

"OH come now mother. You didn't really believe that it was really some pitiable Elder and his little acquaintances who turned me did you?" the older witch spoke as he took a few steps in the group's direction immediately causing them to all take a step back. "You're all so naïve. It just would pain you to believe that something so simple, so under the radar could turn a child evil over the years that you didn't even really try to think of any other possibilities that were right under your noses before the Elder was even in the picture. Hell it was there before Chris arrived here"

What was he really telling her? What were some of the objects and people her eldest son had been exposed to from day one? Several ideas popped into her head but she couldn't think of anything specific. What it's not as if it were something as easy as wobby his teddy bear, she snickered to herself. But then her sons' words entered her mind once again.

"You're all so naïve. It just would pain you to believe that something so simple, so under the radar could turn a child evil over the years that you didn't even really try to think of any other possibilities that were right under your noses before the Elder was even in the picture. Hell it was there before Chris arrived here"

Oh God could that be it? The more she went over her son's words the more something as simple as a toy would make sense but how could a toy turn a child evil? Was it cursed? She had to be out of her mind if she thought a stupid teddy bear could turn her son, but then again the boy's own words had said as much and if she was right she would have to make sure to tell her counter part.

"Are you ready?" the voice of her youngest sister rang out interrupting her from her thoughts.

"Yeah let's get this over with" the woman said eager to see her child one last time and share her theory with her self.

"Good luck sweetie" the empathy spoke as she embraced her sister tightly. "And no matter what you did the right thing by coming here and trying to save Chris" she added before pulling back.

Paige then mimicked her older sister's gesture and hugged the woman with an equal amount of force. "Don't worry honey, it will all work out"

"I how so" she responded in a low worried like tone.

"Alright here we go"

Within seconds Piper was standing in the attic of Halliwell Manor and couldn't believe her eyes. This wasn't possible. What the hell just happened now was just one of the questions on the woman's mind as the two men in the room remain completely unaware of her presence.

There before her stood the Elder who would end her sons life as he went crashing to the floor. She didn't know how to react for the second time today as she was faced with many options. Was this some kind of divine intervention that put her in the right place at the right time giving her the opportunity she needed to save baby. Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard the Elders words knowing exactly what happens next.

"Don't make me sacrifice you both" the man said before her son telekinetically sent the man flying across the room. The Elder then held up the cursed athame and became invisible as she saw her son began to run straight into the sharpened object that she knew was waiting for him. But no, she wouldn't allow the Elder to hurt her baby again this time she would be the one to take the fall.

She loved him more than she ever thought loving someone was possible and giving her life for his wouldn't even need to be thought twice about. After all she would do anything for her baby boy. Knowing the end was near and that any moment the elder was going to end her sons life the woman took off running as fast as she could throwing herself right in front of her son who looked on in shock as his mother collapsed into his arms and the Elder became visible.

"MOM!" the boy shouted as the very confused Elder withdrew the cold steel and tried to process what was going on in front of him.

"This isn't feasible" the man said looking down at the woman before him.

"DAD!" the boy shouted as his mother cried out in pain.

She then grabbed onto his shirt and forced him lean in close.

"Swee…sweetie…it's….it's…ok" she tried as best she could to speak as her little boy held her close and sobbed but she couldn't give up yet. She had to inform him of her theory.

"Lis..lisen…to…to…me" the woman breathed heavily knowing that she was working on borrowed time. At that precise minute Leo orbed in right next to Gideon who was still in too much shock to realize that he had missed his opportunity to escape.

Taking in the site of his wife Leo too was confused, that was until he noticed the bloody athame in the hand of his former mentor and at that moment everything became all too clear. The pacifist in the man disappeared as he went after the man in question.

"Dad no! MOM NEEDS HELP!" her son screamed.

"Chr…Chr…Chris honey let…your…your…Dad…handle…him. I'm from…a…a…different…time" she said now having the full attention of her son who still held her tightly. "Gideon…did…didn't…tu…turn…Wyatt"

Chris couldn't believe what he was hearing but he knew this version of his mother wouldn't last much longer so there was no time for questions.

"It's…its…some…something…he came…in…in…con…contact with. I…I…need…you…to…find…a ….a…an object…like…like…his…teddy bear…I …I…think…it…might…might…be…cursed"

"Mom please let Dad heal you" the boy pleaded not wanting to lose his mother no matter what timeline she came from.

"Shh…baby" she said reaching up to touch his face. The boy immediately leaned into the touch as he could finally hear the Elder scream out in pain before collapsing to the ground. "It's…ok"

"NO IT'S NOT! DAD!" he screamed again to get his father's attention as his mother spoke her last words. "I…love…you…my…angel" she then stayed in her little boy's arms as he sobbed uncontrollably and she faded away.

At that moment Christopher Halliwell made a promise to himself that he would not fail on his mission to save his brother no matter what the cost but now because of his Mom he knew a little more about what really happened to his brother and he would not stop until he could create a safe future not only for the rest of the world, not only for his brother, not only for his aunts and his father but for the person who died for him the one person that meant more to him than anything in this world or any other. His Mom, Piper Marie Halliwell.

The End. For Now.

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