Chapter 4: An Explanation, Please?

"KAORIN!" cried Sakaki, staring at the girl in front of her, wearing a dress that just barely covered anything. Kaorin's face was like a demon, grinning.

"I'll… Uh… Go play with my new pet!" said Ka-No-Gu, walking out of the room. He turned a corner, and could no longer see the bizarre spectacle in that strange room.

"Sigh… I can't believe she summoned me here for such a bizarre goal. At least I managed to save one of them," Ka-No-Gu muttered to himself. He opened a door, and walked over to his pet, wearing her new kimono. It was about when she'd be at the summer festival, Ka-No-Gu realized.

"How are you, Ayumu?" Ka-No-Gu asked genuinely. His eyes showed he cared even more than he asked.

"Not bad, Kano-san, but…" Osaka drifted.

"But what?" Ka-No-Gu asked, as if she had told him she was ready to die.

"I was wondering… Why are you here, working for Kaorin?" Osaka asked.

"It's a long story… It all began with a stupid dream by a stupid girl…" Ka-No-Gu began.

"Kaorin's New Years dream was one of a bird, flying Sakaki-chan towards her. She thought it was a prophecy.

"She began searching for anything to help her fulfill it. She eventually found a book about summoning. When she found a page on tengu, she decided what she'd do.

"Back in the world of Tengu, I had just started my job as a summoned being. Normally, a job takes maybe a month, and pays well. Kaorin's had me for five months, and pays me in food! She made me build this entire building from nothing! She pretends I don't have a life! I had to kill six people who were perfectly innocent! She's EVIL!"

"Wow… I had no idea…" Osaka said, sniffling.

"Hey now… Don't cry, Ayumu…" Ka-No-Gu said.

"But your life's so sad…" Osaka replied.

"Hey, I met you, didn't I?" Ka-No-Gu said, his eyes twinkling like stars. Her eyes met his. Her lips touched his beak.

End chapter 4

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