Thank you guys soooo much for the great reviews! You guys are awesome. Sorry for the 42 day delay. I don't really have an excuse for it, but I am sorry. I hope it was worth the wait! Btw, after watching the pilot for the first time since the finale, I have to say I'm really amazed with the transformation Logan has gone through from the pilot to the finale. I heart him!

He had been pacing the patio of the high school for the past hour trying to work up the nerve to make the phone call. He couldn't believe he was about to ask Veronica Mars out. After the talk with Duncan the previous night, he had decided to stop lying to himself, accept his feelings for her, and act on them. Taking a deep breath, he dialed the number that had become so familiar to him over the last several weeks.


"Hey, it's Logan."

She smiled at his obvious nervousness. "Yeah. I recognized your voice and I have this new invention called caller ID," she lightheartedly responded.

'Duh. I'm so dumb. Good call there Logan. Make her think you're a complete idiot.' He silently berated himself.

"So, what's up?" she questioned, interrupting his thoughts.

"Oh right. I was wondering if you had any plans for this Friday night."

"Why Logan Echolls, are you asking me out?"

"Maybe. Depends on what your answer is."

"Well, I did plan on washing my hair all night."

"Hey, I don't mind helping you out with that." He flirted.

"How sweet of you to offer."

He hears a car door open and her phone drop.

"Oh my God, what do you think you're doing?" He froze, hearing the panic in her voice.

Then he hears an unknown male reply, "Let's go for a ride."

Not knowing what else to do, Logan ran as fast as he could to his car while listening intently to the conversation, praying to God he was given a clue to where he was taking her. He let out a breath he was unaware he had been holding when he heard the Camelot. That was only ten minutes away. Logan made it in five. The entire drive swearing that if that bastard laid a finger on her, he would rip him apart. He was overjoyed when he didn't see her car in the parking lot. He quickly exited his yellow T-bird and ran up the stairs to the second level of the hotel, knowing that was where he would have the best view of the parking lot.

He was only standing there for a few minutes when he saw her car pull up. The passenger's side door opened the second that car stopped and he saw a boy he didn't recognize jump out of the car, run to the driver's side door, open it and pull Veronica out. He could tell she was struggling to get out of his grasp. They mystery man dragged her up the stairs as Logan ran over to intercept them.

The guy had his attention focused on Veronica so he didn't even see Logan coming. One minute he was saying something to her the next he was on the ground being pummeled.

Veronica had never been so scared in her life. She thought for sure that this was the end of the line for her and she would be reunited with Lilly very soon. Logan was her only chance for survival. She prayed that he had heard her conversation with Ben and came to save her. She was so relieved when she pulled into the parking lot and saw his familiar yellow T-bird. The last time she had seen Logan that angry was at the hotel during his fight with Trina.

Logan wanted to kill this guy. Each time his fist connected with the guy's face, he felt better and better and he didn't have any intentions of stopping until the guy was unconscious at the very least.

Seeing the wallet on the ground, her curiosity got the better of her and she picked it up. She gasped when she saw what was inside. 'Ben was a federal agent? What is he doing at Neptune? Oh God, Logan was assaulting a federal agent!'

"Logan, stop." Keeping Ben pinned to the ground, he turned to Veronica, waiting for a good explanation as to why he should stop beating the guy who had pretty much just kidnapped her. "He's a federal agent." She explained, showing him the badge. Having no idea of what was happening, Logan stood up, roughly grabbed the agent, pulling him to his feet.

Ben staggered the few feet to his door, unlocked it and threw himself onto the hotel bed. He watched as Veronica and his assailant came in, shutting the door behind him.

Veronica went straight to the bathroom in search of a damp cloth to clean Ben up while Logan paced uncomfortably by the window. Coming out of the bathroom, she handed Ben the damp cloth. "You're undercover at Neptune High?" she asked incredulously.

"Is it alright if he goes outside?" Ben asked, indicating Logan. "I'd like to talk to you."

Logan rolled his eyes. "Dream on, Jump Street. There's no way I'm leaving you alone with her."

His overprotection of her made her heart smile. With the exception of her dad every day, she couldn't remember the last time someone had been so concerned for her safety. As good as it felt, she knew if she wanted any information from Ben, she would have to get Logan to leave.

She walked right up to him and said as gently as possible, "Logan, he's the real thing. Just give us a moment, all right?"

Against his better judgment, he reluctantly agreed. "Fine. Don't close the door all the way. I'll be right out here."

He could care less what they were talking about. He just wanted her to be safe. He hated that he wasn't in there with her. Glancing at his watch for the tenth time he wondered what was taking her so long.

Veronica was having a hard time digesting all of this new information as she stepped out of Ben's room. Logan immediately interrupted her thoughts.

"You okay?"

She nodded, all thoughts of Ben and Norris disappearing as she looked at Logan and saw the concern written all over his face. Logan had saved her. He risked his own safety to ensure hers. She didn't know what to say to him or how she could begin to thank him. She hesitated for a brief second then leaned in and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

He was taken aback when he realized she had just kissed him. They looked into each other eyes not knowing what to say or do next. Veronica broke the eye contact first when she turned to walk away. He couldn't let her go. This may be his only chance to act on his growing feelings for her.

He grabbed her arm, pulling her flush against him and kissed her. It was unlike any kiss she'd experienced before. She felt her insides melt with each passing second. Unfortunately, the need for air forced them apart and they stared into each other's eyes while gasping for breath. It was then that the reality of the situation hit her.

Logan, having sufficiently caught his breath, leaned in once more but before his lips could make contact, he felt her little hands on his chest as she pushed him away from her. His surprised expression quickly changed to one of confusion. "What's wrong?"

Veronica bit her lip nervously, then took a deep breath, "This is wrong. We shouldn't- no, we can't do this. I'm so sorry Logan." Without giving him a chance to respond, she spun around and walked quickly to her car.

"Veronica wait! Come on! Can't we talk about this?" Logan desperately called after her, but she kept walking and as she drove away, she did her best to disregard the tears sliding down her face and the aching in her chest.

A/N I was watching E! News and Kristin (the TV chick) was talking to the cast of VM about who was at the door. Kristin guessed that it is Duncan and she did predict Lilly's killer correctly. Honestly, unless it's Logan, which I highly doubt, I don't think it will necessary be a big deal. After everything she went through in the finale, she'd probably be happy to see anyone as long as it wasn't Aaron or Lianne. But, that's just my opinion.