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9. Epilogue – A Little Bit of Geek

"You wasted MRE's to make bombs? MY MRE's?" Dr. Rodney McKay's voice almost squeaked with incredulity and outrage as he glared at Ford from the infirmary bed where he lay recuperating.

Ford beamed back at him. "It's not like they were the good ones, Doc. I mean, come on, Captain Chicken? That is just nasty."

McKay huffed. "That's not the point. I need those in case of a hypoglycemic incident," he griped.

"I'll replace them, I promise," he soothed.

Since the two had awoken, with all fingers and toes, and McKay with his big brain firmly in place, Ford found he hadn't been able to stop grinning.

It had been pretty close. Too damn close for comfort as far as Lieutenant Aiden Ford was concerned. Dr. Carson Beckett had come on the Puddlejumper himself and had a couple of other doctors with him. It was a good thing too.

Whatever the Dobersaur had eaten just prior to its attempt on Major Sheppard had apparently been toxic, and bits and pieces had been ground fairly well into the major's arm, plus whatever had been in its gut when Sheppard had disemboweled it. It had made for quite a toxic cocktail. He'd been on the verge of blood poisoning by the time they'd gotten back to Atlantis, the dark red streaks starting up his arm like the rays of sun a child would draw.

As for McKay, well they got his shoulder back in, and thank God there'd been no permanent damage. He and Sheppard were both still on heavy-duty IV antibiotics for the nasty infections. Even Teyla hadn't escaped completely unscathed; the fall from the bridge had left her with some pretty colorful bruises in uncomfortable places from the harness. But they were all back. All safe.

And the power signature McKay had been so desperately in pursuit of? A beacon. They'd brought it back, or at least someone had, Ford didn't know who and it was sitting down in McKay's lab while Dr. Z tinkered with it. He'd told Aiden it was basically the Ancient's version of a nightlight; something to guide jumpers or whatever in safely. Aiden had made a deliberate choice to forget about it.

All in all it had been a long four days waiting in the infirmary, parked wherever he was out of Beckett's line of sight; though he was pretty sure the doctor had always known he was there. Finding himself covered in blankets had been his first clue. He'd been too scared to leave though, if he was honest. Both the major and Dr. McKay had been bad off, and Dr. Beckett hadn't known if McKay would regain complete use of his hand until this morning. The major, too, was still a little pale and looked tired. But they would be just fine now, Beckett had assured him.

"We had to save our ammo for the chomposaurs and Dobersaurs," he continued. "Turned out even then we didn't have enough…" He paused as Major Sheppard held up a hand.

"I'm sorry. I'm sure I didn't hear that correctly."

"Yes," added McKay, his tone razor-edged, "for what exactly were you saving the ammunition for?" Ford's smile lit up his whole face.

"For the dilophosaurus and the coelurus," Ford answered easily as he stood to leave, the proper names tripping smoothly off his tongue. The two men stared at him, mouths slightly agape. Ford snickered internally. Everybody had a little bit of geek hidden inside, and his favorite thing as a kid had been dinosaurs; the names had just stayed with him. So now that he was sure the doc and major were ok, it was time for paybacks. "If you two don't mind, I'm going to go get something to eat but I'll be back later." And Ford walked out, hands in pockets, whistling contentedly.

McKay winced, a muscle by his eye beginning to twitch.

"Was that…?" he began dismally.

Sheppard sighed miserably. "Yep, the theme music from the Barney show."