Canine Boy and the poptart

Buffy entered Sunnydale High quietly, though people pointed and whispered as she walked past. Thankfully, Willow came to the rescue.

"Hey, Buffy, don't be worried by the whispers, they'll change their tune when you save their skin."

"Eh, it's not only whispers but pointing as well. Do I have a life-threatening disease or something?"

"Don't sweat it, I've been putting up with it for months, just deal and they'll stop pestering you."

"Okay, if you say so." She crossed her arms.

A stout rat looking man walked up to them. He went by the name Principal Snyder.

"Just because you're getting an education doesn't mean you are off the hook, Ms. Summers. Stupid state law, every student shall receive an education no matter their reputation or past. Oh, that's a large pile of diddley-squat!" Snyder remarked.

"Principal Snyder, I think the education board will be happy to hear your opinion, we'll put in a note about it. Ciao!" Buffy said trickily.

Snyder walked away, smug look on his face. Willow giggled.

"Oh, my gosh, good job, Buffy! Nobody, I mean, nobody, has spoken to him that way since you left." Willow chuckled.

"I guess I'll take that as a good thing. Now where's Giles?" Buffy asked.

"Oh, the usual place, the library with his books, c'mon, everybody's waiting." Willow tugged Buffy, straight out of her black pumps.

"Okay, Will, let's play tugboat! Whee!" Buffy said less than enthusiastically, which made Willow slow down.

"Here we are. They're waiting inside, let's go in."

Willow and Buffy entered the library, which was quiet and not a drop of a pen could break the silence.

"Hi, what's going on?" Buffy broke the uncomfortable quiet.

"Erm, new creature in town, side-effects include memory loss, dizziness, and temporary seizures." Mumbled Giles.

"Seriously icky, I have been reading the nasty books, brain-sucking, head cave-ins, all the sincerely freaked things." Cordelia said, sitting in a chair, licking a lollipop.

"Anyone happy to see me? I mean, I haven't sat in this musty library for ages." asked Buffy.

Giles looked hurt by the musty books comment, he was a neat freak, and he dusted the bookshelves twice a day, over-excessive in Xander's opinion.

"Yeah, Buff, lots, now sit, I brought strawberry frosted poptarts for all who want, for studying peppiness, Buffy, come get the bright colored glucose filled pastry treat, you too, Oz." Xander teased.

There was a flash of orange and one of the poptarts was gone. Everyone frowned at the silver empty packet, then at Oz, who smiled a pink mouth.

"Ew, Oz, that is so not a flattering color on you, mouth or clothing." Cordelia joked as she gagged.

"Dude, you could've come to get it, you don't have to nab it." Laughed Xander.

"Sorry." Oz saidas he looked at the floor.

"I s'pose it's one of those odd werewolf characteristics, superhuman speed. Here comes..." Buffy tapped the table as she said it.

"Canine Boy! Barking from the highest tower, biting the largest bone, is it a man, is it a dog? No, it's Oz!" Joked Xander.

"Ha ha, funny guys, you try wolfing outthree timesa month and you'll change your tune."Oz laughed with a serious tone.

"I suggest we concentrate, and Xander, Buffy, don't make fun at Oz's condition, from what I've read it's not a very pleasant experience." Giles stated.

"Exactly, so shut up guys, right, Will?" He asked. But Willow was still laughing. Oz raised his eyebrows, she took the signal and nodded.

"Yea, not funny, you should be ashamed." Willow resumed laughing again.

Cordelia laughed. Xander laughed. Buffy laughed. Oz and Giles even laughed.

They soon recovered from the laughing, smiling.

"So Buffy, you'll hunt the creature?" Giles said, trying to returnto his regular disposition.

"I'll be on it, tonight, patrol."