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Chp 1

It was an average day as Robin was looking through the newspaper seeing if there were

any villains terrorizing the city. " Mad Mod, Blood, I guess we have a free week." "We

do?" Cyborg asked. "Yup." Robin replied. "WHOPEE!" Cyborg yelled. " What? What's

so great?" " This week's now my perfect chance to have my bet/experiment." Replied

Cyborg. " What are you talking about?" a puzzled Robin asked. Cyborg pulled out a bag

of camping supplies. " You see beast boy bet me that under any circumstances he

wouldn't eat meat. Then I said ok then. Here's a bet. For one week you and me in a

forest with everything we need for camping, and hunting. No Other food except bread

water and cheese. Then we'll see if you really snap from hunger, and eat my deer

sandwich! If I win, the bet that you will snap, you have to fork over all your turns at TV,

videogames, and food choice. And if you win I'll eat tofu for a whole week.' After

Cyborg finished explaining he yelled in a loud voice "BEAST BOY!" Beast boy then fell

through a hole in the ceiling made for such emergencies. "You ready TOFY MAN?"

Cyborg sneered. "YOUR GOING DOWN!" Beast Boy replied. Robin suddenly

interrupted. " What if a villain comes in town, or something-" " Sorry R." Cyborg

replied. "You'll have to deal with it on your own dude." " Besides," Cyborg said. " What

could happen?" "Your right." Robin said glumly. "Oh and by the way." Cyborg said on

his way out. "

TitansTitanstowerisonlockdownsobeastboycan'tcomebackifhegetshungary." "What?"

Robin said. "You can't leave Titan's Tower for backup reasons of the experiment" "Hol"-

"Got to go bye!" Cyborg yelled. There was a quiet noise of the door closing and Robin

was in the Hallway alone. "Now what am I Gonna do?"

Oh, if he only knew hehehehehe.

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