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He had only meant to go for a walk to clear his head so he didn't know how he ended up at Veronica's house. Then again, he believed his mother was still alive and if anyone could find her, it was Veronica.

To say she looked surprised when she found him on her doorstep so late at night would be an understatement. "Logan, what are you doing here?"

Choosing to ignore her surprised expression, he cut right to the chase. "I want you to find my mother." The look he received made him add, "Relax, I'm not asking you to drag the lake." He looked around to ensure they weren't being watched and added, "My mother didn't really kill herself."

He was almost expecting her to slam the door in his face. He wouldn't blame her. After all, he had been a complete ass to her since Lilly died. So, he was taken off guard when she invited him in.

"Veronica, she's not dead."

"What makes you think she's still alive?"

"Why does everyone assume that she's not? I mean, there's no body." he retorted defensively.

"What about the woman who saw her jump? It's been on every channel."

"Well if she was on the TV she must be telling the truth." He knew it wasn't a good time to be sarcastic, but he couldn't help it. It came second nature to him. "But her credit cards were missing. Doesn't that seem like, I don't know, a clue? You don't jump off a bridge with your platinum card."

"Logan, I-."

"I know my mother!" he snapped. He was getting sick of these questions.

"Okay. I heard she left a note."

He sighed. 'I came to ask for her help and now I'm yelling at her. That's great incentive to get her help, Logan. Everyone thinks Mom is dead. Obviously, Veronica's going to need some sort of reason to go about proving otherwise,' he silently berated himself.

"She wants people to think she's dead. But if she was going to really do the deed she would use Chardonnay and sleeping pills. She wouldn't risk being found bug eyed and bloated in some shrimp net."

Veronica had to admit, Logan made a good point. Mrs. Echolls was always seen with a glass of Chardonnay in her hand and by the amount of plastic surgery she had done, it was clear that she was obsessed with her looks. It was enough to make her suspicious of the whole situation. "I'll see what I can find out."

Logan turned his back to Veronica and started for the door but turned around and said, "You know I just need to know that she's okay." Then he turned and walked out the door feeling a sense of relief that soon he would be reunited with his mother.

As Veronica watched Logan leave, she reflected on his final words. She knew how it felt not to know if her mother was okay and it tore her up inside. All she wanted was to see her mother once and be told that she's okay. Even if it wasn't possible for her now, maybe she could make it possible for Logan.

A/N: So a lot of the dialogue used on the show will be in my story, especially the first few chapters. But, if you hang in there, it will go in a different direction.