Yeah…. Well a hearty break is all that I needed. Between school and honors band, I don't have a lot of time… But you can expect updates…. Every weekend… well here goes nuttin!

Starfire was in her room with massive amounts of spastic urges in her. Sexual urges… Fuck it, she needed a FUCKING COCK. She threw herself against her wall, trying to overcome it… She couldn't. She flipped onto her bed, and removed her skirt…

"Oh Christ… What am I doing?"

She lifted 2 fingers, and began pumping herself… Instantly a pleasure of intense magnitude washed over her… She wanted more… She moaned and stuck another finger inside her… She gasped at this intense feeling and looked down… Her vision caught her pussy, and the middle of the fingers. She put another in and it was just barely enough… Her thoughts returned to Robin… Like how he was always ready to fight…. Or his spiky hair… Not to mention his muscles… She yelped as her pussy spurted a bit off cum, but she wasn't ready yet… Her body bobbed with the fingers and intensified the pleasure currents… She stopped and ripped her fingers out of her pussy. She just barely missed the climax. Just barely.

Christ that was good. Damn, I have GOT to do something about Robin. If I don't who knows WHAT could happen… He might fall for a different girl or maybe for Raven… She laughed at the last thought. There was no way Raven would EVER fall for Robin… He didn't seem her type anyways… ANNNND, there was also BB. Right? Right? Shit. I HAVE GOT to do something. She slipped on her skirt, went over to the bathroom, and started to wash her hands…

Robin awoke to a sweaty bed and some cream (if you get my drift.) He started to rise but was blocked by a hand. A creamy hand. And there was some Violet hair…

Oh shit. Don't tell me. He knew that hair. In an instant the night flashed back to him and he remembered the dirty deed that they had done… And it HAD been dirty… He shook her off and proceeded to find his clothes. However he saw the tatters of clothes that had been destroyed by Raven, and realized all he could find was his cape. He was thinking of what to do, and was so deep in thought, that he didn't realize the black aura starting to cover him… He looked down and saw it, he gave a loud yelp and was pulled back to bed.

"What's wrong Robin?" Raven asked in a false girlish voice.

"Nothing, it's just that… What the hell did we do last night?" Replied Robin.

"Oh come on, you know." Said raven as she began to massage him. "Oh shit." Robin said and he tore away from Raven…
"What-" "How the hell did it happen? Why? I don't even remember-"

There was a loud knock and to Robin's horror came Starfire's voice.

"Friend Raven, I cannot find Robin. Do you know where he is?" Raven was about to say Yeah! I do. I just finished fucking him, When robin Slapped a hand over her mouth. He pointed to his mouth then his head, then her head… Raven understood, and established a telepathic conversation.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Robin said angrily.

"What you don't love me?" Raven said in confusion.

"I-well- I don't know! Just port me back to my room and we can talk about this later ok?"

Raven glared at the boy wonder, sighed and said

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Instantly he felt a curious rush and felt himself stretching in excruciating pain. But when he opened his eyes he was in his room. He sighed, and went to his closet attempting to try and look like a guy who had just woken up.

Raven closed the conversation and used her powers to regain her clothes. She also used her powers to make herself look like she had just woken up too. She finished doing this and opened her door.

"Oh hello Raven. Have you seen friend Robin?" Raven glared at the girl who was gonna give her some competition with Robin.

"No I haven't. Have you checked his room?" Raven replied in a cold voice.

"Yes. 3 times already. I mean the tower is on lockdown so where else could he be?"

Raven said, "Well check it again. I have a feeling that he's there. And then she slammed the door in Starfire's face. The old Starfire would have been deeply hurt by this action be Raven. She probably would have cried. But she didn't. She was suddenly pissed. She conjured her powers and was about to blast the door down, when She heard.

"Hey Star. Nice morning isn't it." Robin said casually.

Starfire turned and saw Robin wearing some basketball shorts, a muscle shirt which said I know kung fuu! And some black Converses. "Oh hello friend!" Starfire replied and crushed him in a bear hug.

"Yeah, good morning to you to." Starfire laughed and asked

"Robin where have you been? I've been looking for you for about 15 minutes…

"Well, I must have been in the shower or something…" said Robin. Instantly a flash of Raven moaning at the pleasure Robin was gibing to her swept across his eyes. He shook it off and was about to say something when a vision of Raven's soft creamy breasts came in to view.

"Damn it KNOCK IT OFF!" Robin yelled at the door, and coincidently at Starfire. Starfire was extremely shocked at this and flew away crying.

"Wait Star-" Too late. She had closed the door to the living room and was god knows where. Robin sat there sad and confused when Raven opened the door, completely naked and was finger her breasts fondly.

"Like my little gifts?" Raven said seductively.

"Fuck you." Robin said and walked after Starfire.

Raven used her powers and saw Starfire give Robin a bear hug that nearly killed him.

"That bitch!" Raven said to nothing in particular. She then came up with an idea. She focused her powers on her memory and came up with some of the really, really, nasty parts. She grinned and sent them to Robin. She saw him shake them off easily. She pursed her lips and sent him a memory flash of her breasts. She grinned in large satisfaction as he yelled

"KNOCK IT OFF!" to the door and to the bitch in the way. She decided to combo this and stripped her clothes off completely. She waited for Starfire to leave the room, then came out, and said, "Like my little gifts?"

"Fuck you. Said robin." He turned and walked away after the fucking whore. Raven cackled and started to scheme on how to get Robin back in bed, and PERMANANTLY away from Starfire.

Well, I think I'll end it here. Yeah you'll have to wait till next chappie to find out what happens between Robin and Starfire. Well as always Constructional Criticism is welcomed. Chow!