Slade's Children


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Chapter One: The Girl; The Relationships; The Villains

No girl ever surprised him anymore, they were all basically the same. Every one did the same things, the things that they thought 'impressed' him.

'Yea right.' Aqualad thought to himself.

He was on a date with some girl he met the other day. She seemed different, but – like the rest of them – she proved him wrong. Lately he had been searching for the 'perfect girl'. Some how (cough-BummbleBee-cough) the word had got out and he'd been getting call after call, phone no. after phone no. It was driving him crazy! This girl didn't seem so demanding, like the other girls, but she turned out to be the worst one yet.

"Are thinking about someone else?" She asked firmly, waving her hand in his face.

"…huh, you said something?" he asked.

She glared at him. 'He must not be serious…Perfect guy my foot…I should have listened to my cousin.' She thought.

"Look, Janice…"

"My names Stella."

"Oh right, Stella, I don't think that this is gonna work…"

"Like hell it ain't!" she nearly shouted, her red hair looking even redder.

"Wah?" A confused look swept across Aqualad's face. He thought he was the one not enjoying himself, she on the other hand seemed to be having a great time.

"I'm not gonna go out with a guy that thinks about someone else while we're on a date."

"I'm not thinking about someone else."

"Well, you would be, if you had someone to think about."

"Huh?" An even more confused look hit Aqualad's face.

"Will you stop acting so clueless! You know very well what I'm talking about!"

"Ok look, Stormy…"


"Stella." He said closing his eyes, trying to imprint her name in brain, so that he didn't make a fool of him self…again. "There's someone out there that…that's perfect for you, okay? It's just not me. I don't think that it's gonna work, are you alright with that?"

A more calm expression spread across her face, like butter on toast. "It's cool. Don't worry. I'm alright. And you weren't that bad a date."

"I wasn't?" He asked.

"Well…you won't be…if…you pay the bill…" She said slipping out her chair, kissed Aqualad on his cheek and then leaving for the door.

"What a way to say good bye." A female voice said, when its owner slipped into the seat that Stella once occupied.

"Look, I'm not trying to get caught up (Caught Up, Got Me Feelin' it, Caught Up…I don't know why I'm even typing this. I HATE USHER!) in another girl, so if ya that desperate then leave your number on the Titans East door step, I'm sure Bee will find it. It's her new obsession anyway."

The girl looked at him as if he had lost his mind…and to her, he had.

"Look, the only reason I came over here is because it looked like you had absolutely no money, and that your burritos were on the way."

"Wha – oh you heard me and Hilary?"


"That was her name?" He asked. He knew Hilary wasn't her name, he just hoped it would get a laugh out of this girl. It worked.

"I have money, so, if you let me have one of those burritos, I'll pay for them..."

"Lemme guess, you just got here, you're hungry as heck, and this is your ticket to get a quicker meal?"

"Uh, yeah." She snapped.

They basically spent the night talking, and trying to make each other laugh, and, of course, eating. They were having the time of their lives! And they both prayed that it wouldn't end…but sadly, as all great dates do, it ended.

"Well, I have to be getting back. Bee's gonna be so worried." He said mocking Bee. The girl giggled.

"Yea, my roommates are probably worried sick."

"You live with roommates?"

"What, you thought that I live at home with my 'rents? Uh, no!"

"Who are they?"

"Well, there's Johnny, David & Eitan."

"…Three guys?"

"Yea, what? You have a problem with that?"

"Well…no, but…"

"…but you're just thinking." She said finishing his sentence. "Well, I guess you never thought of it, but Bumble Bee lives with a bunch of guys also."

"I guess you're right…"

"Well, I have to go so...Bye." And with only that she gathered up her stuff and left.

"Oh, wait! How would I be able to contact you?"

"Don't worry. I'll contact you." She said walking out that door.

At Titans East

"Hey, guys! What's up!" Aqualad said walking through the door. He had chosen to walk home, despite all the girls that were attaching her. The guys looked at him like he was crazy, they expected him to walk in all glum, and ready for bed.

"I'm guessing your date went well?" Speedy said sitting to the table with a plate of food.


"Then why are you smiling ear-to-ear?"

"Because I met this girl…" Aqualad said.

"Really? What's her name?"

Aqualad hesitated. "…I don't know. I didn't even ask."

"So how are you guys suppose to communicate?"

"She said she'd contact me."

"Well, hey…"

"Well, hey, what?"

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but…you're not getting a call…"

"Why would you say that?"

"Because… any girl who doesn't make sure to either give you her name or get your name…doesn't like you that much. Trust me. I know form experience."

"But we had such a great time…"

"Things aren't always what they seem."

"…but I'm sure it was sincere…"

"How can you be so sure?" Speedy asked sipping some of his soda.

"Because…I sense it you know? Have you ever had that feeling?"

Speedy hesitated, then spoke. "…Yeah, I have. It was before I became Speedy. Her name was…Lauren, if remember correctly. She was sassy, back then I liked that kind of girl. We met at school. She was a cheerleader and I was the outcast. But it seem like she saw passed that. We flirted for along while, back and forth. Until I finally got the courage the ask her out."

"What happened?" Aqualad asked into the story now.

"We went on like 9 dates. We had a great time each time, we were connected, and I felt great in her presence. All the while, she never called me by my name, she always found away to work around it. One day, on the day of our 10th date…"


I walked up to her locker, in hopes that she'll be there waiting for me (we always used to meet at her locker). But that day…I think she forgot about that arrangement, because she was making out with…a footballer…

"Uh…did I come at the wrong time?"

They broke apart, he looked at me with disgust, she looked at me with pity. Then she spoke. "Look…um…"

"You don't know my name? All this time? And you have yet to know what my name is?"

"I didn't want to get hooked. I only did this to get back at my ex. And now that he wants me back I don't…"

"No, do don't say you don't need me anymore."


"…Because I want to."

:End Flashback:

"…and with that, I punched him, then left." Speedy said putting the last bit of food in his mouth.


"Yeah…" Speedy said picking up his empty plate and cup to take it to the sink.

"Looks like you've been trough more than I thought you had." Aqualad said following him.

"What you two talking about? Past Relationships?" Bumblebee asked.

"In a sense. One's that ended because of something other than you two not getting along." Aqualad said leaning on the counter, Speedy sitting in a chair next to him.

"Oh, I got plenty of those." She said.

"I'm sure you do." Speedy mumbled to Aqualad, he sniggered.

"Hey! Don't be so quick to judge. Who knows? My stories could be…"

"Tragic? Boring? Awful? Terrible? Or just down right f-in' stupid?"

"No that's not what I was trying to get to but anyway. He' s my most recent one. When I was at H.I.V.E. there was this one guy, who always found away to tick Brother Blood off. He was the Head of the Rebels, I should know, I was partly in that group. But he was more dedicated to it than any of the other rebels. His name was Joshua…"

"Oh yeah, Joshua. I remember him. He's the one that I called to play a prank on Sheepsly for beating me on one of our physical tests." Aqualad said recalling that memory.

"Yea. Well, one day we were having one of those monthly contests. We had to fight each other. It was one of the times when he actually showed up to a class function…"


We fought, and fought, and fought even more. It was insane! It lasted about an half hour. Just constant punches, and kicks. Eventually he beat me, and was awarded the trophy and cash prize. He gave me the trophy and said.

"You deserve this." Then he stuffed the money in his pocket and laughed. "But I deserve this."

Since that we were inseparable. Other than the times we had to go to bed and shower. I felt like everything with that guy. I was sure that he felt the same when he was with me. On the night before the whole thing with Cyborg and Brother Blood and all that junk, he left school, and never came back.

"I have to leave." He said.

"Why?" I asked I truly didn't know why he just had to leave like that.

"Because…I'm getting too connected to you…"

"Is that a crime?"

"…Yeah…if my dad knew…he'd…" he stopped.

"He'd what?

"…He'd…kill you…" And then he kissed me like he would die if he didn't. It was beautiful. And I'll never forget that feeling. It was…passionate yet still cold. Like him. The kiss lasted about 2 minutes. Never once did it seem that he stopped to breathe. When we finally broke apart, I almost fainted, and I think he could tell, it took about 30 seconds for me to get back to reality. And when I did…

"Please, you don't have to go. I'm sure we can work around your father…"

"No, I don't think you understand the severity of the situation…" I had never seen him so serious. It was down right unnatural. He had never talked like this. I was beginning to question weather or not I really knew the guy that I had grown to love. "He would kill you. Anything that gets in the way of his plan, he'll destroy…and I don't want you to be the first thing on his list." He caressed my cheek, then jumped down off the building. One would have thought that he was trying to kill himself, but the people at H.I.V.E knew better than that.

:End Flashback:

"…I never saw him again."

"That's deep." Aqualad and Speedy said in unison.

"I would go deeper into detail about the kiss but…I think I might gross you out." Bee said

"Was it that intimate that you can't tell us the complete story." Speedy asked curious for and answer.

"There was no space between our bodies…" Bee said stopping right there, knowing the guys wouldn't want her to continue.

"Oooooh, okay. I see what cha mean." Aqualad said.

Then there was a knock on the door.

"I know it's one of those girls. I tell her to beat it ok?" Bee asked walking to the door.


At The Door

"Aqualad is in no mood to be dealing with any girls, and he also had a great date earlier, so…good bye." Bee closes the door in her face, then turns around…and there the girl is.

"Now look I just wanna speak with Aqualad, okay? No harm in that, right?" She said

"Don't you understand English? And how did you get in here?"

"That inconsequential."

"Ooookay, I'm gonna withdrawn from asking what that means to kicking you out the door." Bee said trying to grab the girl arm but missed because she disappeared. "Wha- where'd she go?" she looked around then, gave up and went back to the guys.

"You know there was a girl there but-" she stopped when she was the girl there standing in front of her. "How did you get here? Weren't you just-"

"Yes. Yes, I was." The girl said smiling.

Bee glared at her. Who in the heck did she think she was? "Look Aqualad you don't' even have to look at this trash, okay? I'll-"

"Uh, before you go any further, I would like to introduce the girl that I met at the restaurant." Aqualad said.

"Oh." Was all Bee could say. She was gonna get it for calling this girl trash. Why did she even say that? Had she lost her mind?

"Yea…uh…I never told you my name…" the girl said.

"Right…I never asked…"

"But it's not your fault. I should have told you when I sat in the chair…it's Joi. With an 'i' not a 'y'."

"Oh, of course. I like it better with an 'i'."

"Really? Well, I better get going, or David's gonna murder me. Bye, nice to meet all of you…most of you." She said looking at Bee, then walking away.

"I don't think she likes me." Bee said.

"Now why would you get that impression?" Aqualad asked sarcastically.

"Look if I knew that she was the girl that you met I wouldn't have-"

"Bee…you shouldn't refer to any girl like that. That's just wrong."

"You know, Aqualad's right. It's wrong to judge someone." Speedy said going with Aqualad.

"Look…" Their communicators went on, and Robin's voice came through. "Titans East? We need ya help. Slade's got new henchmen. And he told us to be ready so…we're gonna be ready."

"We're on our way." Speedy said back. "But tell me…where are we going?"

"There a side of town where no one goes. That's where he wants us to meet his new friends." Robin said in return.

"Where is that?"

"He didn't say. But I think I know where he's talking about. Just follow us."

"Alright. Will do."

An Abandoned Store House

"This is the place that Slade wants us to meet his new allies?" Starfire asked, looking around at the huge building that they were standing in.

"This is the place I thought it was…" Robin said.

"Dude, I don't think Slade is here." Beast boy said.

"How can you be so sure?" Slade asked walking from in the darkness, to in the moon light.

"Titans get ready!" Robin shouted, preparing him self to fight, and encouraging the others to do the same.

"No need for that. I haven't even brought out my friends yet." Slade said.

"Well, hurry up." Aqualad said jumping through the door, with the other Titans East right behind him. "I have a previous engagement."

"With what?" Slade laughed. "A helpless dolphin?"

"Just get this over with!" Raven said, angry.

"Well, well, well. Since we all seem to be in a hurry. I think it's time for them to come out…" And when he said that three teenagers in metal suits, and masks, walked out of the darkness.

"These are you're your new henchmen?" Beastboy laughed. "What can they do?"

Then the girl jumped up and knocked Beastboy in the head barely keeping him conscious. And although Beastboy may not have noticed (though the other Titans did) she could have (knocked him out cold that is). "That." she said.

"They've been training for years, they specialize in different areas, but the basics of their training was taught by yours truly." He said referring to himself (nothing you didn't expect).

"You've been teaching these helpless teenagers for years? What did their parents say?" Robin asked, and the three teens smirked and looked at Slade. "You killed them!"

"Just Dijon's. The other two's parents agreed whole heartedly."

"What? Who would agree to such…evil."

"Well…no one really had to. They're mine."

"What!" The titans asked in unison.

"Yea, it's true. My name's Sam." The girl said.

"I'm Sean." The first guy said.

"And I'm Dijon." The second guy said.

"They have openly given up normalcy to work under me." Slade said proud. "…well, Sam and Jericho had no choice, but Dijon volunteered."

"Volunteered! Whoa, what was his life like?" Raven asked.

"It was hell, okay! My mother was drunk 24/7, and my farther was a neglector. I never had a chance for anything there. I was headed in this direction anyway; I thought I should just skip all that unnecessary stuff and get right to this part. So I went in search of Slade, and he adopted me and began to train me along with his own children." Dijon said.

"We can see that you've had a bad life, okay? And we understand that you…" Robin began but was stopped by Sam giving him a whack it the face.

"You'd think that he'd heard that speech before." She said.

"Why you…" Robin shouted charging at her, but she disappeared then appeared behind him only to crack his back when kicking him.

"I told you they each specialize in their own areas." Slade said.

"That doesn't mean we can't try to beat them." Speedy said.

"Yea, I mean there are more of us then them." Beastboy said oblivious to Slade's little arm of minions sneaking up on them. "…uh-oh…"

And then a war broke out, the titans fighting against Slade's peoples.

Slade tried to sneak out, but Robin caught him and they started to fight. "I don't understand how you could do that to your own children." Robin said struggling to dodge Slade's kicks and punches.

"It's real easy you know." He said back. But then Sam jumped into the fight, and began to fight Robin.

"What are you doing?" Robin asked.

"…Letting my father get away. What does it look like?" she asked.


"Exactly!" She exclaimed.

On the other side Raven had her own problems…

"So…you're Raven. I've heard may things about you…" Dijon said, circling Raven.

"Oh, really? Like what?" she returned.

"I've heard that you can make things blow up when ya emotions go haywire."

"You've heard correct. But why do you care?"

"I dunno. It sounds interesting, you know?"

"Where are you going with this?"

He stopped circling Raven and looked into her eyes. For a good while he just stood there, and Raven didn't do anything. Raven couldn't move, no matter how much she wanted to.

Finally, Dijon made his move…he kissed Raven. For a good while, Raven struggled, but soon enough she relaxed…and that's when disaster hit. Two main pillars that were holding up the building, exploded and the building began to tumble.

Sam quick gathered up her brothers and teleported them, and herself, somewhere else, leaving the Titans to get out on their own. But then Sam appeared again, only this time she started to take titans. Two at a time, she would take them to the T-Tower. And when she was done, she fell on the Titans' living room floor…exhausted…and eventually asleep…

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