Murder in a Summer Home


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'this' means English

Chapter 1: It… Begins

Tomo, Chiyo, Yomi, Sakaki, Kagura, Osaka, and Ms. Kurasawa stood in front of Chiyo's summer home.

"Chiyo-chan's summer home's sweet as ever!" Tomo yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Yeah, it really is nice, Chiyo-chan!" Yomi agreed.

Chiyo twitched.

"You really hate the Yukari-mobile, don't you, Chiyo-chan?" Kagura asked.

Chiyo twitched twice.

"Chiyo-chan? Are you alright?" Sakaki asked, worried.

Chiyo twitched.

"I think something's wrong. Even the Yukari-mobile doesn't do this!" Yomi said.

Chiyo tipped over.

"Chiyo-chan! You've gotta snap out of it!" Osaka yelled.

"T… T…" Chiyo mumbled.

"T-what!" Tomo yelled, more exited than worried.

"T… T-ten…" Chiyo whispered before passing out.

"Ten? Ten? What does it mean?" Kagura asked.

"Maybe 'ten' animals attacked her!" Tomo suggested.

"I think Ms. Yukari would have noticed. She was with Chiyo-chan, last time I saw," said Kagura.

"Come to think of it, where is she?" Ms. Kurasawa wondered.

A crimson blob landed on Chiyo's head, oozing all over her face. Everyone looked up, and saw the horrible, bloodstained face of Yukari hanging from the ceiling.

"Gyahhh!" They all screamed.

"No wonder Chiyo-chan's so scared!" cried Yomi.

"Where'd Chiyo-chan go?" Kagura questioned.

Looking down, they saw that Chiyo was not where she had fainted.

"Something's wrong," Yomi whispered, "Someone's killed Yukari, and Chiyo-chan's disappeared. This isn't a coincidence."

As Yomi spoke, a blur streaked past her. When she looked behind her, she saw a shuriken in the grass. Tomo picked it up and read it aloud:

"To Yomi: 'No shit, Sherlock'. Hatefully yours, Ka-No-Gu."

"Ka-No-Gu? Is that a name?" Kagura pondered aloud.

"What does the note mean?" Yomi asked.

"I think 'Ka-No-Gu' was replying to your summary of events." Sakaki said.

"'No shit, Sherlock!'" Yomi quoted angrily.

"Maybe we're dealing with an American gang from the future, out to get Chiyo to prevent her from ending crime!" Osaka shouted.

Everyone stared at Osaka.

"Or, using common sense, they're an American gang from the PRESENT, who kidnapped her for her parent's money!" Yomi replied.

"What are we going to do?" Kagura worried.

"Well, as a responsible adult, I say we alert the authori-ow!" Ms. Kurasawa said as she felt something touch her in the back. The pain was unbearable. She felt the thing burrow into her heart. It was the last thing she ever felt.

The rest looked on in fear as a claw burst from Ms. Kurasawa's chest. There was nothing behind her.

Even Tomo was silent now. Something had killed their teachers, and kidnapped Chiyo-chan. It could strike again, and it just appeared out of nowhere. They just stood for hours.

Finally, Yomi said, "What do we do NOW!"

Suddenly, Tomo burst into tears. Yomi quickly mocked her. "You act so brave and clever when things are normal, but you break down whenever things get tough!" Tomo kept on sobbing. "Now I'm supposed to take pity on you!" Tomo kept on sobbing. "I… Uhh… Dammit! I can't say no to YOU, Tomo." And with this, Yomi hugged Tomo tightly.

Sakaki, Osaka, and Kagura stared. "Ummm… Maybe we should look for clues…" Sakaki suggested. "Good idea," said Kagura. Sakaki and Kagura left to search. Osaka just stared. Yomi, realizing that Osaka wasn't gone, shouted, "GO AWAY, MORON!" Osaka left as fast as she could.

Sakaki and Kagura had managed to break down the door to Chiyo's summer home and proceeded to look for even a clue to a clue. Osaka walked in, and stared at various objects.

"Hey, I found something!" Kagura called. She bent down and pointed at a seed. Sakaki looked down, as Kagura proceeded to explain. "Birdseed. Why would there be birdseed in Chiyo-chan's house?"

Sakaki nodded and added, "Its an expensive brand. I saw some at a pet store once. Only a rich man would buy this. I think that claw coming from Ms. Kurasawa was a talon of a large bird controlled by the gangsters."

Osaka walked over and said, "yeah, and the talon marks and feathers help." Looking around, Sakaki and Kagura noticed several scratch marks around the room, with black feathers here and there.

"These look like raven feathers… But that talon was so large… It would be enormous," said Sakaki.

"At least we have an idea of what we're up against." Said Kagura. As she said this, the sound of gigantic wings flapping filled the room. The noise was so overwhelming that the three fainted.

Back with Yomi, Tomo had stopped crying, so they went into Chiyo's house.

"Sakaki," Yomi called, "Kagura! We're here!" There was no reply. They searched the house and eventually found Kagura lying on the ground, blood dripping from slash marks on her face. "Kagura! Are you okay? Kagura!" Tomo said, poking and prodding at Kagura in an attempt to awaken her friend. Kagura did not move.

"She's dead, Tomo," Yomi said. "NO! You're lying! S-she's just asleep!" Tomo cried in desperation. She started poking and prodding even harder.

"What happened here? It looks like a giant bird picked up Osaka and Sakaki!" Yomi exclaimed. The sound of flapping filled the room.

End chapter one.

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